The Establishment Wants Rubio: Trump Is In Trouble

Marco Rubio

I knew it all along. The pundits knew it. The insiders knew it. And in the back of everyone’s mind, we all knew it. Donald Trump is going to be stopped by the establishment. The evidence is mounting, and an all out war is brewing. According to The Conservative Tree House, there has been a GOP establishment road map for victory all along. And right now it’s going according to plan. The republicans flooded the campaign with 4 or 5 inside choices and 2 or 3 that could be manipulated and coerced into being puppets for the establishment.

The chaos and fighting resulting from the Iowa caucuses is but phase one of what will appear to be an unprecedented shift in momentum and media coverage from Donald Trump to Marco Rubio. There will be a staged battle between the old Bush faction and this new Rubio faction. The Rubio faction will win. If Trump accomplished anything, he effectively ended the Bush dynasty.

So-called conservative talk radio has also rallied to the cause. Following Ted Cruz’s stolen election in Iowa, Rush Limbaugh started talking up the strong third place showing from Rubio. He even told his audience that Rubio is a “full throated conservative” and he gets aggravated when Rubio is branded as an establishment candidate. This was shocking, considering that Cruz had captured the news cycle.

Trump talk will begin to wane. Fox News shifted to Rubio following his debate performance. They are also bashing Cruz to make sure his Iowa victory turns him into the Rick Santorum character from 2012. Cruz may actually be self destructing on his own because his campaign is completely ruthless and undisciplined. And who did Santorum endorse when he dropped out? Marco Rubio. And if Cruz was able to somehow sustain his run, he would be co-opted with establishment money and his faux conservatism would morph into an ideology more in step with the country club.

From all of the research and data that is out there, Rubio has a good chance of stealing New Hampshire from Donald Trump. Trump has stayed constant in most polls, but Rubio is catching fire. Some of these same polls had Trump up by 7 in Iowa. Of course there was rampant election fraud and misinformation in the Hawkeye state and there’s no reason not to believe the establishment will do the same thing in New Hampshire using different tactics.

So what does this mean for America? For the last six months, the independent voter has been energized by Donald Trump. His America-first platform hasn’t been tried since Pat Buchanan nearly upended George H.W. Bush in 1992. And then Ross Perot tried to do this without the establishment and was threatened off the campaign trail. Trump is a more formidable challenge to the status quo, but he’s one man going against a globalist group of financiers who not only have deep pockets, but own Fox News, CNN and have leashes on all of talk radio. America will be given the choice once again between an old woman who ought be in prison, and an empty suit who should be selling used cars in south Florida.

The only thing that could prevent this scenario from playing out is if Trump sees the writing on the wall and bolts the GOP. He needs to have a contingency plan where he can get on the ballot in all 50 states as an independent. Otherwise he will be in a war he can’t win at the GOP convention. There are no super delegates who will side with Trump.

If Rubio wins New Hampshire or comes in a close second there, the silent majority will be silenced again. The only thing that can stop this is a massive amount of new voters flooding the electorate. You would need a record high number of new participants to offset the fraud, the media narrative and the incredible amount of cash being funneled to this newly minted, fresh young face.

I dare say it’s a long shot for Trump or anyone else who wants to stand up for this dying republic.

GOPe Road Map To Victory


48 thoughts on “The Establishment Wants Rubio: Trump Is In Trouble

  1. Rubio, and his overly empathetic and pandering tone, is enough to drive me batty. Slick, Sleazy, Robotic and a thief… already caught with his hands in the “tilt” with misuse of government issue credit card, using it for parties.

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      1. We can write him in,but it is the electoral votes that count. WE NEED TO START ATTACkING THE STATIONS THAT ARE attacking Our Donald.


    1. We have to pull together to elet Trump. Do not pay attention to the media. Rubio is now being pushed by the establishment. Watch every Republican Senator come out for Rubio. Trump will cause them to loose the money tree , our money. The are spending it fast as they can,. WE HAVE TO HOLD TIGHT ADD MORE PEOPLE FOR TRUMP FAST. IF WE DON’T WE ARE GOING TO GET AGENDA 21 PUT AT US. THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT. IT IS A TAKE OVER OF THE PEOPLE BY WASHINGTON. RUBIO, CRUZ, KASSIG, BUSH THEY ALL KNOW IT. IT MEANS MORE OBAMA WAY OF HANDLING US THE PEOPLE. TALK, TALK, VOTE TRUMP GET OUT THE NEW VOTERS BECAUSE THEY ARE OUT THERE. WE HAVE TAKE OUR OUNTRY BACK AND TRUMP IS IT.



