Trump Supporters Would Never Vote For Cruz

FILE: Ted Cruz Expected To Make Bid For Presidency

There is a movement in the land. A movement of fed up Americans who’ve watched their political system devolve into a daily bidding contest of who can give our rogue president the most money and power. We’ve watched as well groomed lawyer-politicians have slickly made promises they break as soon as they cross the capitol threshold. It’s a marriage of grift and ambition. None of them ever thinks they would be corrupted by the pay to play, business as usual, lobbying culture. But like a drug, it changes the personalities of those who promise, with all their heart, to represent us.

Donald Trump, in his most unlikely campaign, has exposed the system rather than just the players. The game is rigged. The donors and lobbyists call the shots. Americans don’t trust anybody – even mister constitutional conservative, Ted Cruz.

Cruz’s claim to fame is resistance. He’s said no to everything and has done so in a way that draws attention to himself, rather than the problem at hand. And not once though did we see the senator oppose or denounce the lobbying culture. The cartel he speaks of apparently doesn’t include billionaire donors. If Cruz was a serious reformer he’d be railing against Citizens United. But my hunch is that Cruz would love to argue a case like Citizens.

The remaining republican field would do nothing but be place holders if elected. Jeb Bush promises to be a kinder, gentler Hillary Clinton. That phrase seems to dog the Bush dynasty. These aren’t alpha males. John Kasich is there in case one of the others fall. He wants to play nice and not fight for the nomination. Translation: Kasich would fold like a cheap suit if elected to the oval office. No thanks, been there done that. Rubio is the main threat to the Trump juggernaut. His big stumbling block is he really is for stuff the American people don’t want. Nobody I know wants to rattle Vladimir Putin because he decided to bomb terrorists in Syria.

The only candidate that is palatable for mainstream conservatives is Ted Cruz. You see, Cruz is a smart lawyer, tops in his class. He makes grand, stem winding speeches. He strikes thespian poses for the cameras. His speaking cadence immediately makes one feel like they are in a large auditorium with marble columns. If Cruz weren’t a politician he could earn a fine living recording books on tape. For conservative talkers, Cruz is perfect.

But something funny happened along the campaign trail. Donald Trump started exposing everyone’s weaknesses. And for senator Ted Cruz, there is a long list of them. First, he and his wife were intimately involved with the proposed formation of the North American Union. Wife Heidi sat on the advisory board for the council on foreign relations. Cruz’s first instinct was to vote for a bill that again, would sell us down the river to Mexico, China and Japan. But his constituents blew up his phone lines and he eventually voted against giving Obama his fast track trade, anti-American sovereignty bill. The bill eventually passed with Marco Rubio’s help. Ted Cruz is also for exponentially increasing illegal immigration through a work visa program. How many more immigrants do we need here right now?

Cruz was born in Canada. Most Americans see this as a problem. No amount of legal wrangling will erase that fact. Many of Ted’s billionaire donors are corrupt losers who put their money on candidates like they’re race horses. And Cruz doesn’t lie, he misspeaks. Something Bill and Hillary Clinton have made a career of.

Trump supporters won’t support Ted Cruz for other reasons. He seems to be a jerk that even his kids don’t like. His senate colleagues find him aloof and opportunistic. His brilliant skills as a lawyer don’t seem to translate all that well into retail politics. His evangelical road show is something we’ve never seen in American politics. “Vote for me, I’m the God candidate”. Really? And then we’ve got nut jobs like Glenn Beck out there claiming God killed Antonin Scalia so we’d all focus on Cruz.  In fact Gary Bauer called and he wants his 1996 campaign strategy handbook back. Cruz would unite 75% of the country and they would all be against him.

The Trump-Cruz war is one where neither would steal votes from the other. Donald has a new pot of energized voters. Cruz has old time Christian conservatives who pray through the Scriptures but then don’t examine the candidate himself. It’s like attending a church with solid doctrine where the pastor is cheating on his wife with the church secretary. You want to grab Cruzbots by the lapel and say, “Do you see what this guy is doing? He just lied to steal votes from Ben Carson in Iowa!” So far, none of them care. They’ve been told that Donald Trump is the devil himself and loves abortion, hates guns and that his wife used to be a lesbian porn star. Oh, and the vote thing was CNN’s fault.

For Trump supporters we’ve seen this movie before. Ted Cruz is a more conservative version of former senator and wife abuser, John Edwards. Slick, smooth and calculating. As my mom used to say, “he’s got an answer for everything”. And the conservative talk Nazis are all on board. But there’s no way in hell that Trump supporters will go along with it. Millions of Americans would still vote for Trump, storming the precincts to write-in the Donald as a way to protest the rigged system if it ever came to that.

So for all you media pundits who are trying in vain, to steal our consciences and demean our very existence, you are S-O-L. There’s no candidate in the last 100 years that’s inspired this kind of loyalty. You can tell us that Ted Cruz was dropped here by Jesus himself, and it still doesn’t matter. It’s Donald or no one.


