Trump’s Next Opponent: Mitt Romney


The GOP establishment is out of options. The pundits have build this field up to be the greatest assembly of possible future presidents in American history. And yet you can barely recall when Scott Walker and Rick Perry were actually campaigning. At least Walker got into a couple of debates. Perry was annihilated by Donald Trump.

When Jeb Bush quit, establishment donors panicked. His resume and name ID were essential in getting him over the finish line. And even though John Kasich is still technically standing, some inside the GOPe are thinking that the Ohio governor is pining for a VP slot with Trump. The desperation was only amplified when out of nowhere, the best bulldog they had, Chris Christie, went over to the dark side and is now on the campaign trail with Donald Trump.

The republican party is out of bullets. But Trump’s former campaign mouthpiece, Roger Stone has got inside dirt on what is about to happen. If Marco Rubio loses the Florida primary, Mitt Romney will jump into the race and will be on the ballot in a handful of northeastern states.

This is why in recent days Romney has been out there talking about Donald Trump’s tax returns. Mitt is using the Harry Reid tactic that got so much traction back in 2012. Trump has already fended off round one. But rounds two, three and four are coming. The establishment is crawling through trash cans in Manhattan looking for dirt on both Donald and Melania Trump. 

They are focused on both personal and financial information. And they are using an opposition research team that is made up of former Karl Rove associates. It’s a two pronged approach. There will be serious attempts to destroy Trump’s business reputation and his personal life.

Nice guy Romney will have to step out of character because he is being charged with this task.

It’s flabbergasting that the establishment elites never work this hard to take the down any kind of democrat opposition. But they’ll do whatever it takes to destroy the people’s candidate, Donald Trump.

So Buckle up kiddies. Trump Force One is going to hit some turbulence.

But I highly doubt that the man who couldn’t beat Barack Obama is going to have any lasting effect on Donald Trump.

However the end result of this last minute coup will be the complete and utter destruction of the republican party.

Rick Santorum: Marco Rubio Has Accomplished Nothing

For everyone in the establishment who is now riding the Marco Rubio train you need to remember this video. Rick Santorum can’t name one Rubio accomplishment. And Joe Scarborough presses and presses and gets nothing out of old Rick.

Santorum: “nobody accomplished anything (gridlock) when Rubio was in the senate.”

Joe calls him out. “There’s got to be something, a bill, something he did“.

Santorum tries again. “He was elected to be the speaker of the house in Florida. “That’s no minor thing”. Insert laugh out loud emoticon here. Both Joe and Mikka are laughing and exasperated

Santorum tries again. “Well you can’t say he got nothing done, he spent four years in the senate and you can’t say therefore he’s got no accomplishments. It’s a bogus argument because you have a completely feckless congress”.…um, yeah, sure Rick. You’re doing fine. Who sent you a check? The Chamber of Commerce?

Joe tries one more time to ask the question.  Santorum finally admits the truth….“There are really not a whole lot of accomplishments”.

And there you have it. Marco Rubio in a nutshell. It’s not enough to just hit Donald Trump with allegations that date back to the disco era. It’s not enough to pretend to be tough when it’s not in your DNA.

You actually have to run on your record. And Marco Rubio has no record of accomplishment. Point made. Case closed.

God Is Trying To Tell Glenn Beck Something: Get Off The Stage!

Something terrific happened in Nevada last night.

In what can only be described as juicy irony, and payback, Glenn Beck here is upstaged by Donald Trump. Trump enters the place where Beck is speaking and the sparse crowd that is listening to Beck immediately turns away and runs to see Trump.

If ever a man needed to be humbled, it’s Glenn Beck. He is heard here saying the word “constitution” like 400 times. It’s tragic. His obsession with doctrinal purity and history has blinded him to the movement that is literally running him over and making him irrelevant.

Beck’s choice of attire here makes him almost look like a fat hobo street preacher. All he needs is a sign that says “the end is near”. The end of Glenn Beck’s career may be near as this video is a great metaphor for what is happening to him.

