Glenn Beck Wants A Civil War


Each time Glenn Beck opens his mouth I brace myself. He is a madman running on all cylinders. His treasonous hatred of the one man who can fix our country is disturbing and dangerous. But this is what happens when people aren’t listening anymore. From sea to shining sea, the Glenn Beck show is hemorrhaging ratings. As is the Mark Levin show and other bastions of what once was conservative talk radio. Donald Trump has destroyed the political establishment. And now he’s destroying most of talk radio.

Glenn Beck  has been an egotist since his early days as a morning zoo DJ in south Texas.He’s one of only a handful of human beings who’ve made fun of a woman for having a miscarriage. He did this live on the air. His fuel is invective. He hurls it at will. And his latest target is Donald J. Trump.

Trump is everything Beck isn’t. He’s brash and self confident. He talks in a New York brawl dialect. Beck talks at times like a ballerina dancer. Beck is a self described religious convert. The Donald speaks positively of God and Christianity, but never wears it on his sleeve. Beck appears to harbor some kind of unnatural resentment or envy and it’s deep in his tortured soul. The Donald could care less about Beck or the ants that follow him.

Yesterday Glenn Beck said that he believes that electing Donald Trump as president would usher in a civil war. My immediate response to Beck is, we should have already had a civil war with Obama as president. But most Americans understand that our republic is more resilient than one tyrant. Notice how a Hillary presidency doesn’t matter to Beck in light of the far more dangerous Trump. This is the guy who wrote a book called “Common Sense”. But now he seems to have none.

I have come to the conclusion that Beck himself is a danger to the republic and the liberty movement he claims to represent. The toxicity of his message is like a Molotov Cocktail thrown into a parade of happy warriors. Much like a protester at a Donald Trump event. But with far reaching consequences. Beck’s little media empire has sway over the zombified corpses that are hypnotized by the words “constitutional conservative”. Beck claims Trump is the divider. But in reality, Donald Trump is sunlight. He has exposed the left-right paradigm as a false construct. The word conservative now means nothing. Beck’s conservatism is no more genuine than his top 40 radio persona or his Mormonism. It’s all thespian driven drama. It’s all for ratings. And for Beck, these ratings keep his empire from crumbling.

But this is now way more serious than Beck’s career trajectory. He is now putting Trump’s life in danger. Someone in Beck’s brigade might try to end Donald’s presidential run with a bullet. There are already a large number of haters via Twitter and all over cyberspace who are constantly threatening Trump and his supporters. Beck may have just lit the match that catches fire.

The Glenn Beck Program is heard on over 400 stations and is syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks. It is the third highest-rated national radio talk show among adults ages 25 to 54. That has to end. Premier needs to hear from all of us. We need to blast their various pages and dry up Beck’s empire.

Donald Trump’s health and safety is more important than feeding the Glenn Beck beast.

I urge all readers of this blog to go to Beck’s sponsors and let them have it with both barrels. His 15 minutes of fame is over. There is too much at stake now to allow an opportunist pile of excrement like Beck to destroy the one hope we have to save America.


15 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Wants A Civil War

  1. I think you are overreacting. Beck does not have that kind of audience.
    And I wager his audience isn’t constant.
    It only took me once to hear the arrogant Beck make fun of and dismiss those screaming about Soetoro’s citizenship status in 2008 to lose his channel.
    I now have no tv/cable but stay abreast of issues with alternative news websites.

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  2. Done.

    Angie’s List; My Patriot Supply; Vivint Solar; Ad Council;; Goldline. Venture over to the Blaze website and look for the banners. The only site I had trouble with was Overstock. Nobody to contact, really, no PR department.

    It is amazing how Trump has brought out the worst in some of his media detractors. Beck may be the darkest and most sinister. I agree. He is going off the deep end over this.

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  3. Trump isn’t destroyingredients them. It’s his supporters because we know bull*hit when we see it. No more career politicians and no more bias media.


  4. The fact that you take the time to disparage Beck at such length tells me that you actually fear him. The fact that you urge people to chase down and threaten his sponsors tells me that you fear free speech and, by extension, the unfettered exchange of dialogue; regardless of how divergent those ideas may be. You see, people are tired of condescension from writers like you and its why you’re seeing a rise to America’s angry ilk…. as evident by people like Donald Trump (whom personally I do not support). We have witnessed 7 years of name calling and slice and dice division in America. It has consequences; regardless of what Beck spouts.


    1. Beck is obsessed with Trump name calling. As far as the population calling Beck names? Well, it’s pitiful he is so obsessed with Trump when Trump is just too busy to address him. When he does its b/c Beck has gone way over the insanity line. I am very surprised his sponsors still want him. Just don’t look good all that crying and begging embarrassing is what it is. That last thing I surfed by I saw him on his knees telling something about God. That looked very sick so I surfed on. Ted Cruz has already messed up with all his lies Beck’s just going to finish them both off. Have Beck thought about what kind of career move he’ll be making in Nov. 2016. Maybe him and Cruz can sale used cars. Or maybe preach in a traveling road show?


    2. to bad you don,t support Mr Trump, because there is no one out there. who is not working for the C.F.R the very same group who is destroying America and has people like you, blind enough not to realize that, maybe you should just listen to George Carlin on the American dream, TRUMP OR KISS IT GOOD BYE.. C.F.R and you never heard of it….. wow…


  5. I am a new fan, David. I have written about two similar topics, less eloquently than you, sir, regarding Glenn Beck. Surely, many of us feel the same way. I have said from the moment Beck went to television that the zaniness vanished. He started to believe the maddening crowds. He has now become a monster. It saddens me in a way, because he is talented but realizes that his fame is waning, because he has no depth. And this will destroy him. He is an implosion waiting to happen almost daily. His ire for Trump is strange and almost psychotic. I can’t stand the persona he has become and hope he can get help, for I fear the worst for him if he crashes and burns. Excellent article and I also enjoyed your most recent article about Donald Trump.


  6. The “Establishment” (both) are very scared of Trump, and Glen Beck lol since fox fired his ass I quit listening to him anyways, he lost it the last half year or so when he was at fox and is just a stream rolling psychopath since then


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