Ted Cruz: Personality and Character Defects Beyond Repair

I don’t usually post videos to make my point on this blog. I normally just examine some facts and opinions that are out there and write what I think is salient. In this particular case, I think you need to watch this video all the way through to get inside the head of someone who I believe has some serious character flaws.

Now before you get on me for using a video from The Young Turks, keep in mind, truth is truth no matter where it’s found. The liberals are highly skeptical of anything conservative. And since all skepticism of Ted Cruz has evaporated from so called conservative talk radio, I welcome critiques from other human beings who certainly don’t share my political views. At least they are uncovering the facts.

Ted Cruz is getting a pass from virtually all of conservative talk radio. Cruz is somehow their firewall candidate. Any criticism leveled at Cruz is met with incredible disdain. You can’t point out any of his flip flops. You can’t talk about his heavy flirtations with soft amnesty or his wife’s involvement with the North American Union and The Council on Foreign Relations. It’s like a Ted Cruz criticism blackout. Conservatives are supposed to be the harbingers of truth. But instead they insist on protecting a phony.

In this video you will see something I believe is even more disturbing then all of the policy issues. I believe that Ted Cruz has been so well groomed for politics that he has lost his soul. And this video illustrates a coldness that I’ve never seen from any politician.

If you watch this video and dismiss it because it involves Vice President Biden and his family, then I really can’t help you. Cruz crosses a line here that is completely unforgivable and puts him in a category all by himself.

This is not a man who can heal our country and unite its people. This is a man who needs therapy and a new job that steers him clear of any real significant human interaction.


12 thoughts on “Ted Cruz: Personality and Character Defects Beyond Repair

  1. He is a manchurian candidate like Obama. Whatever he says is 180 degrees from what he really means (e.g. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” and on and on. There is a reason he is despised by his colleages. Anyone who endorses Cruz e.g. Gowdey Tim Scott Sasse show they are tools now, and have been bought off and are corrupted. I mean look at his wife, Beck and Rick Snyder, this is where Limbaugh Hannity and Levin have set up their career firewall? Sheesh, how stupid am I to think untill Trump got into the race these people had some modicum of integrity. Oh well, live and learn. Great work, David. Cold Anger Growing TRUMP2016

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  2. Except that I disagree with the Obama comparison.
    big difference, folks, keep your eye on the ball.

    Cruz is about keeping Trump from the nomination and nothing more.

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    1. If that is true, then why did he hire Jeff Roe of Axiom Strategies, a man with a long and well documented record as the most dishonest and unethical person currently in the field of political consultancy, to be his campaign manager? Everything that has caused any controversy about the Cruz Campaign to date has been a standard too of Jeff Roes bag of dirty tricks. Ted knew who and what Roe was when he hired him because he had to fight against Jeff Roe’s dirty tricks in 2012 when Roe was working for David Dewhurst in the race for the Texas Senate seat.
      Ted Cruz is a lawyer to the bone and as such will do or say ANYTHING to win, all ethics and thought of justice or decency thrown aside.


  3. I agree that he’s definitely a smooth talker and now I believe that he’s untrustworthy; even capable of EVIL…..People we need to pray for the leadership in America. Please vote in this next election…..It’s important.


    1. You have not been paying attention because only your willful ignorance can excuse your position. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca-sfq7l9VA Hillary Clinton betrayed 4 men and their families in the matter of Benghazi. What was done in Ted Cruz’s name on the night of the Iowa Caucuses was a betrayal of the democratic process and therefor a betrayal of all American from the founding fathers to the present day voters.

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    2. Yes, he is not eligible to run for President. No more than Obama was. Even Canada has sent the paperwork that he is Canadian and that in Canada you can not hold a dual citizen. He also talks big about being an Evangelical. No he is not. He is part of the New World Order. Do you know what that means. He is also part of combining Canada, USA, Mexico as a country. So Rhoda, Making a joke about a man, a family who have just lost their son , is not a joke and anyone who finds that amusing is a very sick person. And shame on you. You obviously have no more class than that Cruz. Shame on you. I hope you never loose anyone close to you and someone makes fun of it and you.


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