I never thought I had the capacity to feel sorry for Beck. He’s called me stupid, racist, and not a Christian. I’ve suffered listening to him babble on about the world coming to end if we don’t elect Ted Cruz. And I think what comes around goes around. God’s people are being mocked. Glenn is so disconnected from who we are and what we want that he is just preaching to himself.

If I worked for Ted Cruz I would tell him to run as far away from Glenn Beck as humanly possible. The man is a narcissistic disaster of Biblical proportions.

Bye bye Glenny.

John Kasich: Kitchen Women and Tax Money Wasted

There are two things that already irritate me as I write this. One, Megyn Kelly is so forgiving of the amazingly sexist comments made by John Kasich. Of course, in the mind of man who has done nothing but government jobs for decades, a gaffe like this is no big deal. And his high wire act is nothing but a recitation of failed, stale politics from a bygone era. The fact that an audience member ended up causing the media to cover it is the 2nd irritant on my list. If this were Donald Trump, the headlines would rage on for days. And pundits would declare Trump’s campaign dead in the water. But John Kasich lives another day to spend your tax dollars on his campaign.

According to the Columbus Free Press, Kasich has spent over 1 million dollars of Ohio tax dollars on HIS presidential campaign. I can’t ever recall a sitting governor sucking state tax payers dry in order to run for president. But since Johnny Appleseed can’t find any wealthy donors to line his pockets, he decided to just break the law instead. You can’t use money that’s been allocated to the state of Ohio for outside political ventures. But this is par for the course for a man who treads close to being a liberal democrat.

His RINO credentials should make him the front runner of the dying GOP. But the donor class has put their money on a younger and even more vacuous Marco Rubio. The whole thing is a pile of sloppy spaghetti. The GOP has been twisted into knots by Donald Trump’s insurgency. And they keep throwing their retreads at the wall, hoping one of them will stick.

What’s even more disturbing is that Kasich has vowed to soldier on. His strategy is simple. Wait for Rubio to implode. Which appears to be happening. John Kasich trails Donald Trump by 5% in Ohio and is working feverishly in the state of Virginia, hoping to get some kind of delegate booster shot. But all of this proves what a lousy manager and strategist John Kasich is. He really has no strategy or organization for the SEC primary. And it gets worse after that. Even if the Jeb donors help out, the horse is out of the barn. Trump has momentum.

It also proves that the anybody but Trump coalition is psychotically desperate for an alternative. To the point of choosing a candidate firmly to the left of Jeb Bush and Chris Christie. It’s a sad commentary on what is left of the Grand Old Party.

You can just picture the dying embers smoldering in the dust as a once great party flames out. Donald Trump will have one more thing to do once he becomes president. He’ll have to redefine the republican brand or declare himself an independent once elected.

John Kasich has no place to go unless he wants to change his party affiliation to democrat.

He’s benefited from flying under the radar screen for this whole campaign. But as time goes on the truth will be exposed and his campaign will be over.

Link To Columbus Free Press Article

With The Departure of Rick Tyler There Now Needs To Be A Full Investigation of The Iowa Primary Results


Today Ted Cruz fired his communications director Rick Tyler. Tyler’s antics during the primary season have made Karl Rove look like an altar boy. It started in Iowa with a form letter that was mailed to Iowa primary voters that informed them that they were in violation of some imaginary statute because they hadn’t voted in a primary in a long time. The only way to make things right with the “authorities” was to vote for Ted Cruz. You’ll even receive a free dominionist halo in the mail as a thank you gift.

Cruz and Tyler then blamed CNN for telling all of their precinct captains to inform Ben Carson caucus-ers that their guy was dropping out. Again, the only thing to do to save your life was to switch to Cruz.

This same tactic was apparently used in South Carolina against Marco Rubio.

And the Cruz-Tyler tandem play opposite day with any position Donald Trump holds. So a large number of mostly evangelical crackpots believe that Trump hates guns, loves abortion, is pro-amnesty and for Obamacare. Trump blasted Cruz as a liar and one of the worst ones he’s ever seen. It might be why Cruz finished third in a state that was custom made for his evangelical roadshow.

