The Health Care Bill Facade


By a four vote margin, the republicans in the house managed to give president Trump a political victory yesterday. The bill is a precursor to what is next. And nobody who has a brain believes this bill will lower costs and improve choices. The health insurance free market is no different than the car insurance free market. The difference is that people will supposedly die if they can’t get insurance – that according to loon Elizabeth Warren.

More embarrassing was what the president said to the president of Australia. Trump thinks the Aussies have better health care than we do. This dovetails nicely with the president’s opinions from 1999. He toyed with the idea of universal coverage but had an epiphany later on – or at least that is what he told us.

This bill can’t and won’t bend the cost curve down. If you are older, you will pay more for insurance. If you have preexisting conditions you will pay more. Insurance companies want to make profits and since Obamacare was introduced their profit margins have nearly doubled. The ACHA is nothing more than a boon to insurance companies.

The democrats were brilliant in 2010. They rammed through a bill that changed the dynamic of the conversation. They have shifted one seventh of the U.S. economy into the hands of rich elitist congressman and senators who will never have to worry about their own health care. But Obamacare set a horrendous precedent. It is now the norm to think that the government should be involved in your health care. Food Stamp health care coverage is coming. It’s only a matter of time.

You will pay a certain amount each month through a tax or deduction. You will be assigned a doctor who will be a miserable person because he will absolutely hate his job. You will apply for an appointment and the earlier the better. Wait times will be horrific. We have 320 million people in this country, and even though this stuff sort of works in Canada, we are a much larger country with an aging population.

But the democrats will say with a straight face that all Americans are covered. And they will be looked at as the great problem solvers. Jimmy Kimmel’s emotional tirade worked like a charm. I don’t fault Kimmel for wanting the best for his son. The problem is this will lead to some of the worst healthcare in world history. Much like the WIC program that forces you to buy large quantities of cheese and cereal, this will be the health care equivalent. Good luck getting a specialist. Good luck with that wait time.

The truth is that free health clinics are available right now for general medical issues. And they are funded by local taxpayers and private organizations. The doctors there are miserable. Maybe the faith community should train up some medical practitioners to go into this new field of misery and confusion that is coming.

But at least we will all have health care. And the democrats can write that on their tombstone. And eventually the republicans will be in the same graveyard for not coming up with something better.

It’s Time To End The Warfare State


War has not made us safer. War in the middle east. War in any country has not made the United States of America safer. Saber rattling with North Korea and by proxy China is a very bad idea. Does Pearl Harbor ring a bell?

We have spent an estimated 3 trillion on war efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, and various middle eastern hell holes. This price tag does not include soldiers who need medical care and have life long trauma.

To hear people on here all pom-pommy about going to war with North Korea is to hear a comatose argument that is made over and over again in the face of endless debt, death and nation building. This has been a warfare state since Korea and there was no declared winner other than Kuwait which was more like a military operation than a full scale war.

We created the need for a Veterans Administration. 22 of America’s heroes end their lives each day. And yet we stay the course and somehow think we are making America safer.

War is big business. Defense contractors and the stockholders must get giddy with Brian Williams-like excitement when they hear an armada is en route to confront a video game king in North Korea.

 Sgt. Cameron H. Thomas was killed while conducting

We have enough violence inside our borders to worry about. A nation that has no peace within cannot create peace anywhere else. And according to the Founding Fathers, that’s not the job of a Constitutional Republic. As I speak, “friendly fire’ may have caused the senseless deaths of 2 army rangers in Afghanistan. A war that is now 17 years old with no end in sight.

For the love of God, think this through. It’s time to reverse course on the warfare state and make America follow the Constitution again.

No, Not North Korea


The United States currently has about 200,000 troops deployed in 117 countries. We have a national debt that is 20 trillion dollars and rising. Our current president wisely spoke of a financial bubble that is about to burst.

Yet we are sending more of our finest citizens toward North Korea. The question is why?

We heard that we needed to knock the hell out of ISIS. And most us who were as concerned about our domestic circumstances were okay with that. But I think most people thought we’d start at home. Fort Hood, Boston and San Bernadino were targets for radical sleeper cells.

