Again-One More Time: Ted Cruz Is NOT an Outsider


Media pundits can’t just stick to what happened in New Hampshire last night. A private citizen won an election where every single form of media – including so called conservative talk radio – was against him at every turn. But that is not spectacular enough for those at conservative radio Perestroika. They’ve already moved on to the next topic.

Okay fine. The next subject is how Ted Cruz finished a “strong third” and didn’t spend any money in New Hampshire, making him just a fun loving foil to the Washington “cartel” as he likes to call those he is supposed to get along with. Has anyone informed the senator that you might want to sit down in a room and attempt to do your job? Which means you have to work with the people around you? If you are dealt a lousy hand, you don’t confront the dealer and tell him that the house sucks. The dealer will eventually insure you are always dealt a lousy hand. 

And this is where maturity and deal making are more important than grandstanding and filibustering. You need to be able to work within the system. Ted Cruz has decided that he is the rebel. And he certainly has a record of opposition, but no record of accomplishment.

Ted Cruz has been in government or academia for the last 20 years. Between 1999 and 2003, Cruz was the director of the Office of Policy Planning at the Federal Trade Commission, an associate deputy attorney general at the United States Department of Justice, and domestic policy adviser to President George W. Bush on the 2000 George W. Bush presidential campaign. He served as Solicitor General of Texas from 2003 to 2008. Cruz was also an adjunct professor of law from 2004 to 2009 at the University of Texas School of Law in Austin, where he taught U.S. Supreme Court litigation.

Does this look like a resume of an outsider? Just a simple question. No need to answer just yet. So Cruz was at the FTC. So he oversaw the trade policies that helped dilute American sovereignty and destroy manufacturing jobs. He was domestic policy adviser to George W. Bush. Specifically on faith based initiatives that funneled money from taxpayers to para-church ministries. While that sounds good, conservatives usually decry when tax payer money is used for liberal causes like abortion and multicultural awareness events. The church should not be receiving any kind of government handout. Does anyone think it’s a good idea that Obama is giving money to churches that essentially hide and protect illegal aliens and migrants? Cruz’s church even believes in this stuff. Essentially when a “godly man” like Cruz assumes power, he’s anointed to change society and transfer wealth from the government to the church. I hate to agree with the ACLU, but this is crony church capitalism. And it’s wrong and immoral.

Every time I turn on the radio, I hear Cruz and Trump, Trump and Cruz. Maybe these radio dweebs just want to cover their backsides by liking both, so when the eventual nominee emerges they can claim that they were fair and balanced. It’s just that this pesky thing known as the truth gets in the way of their false narrative. Donald Trump is an accomplished business man and entrepreneur. Ted Cruz is an inside the beltway, lifelong lawyer and politician. He’s an evangelical version of John Edwards. 

So when you hear that Cruz and Trump are birds of a feather, you need to reject that conclusion with every fiber of your being. Cruz supporters hate Donald Trump. These two men have virtually nothing in common. Trump is a center right populist, Cruz is a right wing ideologue. The notion that their policy proposals somehow overlap is tomfoolery. And it’s mostly media generated pigeonholing. Get over it. Trump is the master negotiator. Cruz is the slick litigator. You can’t even compare the two.

Trump’s New Hampshire win is substantive because the granite state is battleground territory. Cruz will not win New Hampshire in a general election against either of the two socialist candidates. And that will be the story in places like Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Mexico. Trump can win in these places because of his pedigree. Cruz will lose these states because of his pedigree. 

Only a true outsider can change the way Washington functions. Ted Cruz would only make the environment in D.C. more toxic than it is now. To get things done, you need a relentless negotiator who puts Americans first. And Donald Trump is perfectly positioned in every way to make America great again.


7 thoughts on “Again-One More Time: Ted Cruz Is NOT an Outsider

  1. Well said Patriot. We meet at the Old Mill at dawn and strike south and then west. Cold Anger Growing. We have been walking in darkness to long and we see the light. TRUMP2016

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  2. I have been posting this for months now!! I am so happy to see that people are now seeing and saying what I have felt all along! I agree fully with “ranch hand”! He is not only an insider but he is also not a true conservative either, and only when it benefits him does he tout the message… But on top of all that, he is not really a true Christan as well. He and Glen Beck and their Ilk are all a part of the Dominionism religion… They want to bring on the end times and control the world. Ted Cruz’s father believes Ted is anointed by God to be a King, one of many that will control the earth for God… Now, look up TPP and what it is that Ted would control should the North American Union take place in the next 4 years!


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