Tyler’s head just rolled. Now it’s time for a full and complete investigation into the Iowa Caucuses. The results are tainted and the whole thing needs to be thrown out and Cruz’s delegates need to be stripped from him and given to the other remaining candidates proportionately.

We know for a fact now, that Rick Tyler is a former democrat operative as reported now by Cowger Nation. This is an interesting development since Cruz supporters go out of their way accusing Trump of being a Hillary plant. And now it’s been confirmed that someone who helped Barack Obama get elected not once, but twice, was the chief campaign strategist for Ted Cruz.

It’s time we learn who really won the Iowa Caucuses. Ted Cruz cheated. And he can’t be allowed to skate. Otherwise we become another banana republic.

Some Christians Hate Donald Trump With A White Hot Irrational Hatred


Donald Trump has vowed to protect religious liberty. Game over. There’s really nothing more I need to write. Abortion is still legal in America. So all you super religious types who are parsing Trump’s words on Planned Parenthood, need to work at the local and state level to add more restrictions, so abortion will die on the vine. I don’t have the time or the patience to explain to you all what a general election campaign looks like when you are going against the liberal media and two socialist candidates.

For the record, I hate Planned Parenthood. And I hope it dies a quick painful death. But this notion that Trump loves the place is false. He believes some of the services they offer are important to some women. He has said repeatedly that he would not give them one dime of tax payer funding if they continue to perform abortions. He recently spoke with David Brody from CBN and told him just that. Brody seemed satisfied with the answer. But so many other Super Nova Christians are still not satisfied and are spreading lies about what Trump is saying. They have an irrational hatred for the Donald and I can sense another “spirit” at work here. And it’s not from above.

I never thought Christianity would devolve into a one liner competition. Some of this pious bravado has been buttressed and encouraged by Mormon Glenn Beck and Jew Mark Levin. Funny how few are listening to their own church pastor on the issue. But they gladly take their cues from non believers. Neither of these men believe in Jesus Christ in the traditional, 2000 plus year understanding of Him. Not even close. Jews reject Christ and Mormons substitute works and false doctrine and failed prophecies. It’s really laughable that people in some Christian circles are more concerned about the Jews in Israel than Americans here at home. But that is a separate blog post.

Donald Trump has hit raw nerves. He does not pander to any one group. He loves all of us equally. And he is angry with the political class that has failed us. He hates the evil that wants to do us harm, whether it be ISIS or the 179 thousand illegal aliens locked up in our jails. Government’s first job is to protest it’s citizens.Some Christians believe that government’s first job is to recite Bible passages and blather on publicly about forgiveness. As Ann Coulter has said, religious ecstasies are not what people are looking for in a commander in chief. And quite honestly, this type of religious zealotry turns off a large portion of the electorate. Would Christians like it if a Muslim candidate started praying to Mecca every 20 minutes to show how sincere they were about their faith? Probably not.

Many Christians get it. We are not electing a pastor in chief. Besides, Donald Trump’s good deeds quotient is through the roof. Have any of the other candidates saved a family farm? And who helped Sgt. Tahmooressi get back on his feet after the United States let him rot in a Mexican jail? Donald J. Trump. Actions speak louder than all the good religiosity that Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio can muster. Trump is a man with life experiences. The senators are boys by comparison. Rubio has been financially strapped for most of his adult life. Cruz has been in government or academia for decades. Resumes do count for something.

There’s no getting around the fact that there is a certain portion of the American electorate that is going to do a Bible litmus test. They want someone like their pastor running the country. They want a man who wears his faith on his sleeve and then quotes Scripture like a deacon.

The rest of us want a president who can fix the economy, stop ISIS, seal the border and make good trade deals with countries who’ve been ripping us off for generations. Donald Trump is the candidate of a lifetime. There is divine providence in his mercurial and rather unlikely rise to the front of the pack. For those of you still trapped in your Christian bubble, I’ll quote some Scripture for you.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord.
 “As the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways
    and my thoughts than your thoughts”.  (Isaiah 55:8-9)

I think every pastor in America resorts to this verse when an explanation for something alludes them. I think’s it’s safe to say things are going according to plan. And with God’s help, Donald Trump will be our next president.

