Donald’s Debate Strategy Tonight: Knock The Sh*t Out of Them!


This is no longer a game. This has become an all out war. It’s more or less the world against Donald J Trump. And the stakes are incredibly high as all of the candidates, minus a hysterical Carly Fiorina take the stage. Oh, and Jim Glimour won’t be there either. If you are saying “who?” to that, you are responding appropriately. In any event, Donald may employ his ISIS strategy on the six other guys on that stage.

Since Iowa, we’ve learned what we suspected. The establishment has not warmed to the idea of a Trump presidency. We hear this desperation on “conservative” talk radio. None of the high market share talkers side with Trump. The outliers like Michael Savage and Alex Jones have become safe zones for conservative refugees fleeing the daily assault on their collective conscience. But then you add in Fox News and most of the mainstream media and it becomes clear that the front runner is really the underdog. This is Rocky III and Diehard II all rolled into one ongoing mini series.

It’s clear that the establishment is using Ted Cruz to set a pick for Rubio on Trump so Rubio and his empty suit can dribble right past both of them. And mysteriously (not really) the endorsements keep rolling in. South Carolina amnesty governor Nikki Haley. South Carolina turncoat Tim Scott. Failed Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. And Rick Santorum, who looked as dim and shallow as his campaign ended up being, when he couldn’t name one Marco Rubio accomplishment on Morning Joe. That clip should be used mercilessly against the first term senator who’s been collecting a government paycheck for two decades now.

Donald Trump should come out with a scowl on his face tonight. There is a lot to be angry about. Iowa is still smoldering. We now have live audio of Cruz precinct people telling their captains to inform their congregations that Ben Carson would be suspending his campaign in short order. All Cruz needed was four votes per precinct. There’s almost no question that his scheme worked perfectly. Jeb Bush is really only a threat to himself and his reputation at this point. Hopefully Jebby isn’t prone to carrying any sharp objects. Word has it that Donald has had enough of the negative campaign ads. Bush’s presence only aids in the establishment’s road map to victory, or as smart people call it, the end of America.

Trump needs to hammer Rubio especially hard. The country is in a financial mess and this guy uses the company credit card to throw parties for his crony friends. Marco voted with Obama on the fast track trade, sell out America bill. Rubio’s foreign policy ideas would open up America to another useless war. Donald knows that the country is war weary and should pound Rubio into oblivion on this issue.

What many republicans have to come realize is that this field isn’t all that impressive. If these men on stage were that capable they wouldn’t be chasing a first time political novice. None of them have read The Art of The Deal. And it shows.

This debate will be like a bunch of colliding asteroids that are all about to go into new trajectories. Everyone is aiming for Trump, but his rhetorical arsenal is ready to sling shot his opponents back to their respective states where they can quietly heal their campaign injuries and then endorse boy Marco.

For Donald Trump there is no reason to play it safe tonight. Trump is a risk taker and he may even have a bombshell allegation for Rubio or even Cruz that will dominate the news cycle through Tuesday and beyond. If you know the Donald, you understand that he is the master of hyperbole.

And for us radical independents all over the fruited plain, it will make our hearts glad to see the establishment rocked back on their heels once again, trying to figure out what just happened to them.

Tonight Donald Trump will throw everything he’s got at the entire media-political cesspool-complex.

What’s encouraging for Trump supporters is that there’s nobody else on the planet that can blow up the establishment like Donald J. Trump.

Let the one sided media games begin! And let the best man, Donald Trump, win.


6 thoughts on “Donald’s Debate Strategy Tonight: Knock The Sh*t Out of Them!

  1. I agree. It’s time to up the ante. So far #TheDonald has been pretty laid back. Even said they were nice guys on occasion. However, we all know they are all GOPe and bought and paid for charlatans.

    Let’s see some fireworks tonight, though I won’t be watching because I don’t have cable. However, I’ll be following on facebook and I’m sure I’ll get alot of mini-videos before the debate is over.

    Let’s hope that Mr. Trump brings up Microsoft-financed anchor baby Marco Rubio’s possible advantage in the tallying of the votes. Let’s hope he lumps both Mario and Rafael’s special interest-backed agenda of amnesty and pushing the H1B Visas as tied to their own murky history. Isn’t that why we like our Presidents born in the USA to two American citizens?

    Hey, there more than one way to cook a goose. Why not cook two gooses at the same time? Two gooses who have the same agenda but different ways of hiding it.

    Time to put on the boxing gloves, Mr. Trump. And, don’t spare them this time. I’m sure you’ve got the hang of it by now, and no one can beat the man who wrote the art of the deal. Only now this deal is with the American people’s interest in mind. This deal is the most important deal of all. And who is a better closer of deals that Donald J. Trump?

    Let’s close the deal, Mr. Trump. Shall we?


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