Freedom Caucus Fail: Health Care Reform DOA

U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) and other members of the House Freedom Caucus hold a news conference on Capitol Hill in WashingtonThanks freedom caucus. Thanks for trying to write a bill that is more conservative than it has to be to prove how pure and conservative you are. Thanks for sticking it to millions of Americans who want to escape a huge tax penalty and skyrocketing premiums. Thanks for purposely deceiving the public into thinking that the Ryan bill was Obamacare lite. Thanks for allowing Planned Parenthood to continue taking my money to fund the killing of unborn children.

This is the same Ben Shapiro-Erik Erickson-Steven Crowder-Mark Levin inspired bunch that lives at Hillsdale College and wants to constantly critique us independent rubes who think fair trade is a good idea for the American worker.

Today we heard from minority leader Nancy Pelosi. She told the American people that today was a great day for the country. That disaster (according to her narrow definition) had been averted largely thanks to the freedom caucus.

Donald Trump walked away from this because he knew he didn’t have the votes and taking the vote would be humiliating to his agenda. He even hinted at working with the democrats on a new bill in the future. That seems appropriate since the republicans couldn’t get one done. Thanks again freedom caucus. Your love for doctrinal purity has set the country back for who knows how long. This bill was far better than Obamacare and there were two more implementation steps to go.

This proves again that never Trump morons are the ones doing the most damage to the president’s agenda.

Thousands Cancel Travel Plans To Hawaii Due To A Lack of Security and A Rogue Federal Judge


The internet was buzzing thanks to a federal judge in Hawaii who decided to take the law into his own hands by halting president Trump’s travel ban. The citizenry of the Aloha State also largely side with this unconstitutional ruling which makes a Hawaii a sanctuary state for radical Islamic terrorists.

Twitter and Facebook were blowing up with comments from vacationers who had planned on a late winter escape to the 50th state. Most are cancelling plans which will devastate the state’s economy. In fact the negativity online so overwhelming that the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce had to issue a statement that they agree with the temporary travel ban while at the same time encouraging folks who already had plans to keep them.

President Trump weighed in last night during a speech in Nashville Tennessee. We’re going to win. We’re going to keep our citizens safe,” Trump said. “The danger is clear. The law is clear. The need for my executive order is clear.”

Facebookers like Bonnie Miller wrote this:

Aloha, Hawaii. Off our travel plans – forevermore! A few years ago, my husband and I were refused service in a Japanese restaurant during an antisemitic incident in Honolulu. I was wearing a Star of David and the ‘hostess’ refused to seat us, staring pointedly at my Jewish Star, she told us to find another place to eat. There were only two other couples in the restaurant – plenty of empty tables, midday – no reason to refuse us – except the antisemitism evident in her refusing to look us in the eye, just staring at my ‘star’. So, Hawaii had two strikes against before this latest stupidity. No great loss. There are better beaches in many places…

Americans are united in their desire to see America be safe again. It’s clearly time that rogue judges are impeached before Americans die in horrific terrorist attacks.


Roger Stone Says Trump Surveillance Began During Bush Administration


Roger Stone was on the Alex Jones show today filling in during the 4th hour. Stone was his usual witty and informative self. During the appearance Stone indicated that government snooping against Donald Trump began back in 2007 when then citizen Trump began to hint around about a possible presidential run.

Stone is also being harassed and slandered by a growing number of left wing publications that claim he was and still is colluding with the Russians. Of course Stone denies the allegations and has two high powered attorneys on retainer to combat what he calls “fake news” of the worst kind.

Roger also believes that Trump was wiretapped during the run up to the election and that information will come out the proof will be so devastating that even the Rachel Maddow channel will have to eat large portions of crow.

The fact that the surveillance dates back to the W administration further intensifies the idea that there is a uniparty that is dedicated to the status quo of left-right paradigms. Bush has been a harsh critic of Trump.  There is a good chance that Trump knew that Bush was surveilling him and that might be the reason the president went so hard after his brother Jeb during the primaries. There seems to be no love between the Trumps and the Bush clan.

The bottom line according to Roger Stone, Trump has been wiretapped for the last 10 years or so. And he believes there will be subpoenas and grand juries coming in the days ahead and president Trump will be vindicated. And those responsible will be convicted of a felony and sent to prison.