Syria has also clouded this fog. We have troops all over the middle east. The sign from ten years ago that said “Mission Accomplished” should have read “To Be Continued”. The Deplorable crowd wanted a safer place at home first. Meaning safe communities. It’s difficult to convince someone in the rust belt that bombing goat herders is a way to keep them safe. But this is where we are.

North Korea opens up a whole new 66 year old can of worms. We supposedly never ended the Korean war. It was only a ceasefire. Meaning we can resume at any time without getting any congressional oversight. Quite frankly, that sucks. The congress ought to be consulted when we embark on more imperialism.

Most people want a robust military that is ready to fight. But most also want their to be a credible threat. Kim Jun-Un is not a credible threat. He is a little boy in a somewhat grown up body who wants attention from the United States. And now he is getting it. Coincidentally, most of other big players, China, Russia, India and Great Britain have shown much less enthusiasm about taking on the mental midget from Pyongyang.

The United States will never ever be an economic superpower again unless we find a way to disengage from every world conflict that doesn’t pertain to our vital national interests. This is political suicide for Donald Trump if he continues down this road. And it’s far worse for the men and women who protect this country and will be asked once again to fight somewhere from from the homeland.

Trump Supporters Are Worried

ShrugAmerican fighting ships are on their way to North Korea. Syria is ground zero for a fight against Russia. Obamacare is still the law of the land. The federal hiring freeze has been lifted. And Jared Kushner appears to be calling the shots from the west wing.

Of course there are good things going on.  Judge Neil Gorsuch is now on the court. And illegals are doing U turns somewhere in Mexico. And there is talk that a border wall could be started soon.

But wars are serious. There’s nothing more pressing then the killing human beings. And America has again become “the leader on the world stage”. President Trump was actually enjoying a “big beautiful piece of cake” with Chinese President Xi when he decided to drop some bombs on a Syrian airstrip. This uncoventional diplomacy had a certain appeal on the campaign trail in front of stadium size crowds of deplorables. But in reality, many felt this was an odd way to show strength – including talk show host Michael Savage who takes credit for getting Trump elected.

We get it – Trump isn’t a politician. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be a statesman. Yes, North Korea has been a pest for decades, but it seems the consensus was that whoever the fat little dictator was, they posed no threat to the United States pacific coast and were to be left to their own crazy pursuits. That’s why sending Dennis Rodman was appropriate. Crazy meets with crazy, they have an awkward embrace and a photo-op and we move on.

However, president Trump seems eager to make America a war machine again. The neo-cons and the democrats are cheering. All of the wrong people. Take Assad out even though there’s been no definitive explanation of who gassed who. John McCain has gone from war monger to whore monger for war. Trump fans are stunned. We were waiting for the domestic agenda to be completed. We had no idea war was part of it.

This fissure has created a hashtag on social media – #fakebase. This is the most insulting thing I’ve ever seen. It assumes that our loyalty was weak and that many of us were looking for a reason to jump from a moving train. But nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s more like battered wife syndrome. We’ve seen this movie before. Most of us know that the warfare state is more costly than the welfare state. And none of us had an inkling that this president would focus so heavily on wars and rumors of wars. All we can do is pray for Donald Trump and the people surrounding him. And there’s nothing wrong with keeping our principles in tact.

Healthcare Debacle Caused By Freedom Caucus and Conservative Talk Radio

Trump PP abd OI am an independent thinker. I also trust president Trump. When Trump tweets out that he blames the freedom caucus and heritage foundation for the fact that we don’t have a health care bill, I support him. In fact I sensed this on Friday morning prior to the vote.

This wasn’t just a setback, this was a flashback to the campaign cycle when goons like Evan McMullin and Glenn Beck were wreaking havoc on the minds of millions of common sense voters. We saw past their meager attempts to make life miserable for Trump supporters. The real Donald Trump supporter isn’t mad at Paul Ryan this morning.

The real Trump supporter is mad at conservative talk radio, the Heritage Foundation and the co-called Freedom Caucus. Yes, Paul Ryan is a brown nosing wuss. But this wasn’t his bill. This was president Trump’s bill. And now we have nothing. These are the facts.

Thursday night on his pathetic radio show, Mark Levin implored the Freedom Caucus to stand ‘on principle’ and vote no on the bill. They did. Thanks Mark. And thanks to all the radio buffoons who helped keep Obamacare in place.