Beck and Cruz’s Soft Brand of Racism


In case you thought you typed into the search engine and got here, well you didn’t. This is a blog written from an independent center right perspective. I have recently had a conversion experience and I can tell you without equivocation that I am a born again American. That means I don’t drink the establishment Kool Aid.

So with that said, I now have to address the title of this little article. You could include Mark Levin in the title as well. But I want to focus on Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz. I want to make some observations. I believe that there is a real racial undercurrent in the establishment conservative movement in general. But it’s a much stronger strain when it comes to Beck and Cruz.

The first observation is based on an  article back from September where Glenn Beck said Tea Party folks who like Donald Trump are racists.

Glenn Beck: Tea Partiers Who Support Trump Are Racists

This is a common form of deflection. It shuts down any meaningful discussion of the matter much like those on the left do. Beck learned this technique from his friend and mentor Arianna Huffington. He does it to draw attention to himself and to anger everyday Americans who used to support his failing empire.

For Beck’s statement to be true, the opposite of what is happening would have to be taking place. Donald Trump is doing amazingly well with African American voters. His rallies always contain a decent percentage of black folks. Not so much for Ted Cruz. I can’t ever recall seeing any black people at a Cruz rally. And then there’s Diamond and Silk. The two black women who have become internet sensations for supporting and defending Donald Trump. That stuff just never happens in a GOP campaign.

Beck is either stupid or willfully ignorant of this truth. Either way it flies headlong into a freight train of truth. Beck and Cruz obviously don’t want to attract minority voters to their campaign (I throw Beck in since he is a campaign arm for Cruz). In fact there’s not even the normal garden variety faux pandering from Cruz. His core constituency is white, charismatic evangelicals.

Glenn Beck belongs to the Mormon church. And with the exception of the Westboro Baptist Church, no denomination has been more discriminatory toward blacks. That finally changed in 1978 when the ban on black priests was lifted with little fanfare and almost no explanation as to why the ban was in place to begin with.Supposedly Beck tried every religion before settling on Mormonism. I’m thinking he wanted a church where he was “comfortable”.

As far as Ted The White-Bread Cruz, no candidate in my lifetime has emoted more whiteness than El Cruzo. And yes, I get it, he’s Cuban. But he’s adopted every white boy, stiff as a nail cadence. His comedy routine mimicks 1954 Leave It To Beaver white suburbia. Ted Cruz is not cool. He is the awkward white guy at the party. And he offers African Americans no kind of real agenda other than taking money from wealthy white donors who want more cheap South American labor. These are jobs that blacks have to compete for. It’s no wonder that the black youth unemployment rate is over 50%.

African Americans are tired of playing second fiddle to undocumented immigrants. Donald Trump mentions these stats time and time again. Obama has failed them. And Cruz would fail them more. African Americans love Donald Trump. They love his bravado, his real life bling, his no nonsense talk, and the simple way he breaks it all down. Donald Trump’s life and television career personify matter-of-fact color blindness.

Whether Cruz or Beck likes it or not, Trump’s pop culture props give the Donald a huge advantage with minorities and non-traditional GOP voters. There’s just no way to compete with it. Trump wins because he’s been a winner and he is having the time of his life on the campaign trail.

Another observation about Beck. He surrounds himself with white people. His entire on air crew is white. Even “Jeffy” who is the butt of everyone’s jokes. Being a white Mormon of German ancestry is not going to help Glenn boy “broaden the base”. Beck is happy pandering to angry white survivalists. Cruz has hitched his train to Beck. It’s a marriage in a sanctuary filled with white Mormons and evangelicals.

A man’s soul is a difficult thing to know. All you really have to go on is outward appearances. If Beck can come to the ridiculous conclusion about the tea party, I can come to a much more sober reading of Beck’s heart by using his words and his deeds. Neither of which help his cause. This is soft bigotry. A dog whistle that only the tribe of Beck and Cruz can hear.