    1. That would be a bad idea though. Too many people are afraid of even thinking about electing someone running as an independent. I don’t understand why people can’t vote for the person and not for the party but some people are just like that I guess. I can’t even think of a president from any party other than a democrat or republican winning. There may be one but I can’t remember one.


      1. The only reason that and independent has never won a presidential election is because there has never been a candidate with the following of Donald Trump! If this article is true and it very well likely could be, I believe Trump could win as and Independent!!


    1. Go to #TeamTrump2016 on FB. There are instructions there to volunteer for the phone bank. You can also go to Ohio for Trump and find instructions. You can make calls from your home using a landline or cell phone.


  2. When are the questions about Rubio’s eligibility going to come up? ——- I think Trump needs to include him every time Cruz’s eligibility comes up ……… Rubio is even more a contrast to Trump’s WALL and no amnesty, than the flip-flopping excuses Ted Cruz hides behind.




  4. ah Rubio going on Spanish radio and telling everyone in Spanish that he will not have walls he will give them free college , and they will be pardoned is enough for that not to work


  5. When I heard Rush say that Rubio was a “full throated” conservative, I almost drove off the road! On the one side, there is Glenn Beck supporting Ted Cruz and now Rush supporting Rubio. I am done with Beck and now Rush. What Happens? How are they made to conform? We must pray hard for Donald Trump. If he is the target of attack to get rid of than he is scaring the wits out of “the establishment!”


  6. The GOP and Fox have not treated Donald Trump fairly! I will say that Bill O’Rilley gave him some good advice and seems to give him a fair shot. I knew the GOP would do something to try and bring Trump down and put in their established candidate Bush ,but since he is not doing well they are going for Rubio ,they DO NOT want Cruz! We Must Write in Donald Trump is he has a chance!, We need to make sure we write his full name,So Please let us know the full legal way to write in his name, I have always been an avid Fox News watcher, now I select who to watch Greata,Bill Dobbs and Hannity! Even then I listen very carefully for any bias conversations used by the anchors .


  7. Sad state of affairs our “democracy” has turn into. For the first time in my life I will have the opportunity to vote for someone who loves America and is not bought and paid for by special interests and donors. All the other candidates pander to foreign donors, foreign countries, foreign corporations and foreign invaders. Most, not all people are waking up and realizing what’s happening to our country under the leadership of these bought and paid for traitors to our country. Trump offends people that need to be offended and I don’t care if anyone thinks he is bombastic or not Presidential. If Presidential is considered a smooth talking refined elitist, someone who lies, cheats and steals the American dream from the masses, then I don’t want anything to do with them. Mr Trumps intentions are honorable and his words are always twisted and portrayed by the media and the elitist as being racist or xenophobic. Is loving your country, protecting your country and all of it’s people racists? If it is, you can count me as a racist too. I really don’t give a damn and I am tired of all the nonsense and distractions that the media is trying to create. They use all these little diversions to pull people away from the truth or the main story to lead you down the path they want you to go. It’s horse shit and people better wake up because Trump is our last hope of saving what little of our country is left. Get off the establishment plantation and take our dam country back people.If they want a revolution, then we will give them one.

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  8. if the establishment proceeds to throw Donald Trump under the bus for somebody like Rubio? Well I think Trump should be on the ballot in all 50 states as an Independant and all of his followers the silent majority will start getting really loud. You are not for the people if you have already decided who is gonna win well then you are as crooked as the Democrats.
    Most of us will fight you enough to split the vote and once again the Democrats will win!!

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  9. Trump supporters will not go out and vote for Rubio or Cruz. We all know the wall would not go up and no jobs would return ,Veterans will not be helped and Common Core will stay in Schools. Taxes will stay high and the Establishment will guarantee Hillary of Sanders a Victory.If this Election is rigged. People read as much as you can. Americans are being squeezed out of our own Country. I am praying every day and night for all the good people in our Country. Who worked hard and have been responsible people.God Bless All.Trump ! Trump ! Trump !

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  10. Rubio doesn’t have America’s best interest at heart. He’s an easily influenced mind changer in a politically correct environment. America needs someone who’s not afraid to stand their ground, not caring who likes it. That someone is TRUMP 💯🇺🇸 Trumps never been much into flip flops! If you have to practice who you’re going to be every morning based on current media publicity, America doesn’t want you. We need a real Coach not another conservative player who’ll take any position as long as it makes him popular.
    💯HELP #makeamericagreatagain vote for the real deal DJT 2016

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  11. Fed up with career politicians. Trump the only one who can defeat democrats, provided we get Americans who work to get out and vote. My vote in the SC primary will go to Trump.


