Mr. Low Energy Is Out Of Money: Bush Campaign To Officially Call it Quits On Sunday

Bush Over

A call went out last night to Jeb Bush campaign operatives informing them that there is no money left to pay campaign staffers. Donations to the Jeb PAC “Right To Rise” have ironically fallen precipitously over the last few weeks and came to a grinding halt after last Saturday’s blood bath debate performance. Bush was again caught flat footed trying to defend his brother’s failed war in Iraq and the 911 attacks which occurred on George W’s watch.

The establishment has moved on. They’ve decided to go with the man with even less experience than Bush, Marco Rubio. Senator Rubio benefits primarily by not having the same last name as Jeb. But his campaign is equally scripted and even more telegraphed. Establishment types like the fact that Rubio is young and attractive. They seem to not care that Marco can’t balance his own checkbook. Apparently being saddled with personal debt is now a good resume enhancement for understanding the presidency.

Word has it that an official announcement will come either late Sunday or early next Monday from Jeb Bush himself.

Bush campaign staffers say the former governor is tired and wants to go back to Miami to be with his family. It’s also been widely known from the start that Jeb wanted nothing to do with this campaign. The GOP establishment had a road map plan to victory and he was one of several candidates including governors Scott Walker and Rick Perry who were sent out much like a net. Donors were hoping that one of them would catch on, but it’s clear that Donald Trump has exposed all of their weaknesses.

It’s not clear as of yet who Bush will endorse. But sources on the ground in South Carolina have hinted that Bush would back Rubio. There have been calls from Erik Erickson and Charles Krauthammer for the establishment to coalesce around one candidate. And that appears to be happening now.

Link To End of Bush Money Pile


30 thoughts on “Mr. Low Energy Is Out Of Money: Bush Campaign To Officially Call it Quits On Sunday

  1. I cannot immagine why anyone would consider letting the illegal intruders stay in this country . No other group has ever come to our country and treated the citizens in such a barbaric manner as to rape and go around as head hunters and then steal away the schools America worked so hard for. That has been taking advantage of this country to the very limit.

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    1. This is satire….right?I mean you can not be serious…..right? You of course are referring to the illegal invasion of white Europeans in the country and the treatment of the native Indians….and how we…..took total advantage of them?


  2. Started campaign with over a $110 MILLION dollars and mis-managed his message , image and campaign , one can only imagine (a nightmare) what a Jeb Bush Administration would have been like. What we need now more than anything is a Hank Paulson as Sec. of Treasury…Not. SMH

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  3. Nice article.. well written.. Low Energy Bush had to call it quits sooner or later.. kind of a shame really.. the more in the race the better for Trump who keeps leading with a high plurality of votes.. on the other hand, this may tighten up the race with Cruz and Rubio.. I don’t like Rubio, BUT I can’t stand Cruz..

    TRUMP 2016

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  4. Bush was a non factor from day one. Americans are fed up with establishment politicians period! !! Trump was going to win in a landslide from day one period! !

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  5. Dear Brother’s & Sister’s

    Thank you for your time to watch this video’s

    George W. Bush – ……

    1(“Fool me once, shame on you;) 2(fool me twice, shame on me.)

    First 1st YouTube Video Link:

    Please watch this video

    Second 2nd YouTbue Video Link

    Please watch this 2nd vide if the first one doesn’t make you not want to vote for Jeb Bush.

    Thank you America and G-D Bless America.

    Please vote for Mr. Trump

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  6. This is a sad, sad day. If it is true and not another Cruz lie. It is a sad day; because Jeb Bush helped campaign for Donald Trump. He brought challenging completely unrelated questions to the debates. Now we have to listen to Rubio ramble on about things he pretends to know. If Cruz and Rubio are so good, why didn’t they fulfill the promises while in the senate? Kasich claims success in Ohio; but don’t forget, he accepted all that ARRA money. That ARRA money had so many regulations, I am sure if Hillary digs she could find something he did wrong. Ben Carson, love you but you wont beat Hillary or Sanders. Very disappointed in Cruz, he would have been a great VP, now he will be lucky to keep his Senate seat.


  7. Sadam Hussein used chemical weapons on the Kurds, because the UN did not find them did not mean they did not exist, maybe just that they were well hidden and Sadam did not deny having them and he did not want the UN to come in for a very long time. Even though Jeb needs to go, I’m so tired and will never agree that Iraq did not have the wherewithal since they had already used the chemicals in 1988.


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