Sean Hannity Is The Real Deal: Glenn Beck Is Now The Oprah of Talk Radio


Sean Hannity has been a relentless supporter of Donald Trump. He was one of the only talk radio hosts who supported Trump from the early moments of his apparent primary win. In fact when the neo-cons and the libtards were screaming about a brokered convention, Hannity remained optimistic and never looked back.

Glenn Beck on the other hand railed against Trump from his holier than thou perch. He had every conceivable candidate on his radio show until Ted Cruz emerged as a possible foil to Trump. Beck spent his days throwing rhetorical shepherd’s pie at the wall hoping anything would stick .It became most comical when Beck was shouting into a room telling onlookers how Ted Cruz was the second coming of Jesus. But then the hoard finds out that Donald Trump is in the building and immediately makes a bee line for the eventual nominee. Beck is left standing, looking much like Humpty Dumpty. No seriously, Glenn Beck is starting to look like Humpty Dumpty.

These days Beck has retreated somewhat. His media empire is in decline and in some key markets so are his ratings. His Blaze app on Roku was the number one application in the news-weather category. It has slipped to #12 with RT America nipping at it’s heals. The problem for Beck is that he wants you to pay for his bias and most people would rather download a free app like Newsmax or RT and get more content and better reporting.

On the radio, Beck has devolved into talking about singularity and Ray Kurzweil. He’s doing war of the worlds style docudrama prerecorded “education” segments because we all voted for Donald Trump and we still aren’t smart enough to understand the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. It’s truly a show that now is more mindless entertainment and babbling than anything else.

Sean Hannity has continued to support president Trump and has teamed up with people like Jay Sekulow to delve deep into the corruption and sedition within the former Obama administration. The difference between Hannity and Beck is light years. Beck is the Oprah of talk radio. Hannity is more like Morton Downey Jr.

Glenn Beck is out of options. His contract is up this year and many are hoping he is not renewed. But the logic is that he will be renewed and in the process give the global elites a counter voice within the so-called conservative movement. There is no reason to listen to or trust Glenn Beck. For Beck it’s always just been about the money and not the people who’ve been duped by his books and media empire. We can only hope that Beck is the 8 track tape of 2017.

Donald Trump: The Best President In Our Lifetime!

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump reacts on stage as his wife Melania looks on at his 2016 New Hampshire presidential primary night rally in Manchester

With apologies to Mika Brzezinski, Donald Trump is greatest president in my lifetime or maybe in any lifetime. The media is on red alert trying to dredge up anything of minor significance to derail Trump. And while the noise of the industrial complex echoes and debates itself, Donald Trump is making America great again.

The stock market has hit record highs and added three trillion dollars in value. Job numbers for the month of February were 110,000 more than anticipated. Consumer confidence is at a 10 year high and climbing. Housing starts are up. Illegal border crossings have dropped by 40%! And Obamacare is about to be replaced with something that will be far better.

Not bad for about 5 weeks on the job.

Not to mention the fact that real pride in America is back. Coal miners are going back to work. Regulations are being cut so small businesses can flourish. Community banking is back. Loans are being made. Veterans are being looked after. And a general sense of hope and optimism are here.

The media is running out of steam. Even Van Jones had to admit that Trump is running them ragged. They pick fights over things that most Americans don’t care about. “Trump didn’t let us go to this event with him”. Well maybe if you’d stop bashing him for a few seconds he might grant you access.

What matters most to Americans is the fact the Donald Trump is keeping his promises and moving forward on the most ambitious agenda in modern history. He’s going hard after ISIS. He is negotiating trade deals and lower costs on prescription drugs and military hardware. This is multitasking like we’ve never seen. This is what happens when a successful businessman runs the country.

The joy one feels knowing that our country is on the fast track to being great again surpasses any of the fake news that yips at the heels of president Trump. None of it matters in the larger scheme. Trump has decided he will plow forward and in his wake are many old ideas and stale politicians who will be voted out soon. This is what it feels like to have a government that is working for the people rather than working to destroy our will.

And just think, this is only the beginning.

Laura Ingraham – Not Beck or Levin: Talk Radio Needs To Get Its Act Together


A lot can happen in 12 months. Donald Trump upended the entire political and media establishment to become the 45th president of the United States. Along the way media pundits chose sides. Some choose wisely. Some chose poorly. Some then apologized and some did nothing to assure listeners that they understood them.