  12. The establishment has messed with Trump since day one NOTHING new here folks! Be strong, we have only just begun Rubio is a robot watch his perfectly staged movements, talks, speeches, he is in fact trained. The ONE thing that is SO different THIS YEAR is WE THE PEOPLE CHANGED – WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH. The bad bank business – ect….ect….PEOPLE ARE FED UP – WE ARE TUNED IN – OUR EYES ARE WIDE OPEN. Crowds for TRUMP stand strong TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS! IT IS THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY! Positive thinking GOES SO MUCH FURTHER. This is an election our Trump will has his ups and his downs LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. JUST REMEMBER THE CROWDS, REMEMBER THE HOPE YOU HAVE – BIG BROTHER HAD NO IDEA PHONES AND COMPUTERS WOULD JOIN US SO COMPLETELY. ONE PUSH OF BUTTONS BRINGS BUNCHES TOGETHER! AS YOU HAVE ALREADY SEEN AND JOINED.

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  13. We know this is in the works. This is not what we want. Keep up the good fight. What do you think they were thinking when the British War Ships came over the horizon and started firing on Fort McHenry? They were outnumbered. Most died. But they refused to give up. The next morning our flag was still flying, though tattered and torn. It was held in place by the bodies of the men who propped it up throughout the night. If we want to keep our country, we must also never give up. But if we do, we lose. We lose far more than an election. We lose our country. Social media is a powerful tool. Donald Trump is standing up against a mighty foe. Many of them, in fact. We need to let him know every day that we support him. He is US. He is the Voice of FREE


  14. Regardless of what Trump says, the chances are pretty good that he is actually very glad that Rubio is making a play for the number two spot. Trump has been on top of this situation, all along. Every candidate that has come up to apparently challenge him has done so, because Trump wanted it that way. The point is, that with both Rubio and Cruz, he has an ace (or two) in the hole. In fact, that ace is now being played all over the internet, from Townhall to CNN. If you haven’t seen it, just Google “rubio 7 accomplishments”. The first page will be filled with copies of that article that have spread across the internet. Many people who once though Rubio was an acceptable replacement for Trump, are now reconsidering. That article makes it crystal clear that Rubio is in this for Rubio and he will kiss whatever bottom-sides he has to, in order to win the nomination – of course, becoming deeply politically indebted, along the way. Although Rubio never figured it out, his campaign was DOA, due to his own voting record… what little of it there is.

    As for Cruz, Trump doesn’t have to use the big guns that he has been holding back. Cruz is self-destructing, with his own underhanded campaign tactics. The timeline and released voicemail messages are making it very clear that the Cruz campaign was intentionally misleading their precinct captains, so they would mislead Carson voters. Then consider the fraudulent “Voter Violation” mailers that should have had his name pulled from the ballots. Now we’re beginning to hear of a lot more underhanded trickery from the Cruz campaign. I’m not talking about just the kind of marginal shenanigans that Republicans have pulled over the years. What Cruz is doing is more in line with what you would expect to come from the Obama or Clinton campaigns. A lot of Cruz supporters are just beginning to realize that, despite his phony rhetoric about “trust”, Cruz will say and do whatever he thinks will go over best with the audience to whom he is talking. People are realizing that Cruz should be UNtrusTED.

    But the real ace in the hole that Trump can play on Cruz is not just his citizenship issue, but the fact that, if he were to become the nominee, he would be facing a lawsuit against his citizenship, for the duration of the race and that lawsuit would flood the airwaves to the point that real issues would not make it into the news. The media would point out that even if Hillary were to become President and ultimately be found guilty of the crimes that she will soon be charged with, all that would happen is that she would have to resign. At the same time, they would point out that if Cruz were to become President and then be found ineligible, it would create a constitutional crisis, since it would be as though he never held office. Every bill, executive order, or treaty that he signed would suddenly be null and void, since an eligible President didn’t sign them. Sure, Cruz would probably win such a suit, but not till months after the election and that uncertainty would be all that it would take to swing votes to Hillary. If Trump has to do this, he’ll bring it out. But the way it’s looking, he won’t have to, since Cruz is imploding on his own.

