The Donald Trump Rally Moment That Just Won Him South Carolina and The Nomination

Certain things happen in a campaign that can catapult it to a whole new level. Donald Trump played second fiddle at his rally today in North Augusta South Carolina. Protesters have become common at Trump rallies. In fact, when do you hear about protesters at Rubio or Bush rallies? As for Ted Cruz, he makes it his business to debate the protesters rather than just disposing of them. This is designed to draw attention to the senator so he can boast of “owning” another protester. Most of the time it looks painful. The protester drags on, and Cruz is thrust back in time to his debate club tourneys. Sad really, and very distracting.

Today’s rally was a normal Trump event. A boisterous crowd and one very obnoxious protester. But this unfortunate soul ran into an older man and an Iraq war veteran who apparently got the best of her. The woman was seen flipping a double bird as she was being escorted out of the packed arena. Trump is right, the cameras never show the size of his crowds unless a protester is causing a ruckus. And for the record, the auditorium was wall to wall humanity.

The capacity crowd cheered, as this woman on a fools errand was led away. This person had also been swearing up a storm. Donald made sure he let the audience know what an idiot this lady was. Trump explained to the audience that he believes he could talk some sense into this protester. But I’m not sure even the Donald could negotiate with this liberal establishment tool. She was obviously a piece of work…or possibly something else.

What happened next was totally spontaneous and it might change the whole trajectory of this campaign for South Carolina and beyond. Trump called both men to the podium. The older gentleman was first. He quickly embraced Donald and then gave a rousing little speech that was heart felt and emotional. I was close to tears as the man pleaded with the crowd to support Donald to the hilt. 

If that wasn’t enough icing on the emotional cake, the second gentleman turned out to be an Iraq war veteran. As soon as he said, “two tours in Iraq”, the place erupted. He then validated the things Trump has been saying about law enforcement and ended on the phrase…“we need you”. He and Trump embraced….And again the place went nuts and people were digging for Kleenex.

This is the advantage of an event that is not staged or scripted. This is pure Donald Trump at his best. His judgment, his timing, his sense of fairness, firing on all cylinders. These two men stole the show. And the supposedly narcissistic Trump made these two dedicated supporters the stars of his rally today.

The more this video circulates, the more votes Donald Trump will receive. There’s real heart and real emotion in this movement because Donald is a real person. This is not some fake thespian big tent revival. This is the heart of America. And that heart beats for Donald J. Trump.


45 thoughts on “The Donald Trump Rally Moment That Just Won Him South Carolina and The Nomination

    1. Richard, Thank You for your service. It is now my job to fight to elect Trump so that men and woman like you and my husband receive the best of care we can possibly give.


  1. I support Mr. Trump for the office of president, but I recall back in the day when America had another Peoples president, JFK, as he makes his way to ever more American voter states he should have security in every possible entrance and among the people. I’ve all ready read where votes were cast for him and were found to be for Jeb Bush just in time. Remember there were many disqualified in Florida during the 2000 presidential election, When Jeb Bush was Governor there, Mother Jones can show voters in the Nov / Dec issue 2015, Jeb Bush : Let Me be the Judge of That,: maybe with him as president the truth of 9/11 will be told.


  2. Very good article,does feel good to see a good article written about #Trump instead of the ones running him down. #trump has a big heart and he will make a great president for he truly loves this country. Thanks to the two supporters and their heart felt remarks,does bring tears in your eyes. WTG #Trump we have your back and stay safe.

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    1. PLEASE keep him covered in prayers of protection too ! TOO MANY HAVE DIED who were inconvenient to the Clintons and Obama, the latest, I believe, being Judge Scalia… I believe it will take an intervention from God for Trump t live to take the oath of office


      1. Great message, we need to keep Donald Trump in our prayers, in my heart I believe Judge Scalia’s death was no accident, one report reported that he was found with a pillow over this heat, not one coverage of this at all. I believe he was killed, to get him out of the way for Obama to electe the person that he wanted in his place, Judge Scalia was a threat to him I believe.


  4. Mr Trump called both to his Board Podium to settle the ache in their hearts. Both needed to be heard and Mr. Trump gave them his platform. For the people, by the people…..