Laura Ingraham has always struggled as a talk radio host. Even though her likability and presentation is second to none. Ingraham, who inked a contract with Courtside Entertainment Group in 2012, has never had the same large scale distribution of Mark Levin and Glenn Beck. For instance, here in Southwest Florida, there is really only one right of center talk outlet – 92.5 FM Fox News. The station carries both Mark Levin and Glenn Beck and has Michael Savage prerecorded after Levin’s live three hour scream circus ends. Beck gets 9 to Noon. And Ingraham is found on a low power station in Naples Florida that barely is heard in neighboring Bonita Springs.

This is the case all over the country. Ingraham is found, but on low profile, low power radio stations. And terrestrial radio is still the most popular way to get your message out.

Donald Trump has elevated all of the information platforms that were loyal to him during and after the campaign. Glenn Beck may have destroyed his career with his unhinged daily attacks on Trump. Levin exposed himself as a globalist shill by railing against Trump’s secretary of state Rex Tillerson and for constantly bashing the president with regards to tariffs and trade policy. And Levin will go after any Trump surrogate who steps away from the 1988 neo-conservative template that has proven to be very unpopular with the country’s new love of populism.

To her credit, Laura Ingraham has been preaching about the manufacturing and trade imbalance for more than a decade. She immediately understood the appeal of Trump’s message, and supported Trump even through Billy-Bush gate and all the other media generated controversies. Laura was also helpful in giving Trump advice on how to navigate the new territory he was entering.

As far as the entertainment side of the show, “your healthy radio addiction” is far more interesting and informative than anything Beck or Levin is spewing. Ingraham uses her platform to grill congresspeople and senators who have the courage to come on her show. During the primaries, she eviscerated senator Ted Cruz in an exchange that made the former debate champion (Cruz) look like a failed contestant on America’s Got Talent.

Mark Levin boasts of a sharp legal mind. But people underestimate Ingraham’s capacity to communicate her belief system in a way that transcends all this talk about Hillsdale College and convention of states. Laura lives in real-ville. And her audience is made up of hard working blue collar information gatherers. Levin and Beck are more like the conservative Star Trek convention.

Finally, Ingraham is a strong convert to Roman Catholicism and has adopted three children who she constantly references on air. Out of the three hosts cited here, her faith presentation is the most compelling. Beck’s Kool Aid approach to his LDS faith has turned off thousands of listeners who don’t see the religion as real. Levin on the other hand is more or less a secular Jew who on occasion references God to score political points with his audience. Neither of these two men seem authentic on faith. Whereas Laura Ingraham is close allies with many prominent leaders in the Catholic Church and has EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo as a sub host and co-host on her radio show.

There’s no question that if Ingraham stays out of politics, radio programmers need to think long and hard about ousting Beck. Beck’s contract with IHEART Media is up this year. But it looks as though this subsidiary of Bain Capital is going to renew Beck, albeit for a shorter term. And that is a sad decision. Because Laura Ingraham has proven to be the far better talk radio host and she deserves to be heard on bigger stations in large markets.

The best thing you can do is call your local radio station and ask them to replace Glenn Beck with Laura Ingraham. It’s time for talk radio to get on board the Trump train. There is a lot of money at stake and Ingraham can bring in a whole new group of Trump friendly sponsors who will increase ad revenue and make talk radio great again.

Liberalism Really Is A Mental Disorder


Dr. Michael Savage coined this phrase nearly two decades ago.I remember when I first heard him say it on his wildly popular talk radio show. I thought to myself that maybe his diagnosis was a bit tongue and cheek. Maybe he found a nifty niche that he could exploit and pound away at using this now eternal catch phrase. Maybe in 1997 it was a little facetious. Twenty years later, it’s been proven to be dead on accurate.

Everywhere you look you see mental derangement over Donald Trump’s existence. According to Breitbart News, a town in California has unanimously decided to impeach president Trump. I didn’t read what their rationale was. Nor was anyone there informed that the Constitution does not recognize their ceremonial tantrum.

