Donald Trump And The End of The GOP


Donald Trump is currently the front runner for the republican nomination for president. His presence in every single GOP debate thus far, has made advertisers millions of dollars in additional revenue. When Donald opted out of the last Fox News debate, ratings dropped by about 40%. Trump has energized the entire political process. He is like no other candidate in history.

Two things happened at last Saturday’s ABC GOP debate that are worth noting. When Ben Carson missed his cue to walk out on stage, Donald Trump hung back to provide some cover for the good doctor. The whole thing was mocked by Saturday Night Live. But give SNL credit, they did a great job depicting the real Ted Cruz on the same broadcast. It was interesting to see all of the other candidates going around both Trump and Carson as if to say, “hey, gotta go, sorry I can’t help you guys”. Wouldn’t it have been a great moment if they all waited until George Cintonopolis and Martha “friend of Obama” Raddatz had finished calling names. It would have been a memorable moment of GOP solidarity. But only Trump had the decency to not leave Carson behind.

None of the Trump haters in cyberspace noticed the common sense gesture. Twitter was alive with sound of scorn each time Donald fired back at the entire auditorium, which was stacked with big donors and the puppets they sponsor. In fact, the second big moment was when Trump chastised the audience for being bought and sold Jeb Bush plants. When has Jeb? ever received that much applause at any debate? Granted, Bush finally shook the low energy label, albeit too little and too late and for only part of the evening. He must have felt good that he had the entire place behind him. But Trump did something far more valuable than anything that came out of Jebby’s mouth – he exposed the republican party for taking sides and handing out tickets to their anointed good old boys.

The establishment’s attempts to prop up their empty suit were disastrous. Marco Rubio sounded like an answering machine. Please leave a message and I’ll tell you that Barack Obama knows exactly what he’s doing. At that point I began throwing crap at the TV to somehow reach Rubio telepathically. I wanted to remind him that he was running against Hillary Clinton and that his answering machine is now full.

In recent days, Marco had become the new narrative. And all of the peroxide mavens over on Fox News were giddy with excitement. “Rubio is surging, Marco, Marco Marco!” They were all beginning to sound like Jan Brady. Roger Ailes could finally reduce his vodka intake and give his boss Murdoch the good word that amnesty was saved!

But there was a fly in the ointment. Marco has no clothes. Apparently he’s familiar with that state of undress. Pictures of the Cuban JFK have surfaced from his male stripper days. But I digress. Rubio stole the election from himself and gave it back to Trump. Not that the Donald needed his help, but it was much appreciated. A few days earlier, Rush Limbaugh told his audience that Rubio was a “full throated conservative“. If by full throated, you mean parrot throated, then yes. It’s fairly safe to say that the GOPe needs another player. The bench is getting rather thin. It looks like the wily old veteran, John Kasich will be sent in as their new designated RINO.  Even though Krispy Kreme had a far better debate, Kasich is the one candidate that truly captures the spirit of former house speaker John Boehner. And I think that’s what the republican party wants in a presidential candidate.

The GOP is on life support. And there are millions of Americans who are now in favor of assisted suicide – at least when it comes to the grand old party. Reince Priebus should be ashamed of himself. First, why do a debate on ABC? Second, you gave only 20 tickets out to Trump family and supporters – which has been standard practice at all the debates. Third, there’s been an ongoing inside war on Trump since he declared. And forth, the candidates you are foisting on us can’t reform government and won’t win a general election.

In general, these debates are dog and pony shows. It’s a one liner competition. They are theatrical events. ABC was more or less calling this a political Super Bowl. The only thing missing were the scantily clad GOP cheerleaders.

The bottom bottom bottom line…the republican party is dead. And Donald Trump and his legion of supporters have helped speed up their demise. Before the campaign season got going, the writing was on the wall. The GOP was no longer the opposition party. Their only motivation appears to be their quest for power and serving the special interests who will eventually pay them off in spades.

Americans have moved on. The more you promote your puppet on a string, the more we support the man who wants to clean out the barn. And that man is Donald J. Trump.


9 thoughts on “Donald Trump And The End of The GOP

  1. Well said. I could have writtten this myself, as I say the same things each day on my FB page. The Republican Party is on life support for some…already dead to many others like me who are disguested as we watch them morph into the liberal Democrat Party….enabling the potus to complete his agenda with little or no opposition.
    Only Trump can turn this country around. The rest of them are merely pawns of lobbyists and power hungry people who want to manipulate our economy and our place in the world.

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  2. I just read this and the 2 posts that follow it in succession so I don’t know exactly which one I’m responding to.. so…. Yay! Thank you! And excellent!!! I like your new name and format too. And i appreciate your message to make my transition seamless – both in connectivity and in purpose. May I ask if the articles written on you scorched earth blog will in some way be archived into this new site, and if not, how long will scorched earth be up and avaiable where I can go in and save some of my favorites? Anyway thanks again David. Id be pretty lost and utterly misinformed without the burgeoning new media that I count you as part of!


  3. Very perceptive and right on the pulse as usual! For me, if they knock Donald Trump out of this race with their dirty tactics, I for one will never vote GOP again, so they need to chose wisely.


    1. And if they do nominate Trump I’ll quit the GOP. Some quandary, huh? Whatever will they do? If they keep Trump and nominate him that means the fringe group wins which does not help the GOP. That will mark the end of the GOP and the high muckimucks are not stupid. They cannot indulge a few thousand fringers and lose the Party. Sorry, my friend.


  4. I just wanted to ask that all Trump Supporters listen to this podcast called “An open letter to Donald Trump”. —– (aka) ” Trump Must Challenge Secret Computer Counts in NH & SC”

    Copy Paste this whole link below and you’ll find it. — see menu tab on “Election Nite Gatekeepers”

    It outlines exactly how the GOP will attempt to steal this election from Donald through voter fraud. The guy has been working on this since 1988 and he knows what he’s talking about.

    I know its a long shot, and maybe a pipe dream, but with a candidate as bold, real, and popular as Donald Trump (whose willing and able to CLEARLY SAY the things that need to be said – at the perfectly timed moment) And with his supporters ready and aware of their schemes – we could stop this TYRANNY just once and foil their UNBELIEVABLY EVIL plans. See for yourself, but it looks likely that they have rigged all of our elections for decades – and I say its about time that we at least TRY TO STOP them.

    He has the evidence and the solutions and he’s reaching out to Team Trump as we speak ( and its likely that Donald knows much of this, and may have even known before he chose to run) But WE MUST KNOW – so that we’re ready and able to come out strong, quickly, united and educated (at the precise moment) and turn back the lies that will come from every direction if anyone dares to expose their crimes, and break their treacherous game. We’ve got one shot at this. And most Trump Supporters know that we will probably not get another one. God help us and God Bless the American People and His and their chosen leader – Donald J Trump! IJN!!!


  5. What is all of this, putting the members of the party against one another, dont you see that is exactly what the present party wants us to do, give them the election on a silver platter because the party cant unite and agree on the basic principles of life. Unite the party, set the format . all republicans and agree, yes I said agree on the constitution, agree on prayer, agree on the 2nd amendment, and every other idea that brings the republican party together. quit the bickering and stand for whats right morally, make that our platform and if you don’t have these ideas, get out of the election rich or poor. Be men leaders for this our country USA


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