Donald Trump’s existence continues to expose the entire media establishment. Beck and Cruz are two reasons the GOP is a dying party. They tacitly harbor racial intolerance that will forever stereotype their “movement” at least until Donald Trump is sworn in as president.

Donald Trump: The Rodney Dangerfield of American Politics


You would have thought Marco Rubio came in first, followed by Ted Cruz if you were watching coverage of the South Carolina primary. But no, wait, it was that Trump guy. He won. Oh well. The big story is Marco. He beat Cruz. And that means the establishment gets their man. And he goes man to man against Trump and er, Cruz.

The coverage of Donald Trump is like punctuation. A period here, a question mark over there, some quotation marks…it’s all good for the soul. But it’s not proportional. Trump is doing what no private citizen has ever done…he’s running the table!

Do you think for a millisecond that the Donald won’t win in casino land? Nevada is a lock. Hispanics there love him! And once this mo’ train gets a chugging you really have to wonder how a Cruz or a Rubio is going to stop it.

The media is biased against Donald Trump. In fact they hate the guy. He wins and they move on to the next story. In other news today….a rash broke out over Bill Clinton’s...well you get the picture.

Donald reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield. His whole political existence is a 20 trillion dollar respect deficit. No matter how big the margin of victory is, Fox News plays it off like 3rd place. And that’s nice and all, but could we have a glimpse of our hero before you cut to another Cialis ad?

Donald Trump is making history. And what is truly amazing is the voting machines in South Carolina are functioning properly. On to Nevada for another trophy.

Mr. Low Energy Is Out Of Money: Bush Campaign To Officially Call it Quits On Sunday

Bush Over

A call went out last night to Jeb Bush campaign operatives informing them that there is no money left to pay campaign staffers. Donations to the Jeb PAC “Right To Rise” have ironically fallen precipitously over the last few weeks and came to a grinding halt after last Saturday’s blood bath debate performance. Bush was again caught flat footed trying to defend his brother’s failed war in Iraq and the 911 attacks which occurred on George W’s watch.

The establishment has moved on. They’ve decided to go with the man with even less experience than Bush, Marco Rubio. Senator Rubio benefits primarily by not having the same last name as Jeb. But his campaign is equally scripted and even more telegraphed. Establishment types like the fact that Rubio is young and attractive. They seem to not care that Marco can’t balance his own checkbook. Apparently being saddled with personal debt is now a good resume enhancement for understanding the presidency.

Word has it that an official announcement will come either late Sunday or early next Monday from Jeb Bush himself.

Bush campaign staffers say the former governor is tired and wants to go back to Miami to be with his family. It’s also been widely known from the start that Jeb wanted nothing to do with this campaign. The GOP establishment had a road map plan to victory and he was one of several candidates including governors Scott Walker and Rick Perry who were sent out much like a net. Donors were hoping that one of them would catch on, but it’s clear that Donald Trump has exposed all of their weaknesses.

It’s not clear as of yet who Bush will endorse. But sources on the ground in South Carolina have hinted that Bush would back Rubio. There have been calls from Erik Erickson and Charles Krauthammer for the establishment to coalesce around one candidate. And that appears to be happening now.

Link To End of Bush Money Pile

Trump Supporters Would Never Vote For Cruz

FILE: Ted Cruz Expected To Make Bid For Presidency

There is a movement in the land. A movement of fed up Americans who’ve watched their political system devolve into a daily bidding contest of who can give our rogue president the most money and power. We’ve watched as well groomed lawyer-politicians have slickly made promises they break as soon as they cross the capitol threshold. It’s a marriage of grift and ambition. None of them ever thinks they would be corrupted by the pay to play, business as usual, lobbying culture. But like a drug, it changes the personalities of those who promise, with all their heart, to represent us.

Donald Trump, in his most unlikely campaign, has exposed the system rather than just the players. The game is rigged. The donors and lobbyists call the shots. Americans don’t trust anybody – even mister constitutional conservative, Ted Cruz.

