Brad Thor: Another Pompous, Self Righteous Trump Hater


I have a Twitter account. Twitter is an annoying way to have a world wide sparring match. The faster you can be smarmy, the more followers you’ll accumulate. I used to follow Glenn Beck on Twitter. And then I started following “friends of Glenn”. One of those friends happened to be thriller novelist Brad Thor.

As most of the world has witnessed, Glenn Beck is melting down faster than an ice cube inside a brick oven. I don’t follow Beck anymore. I took the two Glenn books I still own, “Arguing With Idiots” and “Broke” and put them inside a trash bag with some rotting fish. I figured the books needed to be tortured before they were incinerated.

I know I’m displaying a real case of chronic cold anger. And I fully admit I need treatment. So I do things like calling the folks who make Liberty Safes. And I tell them I will no longer recommend their products to people because they are in bed with Glenn Beck. This week I’m calling Goldline to tell them that Beck has been wrong about gold by a factor of 400 percent.

Since there is no way to blow up the transmitters that broadcast Beck saying things like “tea party folks who support Donald Trump are racist”, I’ll have to put my cold anger to work against the people that think they are sponsoring good conservative talk radio. By the way, I’m totally serious about this.

So I forgot I was still following Brad Thor. Brad Thor likes Twitter more than Donald Trump. And being a super creative writer and thinker like he is, he spews out the best in smarmy hatred.  Here’s one of his incredible tweets from last night: “He’s orange wallpaper. Never has anything substantive to add to policy debates. Absolutely clueless.”

Here’s Brad Thor’s clueless take on what happened when Ben Carson missed his cue to walk out on stage because the applause was too loud. “Him and Trump. Duh…”

Brad, no need to explain what has already been reported. But I will again, for you, since your perch seems to be mighty high up. Trump stayed back with Carson to save Ben from being embarrassed. He missed the cue. Trump was acting in a classy way. All the other candidates passed by. Sort of reminds me of the story of the Good Samaritan. Trump has made a career of doing this sort of stuff. But your blind hatred of “orange wallpaper” wouldn’t allow you to see that. You are way too busy being a hard ass to see genuine compassion and character at work.

Thor, I missed your tweet when Trump ran circles around everyone else explaining how to destroy ISIS. Donald was the only one who talked about draining their wallets.

I apologize for this blog in advance. But I am highly agitated. Punks like Brad Thor and Glenn Beck need to stick to writing books for their sycophants. They shouldn’t be involved in politics because they don’t have the instincts for it. Reality is too vexing for either one of them. Fantasy based apocalyptic mayhem is more their style.

And apparently birds of a feather suck together. Neither of them have enough intellectual curiosity to even want to understand why millions of Americans love Donald Trump and are livid over the fake narratives created by “media experts”and commentators who really have nothing to fall back on other than their group think wit and sarcasm.

Meanwhile Rome burns.

These so-called intellectual giants are hoping for a Hillary Clinton presidency so they can see their country rot in hell. They are more concerned about selling books and being prophets than preserving the American way of life.

That’s why I’ve come to the conclusion that people like Brad Thor and Glenn Beck are enemies of the state. And their ideas, their books, their shows, and their entire existence, needs to be rejected.

I’m not playing these media games any longer. And neither should anyone else who cares about the future of America.


5 thoughts on “Brad Thor: Another Pompous, Self Righteous Trump Hater

  1. This is EXACTLY how I feel about Beck now too..had the same books you did as well and am currently using them for fire starting in the wood burner =) His hypocrisy is astounding. He backed Santorum in the last race..yet he bypassed him this time..why? He told us all in the last race to stop arguing about Mitt Romney and he faked like he was trying to explain calmly why Santorum was the man for the job…and all the apocalyptic scenarios that would happen if he DID’NT win..etc etc..yet now he’s leading the charge to have us all despise Trump and creating the chaos he told us was a waste of time, during the last race! I see him for what he is now thank god, and Mark Levin too.


  2. I have been a Democrat all my life and all my friends are all Democrats. I live in NYC just like the Donald has most of his life. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and i been asking myself this question a lot. Does this country need a president who is an outsider, who has never been in politics. Who won’t be persuaded in his decisions by politics ??? I think the answer is yes. I might probably be called a traitor by mostly all my friends and family, but i think with the right people by his side. Donald Trump might make a great President.


  3. Thor lost me when he came out so forcefully for Rick Perry. Perry, a career crook politician. Go look up the Gardasil/Perry story. Very revealing of Perry’s integrity.


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