Freedom Caucus Fail: Health Care Reform DOA

U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) and other members of the House Freedom Caucus hold a news conference on Capitol Hill in WashingtonThanks freedom caucus. Thanks for trying to write a bill that is more conservative than it has to be to prove how pure and conservative you are. Thanks for sticking it to millions of Americans who want to escape a huge tax penalty and skyrocketing premiums. Thanks for purposely deceiving the public into thinking that the Ryan bill was Obamacare lite. Thanks for allowing Planned Parenthood to continue taking my money to fund the killing of unborn children.

This is the same Ben Shapiro-Erik Erickson-Steven Crowder-Mark Levin inspired bunch that lives at Hillsdale College and wants to constantly critique us independent rubes who think fair trade is a good idea for the American worker.

Today we heard from minority leader Nancy Pelosi. She told the American people that today was a great day for the country. That disaster (according to her narrow definition) had been averted largely thanks to the freedom caucus.

Donald Trump walked away from this because he knew he didn’t have the votes and taking the vote would be humiliating to his agenda. He even hinted at working with the democrats on a new bill in the future. That seems appropriate since the republicans couldn’t get one done. Thanks again freedom caucus. Your love for doctrinal purity has set the country back for who knows how long. This bill was far better than Obamacare and there were two more implementation steps to go.

This proves again that never Trump morons are the ones doing the most damage to the president’s agenda.

Thousands Cancel Travel Plans To Hawaii Due To A Lack of Security and A Rogue Federal Judge


The internet was buzzing thanks to a federal judge in Hawaii who decided to take the law into his own hands by halting president Trump’s travel ban. The citizenry of the Aloha State also largely side with this unconstitutional ruling which makes a Hawaii a sanctuary state for radical Islamic terrorists.

Twitter and Facebook were blowing up with comments from vacationers who had planned on a late winter escape to the 50th state. Most are cancelling plans which will devastate the state’s economy. In fact the negativity online so overwhelming that the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce had to issue a statement that they agree with the temporary travel ban while at the same time encouraging folks who already had plans to keep them.

President Trump weighed in last night during a speech in Nashville Tennessee. We’re going to win. We’re going to keep our citizens safe,” Trump said. “The danger is clear. The law is clear. The need for my executive order is clear.”

Facebookers like Bonnie Miller wrote this:

Aloha, Hawaii. Off our travel plans – forevermore! A few years ago, my husband and I were refused service in a Japanese restaurant during an antisemitic incident in Honolulu. I was wearing a Star of David and the ‘hostess’ refused to seat us, staring pointedly at my Jewish Star, she told us to find another place to eat. There were only two other couples in the restaurant – plenty of empty tables, midday – no reason to refuse us – except the antisemitism evident in her refusing to look us in the eye, just staring at my ‘star’. So, Hawaii had two strikes against before this latest stupidity. No great loss. There are better beaches in many places…

Americans are united in their desire to see America be safe again. It’s clearly time that rogue judges are impeached before Americans die in horrific terrorist attacks.


Roger Stone Says Trump Surveillance Began During Bush Administration


Roger Stone was on the Alex Jones show today filling in during the 4th hour. Stone was his usual witty and informative self. During the appearance Stone indicated that government snooping against Donald Trump began back in 2007 when then citizen Trump began to hint around about a possible presidential run.

Stone is also being harassed and slandered by a growing number of left wing publications that claim he was and still is colluding with the Russians. Of course Stone denies the allegations and has two high powered attorneys on retainer to combat what he calls “fake news” of the worst kind.

Roger also believes that Trump was wiretapped during the run up to the election and that information will come out the proof will be so devastating that even the Rachel Maddow channel will have to eat large portions of crow.

The fact that the surveillance dates back to the W administration further intensifies the idea that there is a uniparty that is dedicated to the status quo of left-right paradigms. Bush has been a harsh critic of Trump.  There is a good chance that Trump knew that Bush was surveilling him and that might be the reason the president went so hard after his brother Jeb during the primaries. There seems to be no love between the Trumps and the Bush clan.