Cruz’s claim to fame is resistance. He’s said no to everything and has done so in a way that draws attention to himself, rather than the problem at hand. And not once though did we see the senator oppose or denounce the lobbying culture. The cartel he speaks of apparently doesn’t include billionaire donors. If Cruz was a serious reformer he’d be railing against Citizens United. But my hunch is that Cruz would love to argue a case like Citizens.

The remaining republican field would do nothing but be place holders if elected. Jeb Bush promises to be a kinder, gentler Hillary Clinton. That phrase seems to dog the Bush dynasty. These aren’t alpha males. John Kasich is there in case one of the others fall. He wants to play nice and not fight for the nomination. Translation: Kasich would fold like a cheap suit if elected to the oval office. No thanks, been there done that. Rubio is the main threat to the Trump juggernaut. His big stumbling block is he really is for stuff the American people don’t want. Nobody I know wants to rattle Vladimir Putin because he decided to bomb terrorists in Syria.

The only candidate that is palatable for mainstream conservatives is Ted Cruz. You see, Cruz is a smart lawyer, tops in his class. He makes grand, stem winding speeches. He strikes thespian poses for the cameras. His speaking cadence immediately makes one feel like they are in a large auditorium with marble columns. If Cruz weren’t a politician he could earn a fine living recording books on tape. For conservative talkers, Cruz is perfect.

But something funny happened along the campaign trail. Donald Trump started exposing everyone’s weaknesses. And for senator Ted Cruz, there is a long list of them. First, he and his wife were intimately involved with the proposed formation of the North American Union. Wife Heidi sat on the advisory board for the council on foreign relations. Cruz’s first instinct was to vote for a bill that again, would sell us down the river to Mexico, China and Japan. But his constituents blew up his phone lines and he eventually voted against giving Obama his fast track trade, anti-American sovereignty bill. The bill eventually passed with Marco Rubio’s help. Ted Cruz is also for exponentially increasing illegal immigration through a work visa program. How many more immigrants do we need here right now?

Cruz was born in Canada. Most Americans see this as a problem. No amount of legal wrangling will erase that fact. Many of Ted’s billionaire donors are corrupt losers who put their money on candidates like they’re race horses. And Cruz doesn’t lie, he misspeaks. Something Bill and Hillary Clinton have made a career of.

Trump supporters won’t support Ted Cruz for other reasons. He seems to be a jerk that even his kids don’t like. His senate colleagues find him aloof and opportunistic. His brilliant skills as a lawyer don’t seem to translate all that well into retail politics. His evangelical road show is something we’ve never seen in American politics. “Vote for me, I’m the God candidate”. Really? And then we’ve got nut jobs like Glenn Beck out there claiming God killed Antonin Scalia so we’d all focus on Cruz.  In fact Gary Bauer called and he wants his 1996 campaign strategy handbook back. Cruz would unite 75% of the country and they would all be against him.

The Trump-Cruz war is one where neither would steal votes from the other. Donald has a new pot of energized voters. Cruz has old time Christian conservatives who pray through the Scriptures but then don’t examine the candidate himself. It’s like attending a church with solid doctrine where the pastor is cheating on his wife with the church secretary. You want to grab Cruzbots by the lapel and say, “Do you see what this guy is doing? He just lied to steal votes from Ben Carson in Iowa!” So far, none of them care. They’ve been told that Donald Trump is the devil himself and loves abortion, hates guns and that his wife used to be a lesbian porn star. Oh, and the vote thing was CNN’s fault.

For Trump supporters we’ve seen this movie before. Ted Cruz is a more conservative version of former senator and wife abuser, John Edwards. Slick, smooth and calculating. As my mom used to say, “he’s got an answer for everything”. And the conservative talk Nazis are all on board. But there’s no way in hell that Trump supporters will go along with it. Millions of Americans would still vote for Trump, storming the precincts to write-in the Donald as a way to protest the rigged system if it ever came to that.

So for all you media pundits who are trying in vain, to steal our consciences and demean our very existence, you are S-O-L. There’s no candidate in the last 100 years that’s inspired this kind of loyalty. You can tell us that Ted Cruz was dropped here by Jesus himself, and it still doesn’t matter. It’s Donald or no one.