YouTube and Facebook are littered with unhinged, irrational behavior. Death threats against Trump and videos of his supporters being beat up and tortured. All because a woman who could barely stand up lost the election. Hillary was the worst candidate since Walter Mondale. But that’s not what is fueling the mental breakdown. It’s the fact that Trump is reigning in government at warp speed. He is cutting and firing and slashing and executive ordering his way into the history books. But for liberals, each day represents a new atrocity.

What seems to have sent them into deep space orbit is Trump’s insistence on having a border and enforcing laws that are already on the books. The parade of “immigrants” on TV, screaming, yelling and throwing sharp objects is just one symptom of many in this long list of psychological problems tormenting these triggered basement dwellers. And for the record, some people are legal immigrants and a whole bunch are illegal immigrants. The complicit media does not allow for any distinction.

Liberals are also in bed with radical Muslims. They’ve finally found a religion they can believe in. But few of them even understand that women and gays are tortured and even killed for not conforming to their good book. And again, no distinction between the religion of peace and the religion of pieces. Even nut job Bill Maher has woken up to the fact that these people, for the most part want to convert or kill us. These new religious zealots are now marching in the streets claiming that they are all Muslims. Again, cranial dysfunction.

Michael Savage’s prophetic diagnosis a generation ago has now metastasized into something dangerous and lethal. These people aren’t going away. They are toxic anarchists who are now  zombified corpses being commanded by a media industrial complex which echoes and amplifies their every move.

Savage may have nailed the diagnosis. But so far it seems that nobody has the cure.

For Those of Us Who Were Afraid Obama Wouldn’t Leave – We Were Right!

President Obama Visits Camp Pendleton Military Base

Do you ever get tired of being called a conspiracy theorist? There are days when you read the fake news and you realize you are in another reality. Your reality is a day to day existence. You work, you take care of your kids, you eat, you sleep and on occasion you might do something fun with your spouse or family.

And then you get involved. You look at the real news which is mostly on YouTube and Facebook. You read well researched memes prepared by concerned citizens who are doing the work the old media refuses to do. And at the end of the day you realize that you are a pawn in a global scheme to destroy the family, the currency and your way of life in general.

Many of us feared that Obama would institute Martial Law and just declare an ongoing state of emergency. He would have to have the backing of the highest military officials in order to carry out that plan. Unfortunately for him, most of the hardcore warriors that would have to implement his satanic dreams from his father would likely arrest him instead.

But Obama pledged in 2008 to assemble a civilian force as strong as our military. The only thing he lacks is the artillery – or does he? We’re talking about a man who helped create and arm ISIS in his attempt to destabilize the planet. So arming a few domestic terrorists shouldn’t be hard for a former president with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama was technically made to leave the White House, but he’s set up a command center just 2 miles from his old residence. And multiple credible sources all over the internet are reporting that there is a sizable group of anarchists that have been assembled by Obama to overthrow the government. Michael Moore has recently called for the arrest of Donald Trump and the installment of Hillary Clinton as president. This isn’t a soft coup, this is a real coup.

What happens next will determine the fate of the free world. Will president Trump actually take us into some kind of civil war to stop these ISIS style insurgents? Will he get the blessing of the military personnel who overwhelmingly supported his presidential run? And will the media come clean and admit that they are also trying to overthrow the government and bring permanent chaos and anarchy to America?

The truth is that Obama never left. He’s here to stay unless the military takes him out.

Fake News…Fake Courts and Now A Fake Shadow Government with Obama and Hillary Sharing Power


So maybe if you lose the presidency in a legitimate election you get to call the shots from behind the scenes. The resignation of General Michael Flynn in the midst of fake media spin and leaks that are coming from within the new Trump administration raises some serious questions about a fake government that is now taking shape.

Behind the scenes Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and George Soros are calling the shots. Donald Trump thinks that once you win an election you get to be the president. But when every facet of government and the media have been infiltrated with moles and trolls, you sense the Trump victory is only an illusion.

And the people most wedded to this nonsense are those whose communities are now being dismantled. The illegal immigration state. The government contractors who were hired to settle potential terrorists. The countless alphabet soup agencies that are now on the chopping block. The eastern part of the state of Virginia, which is the wealthiest part of America. All of these hacks are under attack. And because they are many, they wield influence and power.