The bottom line according to Roger Stone, Trump has been wiretapped for the last 10 years or so. And he believes there will be subpoenas and grand juries coming in the days ahead and president Trump will be vindicated. And those responsible will be convicted of a felony and sent to prison.

Sean Hannity Is The Real Deal: Glenn Beck Is Now The Oprah of Talk Radio


Sean Hannity has been a relentless supporter of Donald Trump. He was one of the only talk radio hosts who supported Trump from the early moments of his apparent primary win. In fact when the neo-cons and the libtards were screaming about a brokered convention, Hannity remained optimistic and never looked back.

Glenn Beck on the other hand railed against Trump from his holier than thou perch. He had every conceivable candidate on his radio show until Ted Cruz emerged as a possible foil to Trump. Beck spent his days throwing rhetorical shepherd’s pie at the wall hoping anything would stick .It became most comical when Beck was shouting into a room telling onlookers how Ted Cruz was the second coming of Jesus. But then the hoard finds out that Donald Trump is in the building and immediately makes a bee line for the eventual nominee. Beck is left standing, looking much like Humpty Dumpty. No seriously, Glenn Beck is starting to look like Humpty Dumpty.

These days Beck has retreated somewhat. His media empire is in decline and in some key markets so are his ratings. His Blaze app on Roku was the number one application in the news-weather category. It has slipped to #12 with RT America nipping at it’s heals. The problem for Beck is that he wants you to pay for his bias and most people would rather download a free app like Newsmax or RT and get more content and better reporting.

On the radio, Beck has devolved into talking about singularity and Ray Kurzweil. He’s doing war of the worlds style docudrama prerecorded “education” segments because we all voted for Donald Trump and we still aren’t smart enough to understand the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. It’s truly a show that now is more mindless entertainment and babbling than anything else.

Sean Hannity has continued to support president Trump and has teamed up with people like Jay Sekulow to delve deep into the corruption and sedition within the former Obama administration. The difference between Hannity and Beck is light years. Beck is the Oprah of talk radio. Hannity is more like Morton Downey Jr.

Glenn Beck is out of options. His contract is up this year and many are hoping he is not renewed. But the logic is that he will be renewed and in the process give the global elites a counter voice within the so-called conservative movement. There is no reason to listen to or trust Glenn Beck. For Beck it’s always just been about the money and not the people who’ve been duped by his books and media empire. We can only hope that Beck is the 8 track tape of 2017.

Donald Trump: The Best President In Our Lifetime!

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump reacts on stage as his wife Melania looks on at his 2016 New Hampshire presidential primary night rally in Manchester

With apologies to Mika Brzezinski, Donald Trump is greatest president in my lifetime or maybe in any lifetime. The media is on red alert trying to dredge up anything of minor significance to derail Trump. And while the noise of the industrial complex echoes and debates itself, Donald Trump is making America great again.

The stock market has hit record highs and added three trillion dollars in value. Job numbers for the month of February were 110,000 more than anticipated. Consumer confidence is at a 10 year high and climbing. Housing starts are up. Illegal border crossings have dropped by 40%! And Obamacare is about to be replaced with something that will be far better.

Not bad for about 5 weeks on the job.

Not to mention the fact that real pride in America is back. Coal miners are going back to work. Regulations are being cut so small businesses can flourish. Community banking is back. Loans are being made. Veterans are being looked after. And a general sense of hope and optimism are here.

The media is running out of steam. Even Van Jones had to admit that Trump is running them ragged. They pick fights over things that most Americans don’t care about. “Trump didn’t let us go to this event with him”. Well maybe if you’d stop bashing him for a few seconds he might grant you access.

What matters most to Americans is the fact the Donald Trump is keeping his promises and moving forward on the most ambitious agenda in modern history. He’s going hard after ISIS. He is negotiating trade deals and lower costs on prescription drugs and military hardware. This is multitasking like we’ve never seen. This is what happens when a successful businessman runs the country.

The joy one feels knowing that our country is on the fast track to being great again surpasses any of the fake news that yips at the heels of president Trump. None of it matters in the larger scheme. Trump has decided he will plow forward and in his wake are many old ideas and stale politicians who will be voted out soon. This is what it feels like to have a government that is working for the people rather than working to destroy our will.

And just think, this is only the beginning.