Kasich over Trump? Thanks Again Conservative Talk Radio


There is mounting evidence on the ground in New Hampshire that Ohio governor John Kasich is surging. And surging in a way that will make him the big winner today no matter where he finishes. You can thank conservative talk radio and the media for this. People are looking for the alternative to the alternative and have chosen the most liberal candidate in the race. What’s even more perplexing about what New Hampshire is about to do is there is no way forward for Kasich. He has no big donor money, no organizations in places like South Carolina and Nevada. But it doesn’t matter. I’m sure if Kasich does well the establishment can front him some Bush or Rubio money to keep him going for a few more weeks.

The conservative media has gone AWOL on Donald Trump. And since the last debate, they’ve gone into overdrive defending their robot Marco. It didn’t work. Kasich, Bush and Christie are all surging in the granite state. And Ted Cruz only plays well to people who are “consistent constitutional conservatives”.  The same consistent people who seem to ignore cheating, lying, stealing and general sliminess.

Conservative talk radio has given us John Kasich. As one of my pals on Facebook said, he really could be running in the democrat primary. He’s loved so much in a state that’s drifted left, because he’s drifted with them. He’s weak on every core issue that matters to real Americans. His state is breaking even because of the oil boom caused by fracking. And Kasich has done a good job at spreading the wealth around.

The truth is the electorate was running out of candidates they were told they could like. The anointed boy Rubio is not ready for prime time. He can tell us all day long how Barack Obama knows what he’s doing. Most everyone who has a modicum of common sense knows that Obama is destroying America. But thankfully presidents only get two terms max. For some reason talk radio has fallen in love with these Rovian talking points that might sound good once. But four times in the span of thirty minutes? No thanks. Something is wrong with the Rubio algorithm. Someone needs to clean the hard drive. Maybe Hillary can do it.

The media drove the Trump narrative until they realized that Donald could actually win this. Their timing was impeccable. When Trump started attacking they all jumped in the Cruzmobile and drove it off the road. People with even modest observation skills could sense that Cruz might be the guy downtown with the used car lot. It’s really easy to picture Ted in one those old checkered jackets with the sharp lapels. Circa 1976. His evangelical road show won’t play in any of the big electoral states. And it won’t play in Saskatoon either. So there’s two countries where Cruz doesn’t have a road map to victory.

Chris Christie, should have been the one that got the bounce after the debate. Please try not to visualize that statement in your head. Christie annihilated boy Rubio and conservative talk radio went ape wire defending Rubio’s canned answers. Talk radio has become the Twilight Zone. I’m waiting for Rod Serling’s intro prior to each program.

If Kasich does well in New Hampshire, maybe talk radio will start propping up Carly Fiorina or Jim Gilmour. I think that’s why they are staying in the race. They expect to get a turn. Conservative talkers understand that you want the most chaos in a primary because who wants a strong candidate who can take on the democrats when you can have a guy nobody’s ever heard of.

Thanks GOP and talk radio. You guys are doing a great job making yourselves important. Tomorrow I fear I’ll wake up to Kasichmentum. And that’s the last thing this GOP primary season needs.


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