Contrary to popular belief, Obama did build a wall. A wall of government bureaucrats that are very hard to displace and are loyal to their taxpayer subsidized lifestyle. So much so that they’d commit treason to hold on to their piece of the socialist power structure. Like an old city with a grid of complicated roads, this government super structure is it’s own Rubik’s cube with a predominant class of Marxists.

Hillary Clinton’s strange tweet to Flynn was meant to make all the pedophiles in D.C. feel warm and fuzzy and safe. Make deviants safe again may be her new campaign slogan as she nukes up for her 2020 run to break the age and glass ceiling. And it helps when Obama is living in the city and has access to all his old friends from the Bill Ayers institute of anarchy and mayhem. Not to mention the fact that Trump’s new team is not totally in place yet. This makes all the old employees assets until the new administration can serve up pink slips for them.

Even if Trump does get a team in place, there’s a shadow on each of them. There are people willing to do anything TO this country for the right amount of cash. And the global pedophile club would like to stay anonymous for as long as possible. These pesky independent investigators all have targets on their backs. David Seaman, make sure that pistol you’re carrying is loaded.

The shadow government is going to lead to a military coup of some kind. Thankfully the states are sovereign and the shadow courts that make fake rulings will be forced to stand down once the general population understands the mess they are creating. For the Trump takeover to work, it might have to be hostile in nature.

It’s amazing that a group of misfits and anarchists can be this organized and use psych warfare to convince people that Russia is somehow the culprit. Joseph Goebbels was an amateur compared to this because of all the new media and technology that is just waiting to be corrupted and lied through.

Donald Trump may be the president of the United States of America, but he is not calling the shots. There is an alternative government in place designed to usurp power and create chaos whenever possible. And unless they are rooted out, there is no real government in place.

The Coming Civil War


The force of two immovable objects are about to collide. The weight of an election which the left truly believes was hacked by Russia. The truth of the results which for once put working heroes first and left the elites on the coasts behind. This election was the Founding Fathers at their best. The left hates our republic and has convinced the brain dead masses that mob rules democracy is the norm.

The anarchists go ballistic every day. Another Trump cabinet member gets approved and the howling, hand wringing and death threats ensue. With every executive order that brings the law back into practice, we move one step closer to total chaos. The discredited left wing propaganda stream is now openly devoted to destroying Donald Trump and the people who got him elected.

Trump fan beatings are now commonplace and celebrated across the country. George Soros is devoting a good portion of his bank account to gin up a Marxist reality. The left knows that Barack Obama put them in this predicament. Devastating midterm losses in both 2010 and 2014 set the stage for a complete sweep of an ideology that is now on the ropes in Europe.

But Obama’s legacy is not one of protest but one of lawlessness. His tacit wink and nod at the “protesters” in both Ferguson and Baltimore has rippled out to all of the Soros funded anarchist hate groups who are flooding Twitter and social media with Donald Trump death threats.

The patriots who occupy the center right have been awake for a long time. Probably fully awake when Obama decided to use the IRS to target groups they were members of. But even more so now as they see this large group of no-account derelicts marching in lockstep to the noise that pretends to be news.

stop-the-bussesObama’s reign gave the firearms industry a shot in the arm (pun not intended). And these well armed Americans aren’t playing around anymore. They have kept their powder dry but are now ready to turn back the New World Order’s last gasp.

These two forces cannot coexist. A civil war is approaching. Inspired by Yahoo News and YouTube. The people in the heartland don’t understand. Why can’t we screen potential killers? Why are we the only country in the world without a secure border? Why are we so overtaxed and over regulated? Why is it anti-woman to believe that babies are humans too? The list is exhausting.

And nobody in the dying embers of the media wants to answer any of the hard questions. They would rather talk past the rubes in Iowa and explain everything in coastal lingo for their comrades slumped over a keyboard at Starbucks. As if these people count more than the rest of us who see through their shallow attempts at logic. The Trump people are considered angry and stupid. Angry and awake is more like it.

And unless the military is sent in to throw the power grid at CNN, everyday Americans will eventually have to take matters into their own hands. The left has already called for a revolution or a resistance. And as one former president once said, “bring it on”.

America has to be reset in the image of the Founding Fathers or it will cease to exist as the most successful and prosperous nation God ever created. We are at the brink of a civil war. And if you think that is hyperbole, leave your TV on for a while and see if you change your mind.