    The key fact is that there are only three candidates left in the race, who say the same thing to every audience. The others, including Cruz, Rubio, Bush, don’t just change their tune, depending on their audience; they completely change who they are. The only candidates who stay consistent are Trump, Christie, and Carson. Among those three, Christie and Carson don’t have a chance. So if a voter wants a nominee who they can really TRUST and who can defeat Hillary (or Bernie), they have to vote for Trump. It’s that simple. All of these issues concerning Rubio and Cruz are happening at exactly the right time. Coincidence? I think not.


  15. It would be a huge mistake for Donald Trump to bail out now and run as an Independent. He’s drawing big crowds and he’s the Republican frontrunner. He’s going to win. What the Establishment is doing is trying to scare him, and you, into thinking he won’t win as a Republican so that he will bail out and run as an Independent. Do NOT take the bait.

    They are playing psyops games. They are very adept at it. They are ganging up on Mr. Trump and that’s why so many of the Establishment are coming out and endorsing Rubio now, before the New Hampshire primary. Then when they Microsoft-manipulate the votes in New Hampshire they’ll credit Rubio’s strong showing with their endorsements.

    Mr. Trump must demand that Microsoft be removed from tallying the votes, and have his lawyers handle it behind the scenes.

    When I reviewed all the responses to Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz’s posting some pics of himself campaigning for Rubio in New Hampshire, with Trey Gowdy and Tim Scott, they were about 90% negative. Believe me, no one wants Anchor Baby Marco Rubio. The guy doesn’t even show up to vote, and he’s the amnesty queen (pun intended).

    It is my guess that they will try to target Trump in the debate as well. I’m sure they were going to target him in the debate just before the Iowa Caucus, and they pushed Mr. Trump a little too far with those asinine press releases and he said enough is enough and dropped out. Keep in mind Trump did that even though he really wanted to do the debate. Trump is tough. He can take anything that comes his way. Trump rides the waves and he’s quick on the draw. He wrote The Art of the deal, didn’t he?

    So, keep calm and stay the course. No one said this was going to be easy. To run as an Independent now when he’s the Republican frontrunner would be throwing in the towel and doing exactly what the Establishment wants him to do.

    Don’t do it.


  16. Perfect analysis Mr. Spuria. We agree completely. The entire strategy all along has been to kill Trump with numbers. The more that drop out, the more difficult it gets for Trump.


  17. Rubio does not like the service people he voted against them WAKE UP PEOPLE WE NEED TO GET


  18. All replies were well thought out and heartfelt. All the aforementioned strategies don’t matter much if the actual counting of votes is rigged. Which it is. If “THEY” don’t want TRUMP ,it will matter not , even if we write him in or he goes Independent. This gargantuan machine is unstoppable because people before us allowed it to become unquenchable. I am not negative , I am a realist. Yes, I do not hold out much hope, It’s a flicker. I will, continue to YELL ,”TRUMP2016″ from the housetops.


  19. I was at one of the Iowa caususes. At the door when you went in, there were 10-15 Rubio people, coralling people and coercing them into voting for Rubio. I wanted no part of it and moved around them. I’m not sure how many people were ‘converted’ but I suspect it was at least a few. There was a senator I believe from Arkansas there stumping for Rubio also. Rubio Sux. Bush Sux. Clinton Sux. Bernie Sux.


  20. No, the reason Rubio is rising, is because Trump and Cruz got into a pissing match over the false Carson dropping out story. While those two used critical time between the Iowa caucus and tonight’s debate trashing each other, the media promoted Rubio as “statesman like”. And in comparison to the ridiculous spat Cruz and Trump were engaging in, it worked to some extent. I don’t want Rubio, and I sure as hell don’t want Jeb or the other RINOs.
    Trump and Cruz need to cut it out or we will end up losing. Trump supporters need to stop the blind idolatry of Trump, and the same goes for Cruz supporters.
    If we can’t intelligently debate and respect each other’s choices, then we will most definitely lose. Trump and Cruz need each other to fight the establishment together until they are the last ones standing. Then they should fight to the finish. Not before.


  21. Rubio and Cruz have both pimped themselves out to the establishment, their careers mirror Obama, first term senators with the Hispanic flavor to lure Hispanic voters, just as Obama was elected because of his race. I like Trump because what you see is what you get, and I believe he will follow through with his promises because he loves this country, and his ego will drive him to be the best president he can possibly be! He will go directly to the American people and expose the corrupt establishment politicians trying to block his mandate that America will give him. The media and the establishment are scared! What has Cruz or Rubio accomplished other than posturing to get attention, missing votes just as Obama did, and neither one has any executive experience other than jerking off billionaires for donations. We don’t elect candidates, we elect their sponsors hiding behind the curtain, and by the time they are elected, we end up with another agenda driven Obama!


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