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  5. Political Leaders of Englan,France,Geramy and the rest of EU and the Canadian P.M Mushi Justin and his sushi colleague obama are hell bent to ruin our lives and our future generations who are going to face a big problem when we are all dead and gone.The millions of muslims the EU rest of of nonmuslims countries who took in radical jihadi muslims as refugees are going to produce like rabbits and soon all nonmuslims and soon they are going to be majority and spread Islam and introduce Shariya Law and all of us will be under their barbaric rule if we do not wake up it will be over
    we need peoplemlike trump and put

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  6. I’ve heard it said…Three bankruptcies, three divorces. Yep. The man know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. If our last presidents would have had the balls to do that our country might not be in the shape it is now…morally and financially. We don’t need another puppet controlled by the dollars lobbyists can send them. We need a Christian and a man who doesn’t need anything from anybody. America is nothing more than a big business; the most powerful business in the world. Who better to run a big business than Donald Trump.

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  7. Typical Trump bravado. If he wasn’t running for President, it would never have happened. And you’ll see more things like this simply because it makes good press as the campaign wears on. As for the gratuitous attack on Cruz debating his protesters, that was typical of Trump supporters. What you can’t duplicate, you attack. Thanks for playing, but your extreme focus on how to spin something good into something bad only enforces the fact that you are just another biased media liar. Glad I won’t be paying any more attention to this worthless rag.


    1. Works for me. So you don’t deny that Cruz debates his protesters rather than just getting rid of them. Do you think Cruz has converted anyone? I don’t. It’s all for show. Glad we won’t see you here anymore. I really don’t need you since this post alone has had more than 60 thousand views…

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  8. I’ve noticed lately that the videos or clips do not show up on these posts. I’m a trump supporter, but would love to keep up with the rallies through the videos. Is facebook blocking them?


  9. Donald Trump is fighting for America
    My wife and I drove 400 miles to support our future
    President . A packed Arena . In Tampa. Protesters outside. Donald made sure
    It was a safe place for the students . Shame on the Media . Shame on out President who goes on interview that Mr.Trump would not make a good President . Well , I take that as major double standard Rasist.
    At least Mr President I have my opinion . Your the worse President that ever lived in the , White House , you are responsible to keep us safe . Going to New Town where my wife went to elementary school there , what about San Bernardino ??? Can’t wait for you to go back to Chicago ,. Don’t forget to bring your disgruntled wife and Hilarious barking dog Hillary . Trump will make America great Again. If Jeb Bush was so concerned on the people. Look what his pac fund spent . That’s on negitive false information on The Front Runner . Who owes nothing to any special interests. Wake up ,America .
    Patrick Arena


  10. Trump will make America great !!! Hilary, Cruz, Rubio and all the LOBBYIST are doing everything to get rid of him and keep what we have had for all these years. More politcos putting our money in their pockets and to other countries !! TRUMP VICTORY is a VICTORY for the USA !!!!


  11. Good for you Mr. Trump, I saw a beautiful smile from you today that means so much more to America than that smug, pouty, face I usually see, and I want to tell you I just mailed in my ballot voting for YOU !!


  12. Vietnam veteran was in service 1965-1971
    Disabled veteran a altimer said hi
    I asked what his was. He looked at me batan death match
    What this 93yr old person said to me the va was bad late in 1947
    And I,m fighting for last 68 yrs


  13. I too went to see Trump in Baton Rouge, LA and I couldn’t believe the crowds and moreover the passion in the auditorium that brought over 12,000+ Americans together to listen to an outstanding unscripted message. Trump is needed in our country as President! As a small business owner myself, you must be tough and must tell it like it is as in business just as it is with personal finance we must budget and can’t run up debt like our current federal government; it doesn’t work! We need Trumps business knowledge as it translates to every aspect of our country and it too many problems to mention. Decisive, action oriented, tells it like it is in a no nonsense way, focused, and in my humble opinion is all for “we the people” … He reminds me of Ronald Reagan … A genius who always went TOO the people when he wanted to get stuff done, Mr. Trump is as sincere and serious of a candidate and will continue to look to the American people who understand fully why we need him at this time as POTUS at this time in our nations history!


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