20 thoughts on “Trump Supporters Would Never Vote For Cruz

  1. When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion – when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing – when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors – when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you – when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice – you may know that your society is doomed…Ayn Rand

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  2. I will never vote for Rafael Cruz, he has systematically alienated most if not all of the #Trump supporters. He has lied, he has cheated and he has offended us with stating we are uneducated and low information voters. Not True, we are Americans, he cannot say that!

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    1. Cruz is a liar, a cheat and a thief. = truth about Iowa Caucus & Ben Carson, article “It’s Not The Ethanol That Stinks” 2nd half of the article. If you are one of the faux Christians supporting the Faux Christian candidate Cruz I commend you on your pithy post. The usual response from his supporters are: you’re a liar; you’re a hater; and you’re ugly too.

      Cruz the Constitutional guy believes in original intent of the Constitution except when he doesn’t. = Cruz is not a natural born citizen; his response about his mothers birth certificate is moot. He knows this but changes perspective when it doesn’t support his desired outcome. I’m not sure how to check back as I’d like to know what you think of this article. I still plan on researching it further as my 4 sources all said nay & I should look at the opposing viewpoint to understand why they say aye. Neither Cruz nor Rubio appear eligible to me so far. I don’t understand how Levin is a constitutional lawyer and says he is?

      stefan molyneux has some excellent videos about Cruz and Trump. He’s on you tube.

      Of course there is the possibility that you and me will never agree as to the info on our candidates if you’re a cruz-bot and I’m a trumpster. I would ask that you please do this if you choose at least 1 site to check my info and see if I’m being honest about cruz — google “cruz and H1B visas”. Yea I checked that will work, Cruz has flip flopped on this subject and I don’t think America needs a 500% increase in foreign workers when so many of us 1 good full time job instead of 2 or 3 crappy part time jobs.

      Thank you.

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  3. For the first time in history, we have an opportunity to vote for a self funding candidate. This opportunity will never come again so I would urge all voters to filter out the media diversions, put aside the bickering and squabbling between the candidates and realize that there is only one person who speaks for Americans. The others pander to foreign nationals, foreign corporations, foreign countries and foreign laws. We the people deserve a candidate that is an American, who loves America, and speaks for us. I will only vote for Donald J Trump and If the RNC wants to throw away a big win, fine, 4 years of Hillary is the same as 4 years of so called conservative rule. They vote the same, they have the same NWO agenda so it doesn’t matter if it’s a republican or a democrat in that White House. The American people want and need Trump. It’s now or never…

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  4. Oh Hell yah, I’d vote for Cruz, under these conditions:
    1) After Hell freezes over
    2) After the Beatles make a comeback
    3) After one week of not seeing Kim Kardashian’s name
    4) After Jerry Springer endorses Him

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  5. You are starting to convince me. I am so back and forth on these two guys. I belong to NumbersUSA and they grade both of them with “A”. I trust Senator Jeff Sessions and Mike Lee only… I am very concerned with Cruz’s past support for additional H1-B visas and feel that if both legal and illegal immigration were stopped we could get our unemployed off of the street corners and our STEM graduates into jobs. I hate the word “diversity”, as people should assimilate into the American culture if they want to be in the United States. I am so pissed that we all are being used by the Chamber of Commerce, who favor cheap 3rd world, low wage workers for their bottom line, over loyalty to the citizens who they expect to buy their products. Ex: Nabisco, Ford, and Carrier just in the last few months.


  6. Can someone explain something to me? We have millions of AMERICAN CITIZENS out of work, yet Cruz wants to bring in more and more ILLEGAL ALIENS and give them work visas??? If there are supposedly so many jobs available that we have to bring in people from outside the United States, how about we kick ALL the ILLEGALS out, and give those jobs to ACTUAL American citizens who live in this country LEGALLY? Cruz (and Rubio) don’t give a damn about the American people, and neither one of them is eligible to become President anyway. Rubio is an anchor baby whose parents entered and remained in the United States ILLEGALLY, and Cruz is not even an American citizen, AND NEVER HAS BEEN! The mere fact that he renounced his CANADIAN citizenship in 2014 proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is not eligible. Canadian law did not allow for dual citizenship in 1970, so his mother would have had to declare which he would have–EITHER Canadian citizenship OR America citizenship. He could NOT have both. The fact that no Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) was ever filed with the American embassy PROVES that she chose CANADIAN citizenship for Ted. Therefore, Ted has NEVER been an American citizen, natural-born, native-born, OR naturalized. As it now stands, Ted Cruz is an ILLEGAL ALIEN, and as such, should be taken into custody by immigration officials, and held for deportation. He DEFINITELY should not be allowed to run for President of the United States.


  7. Trump > Pro-abortion.
    To many this is the bridge too far.
    For others… post modern morality absolves them of any responsibility so the emotions may rule with abandon.


  8. Fine, you win! There was no doubt that I would vote for Trump, if he is the Republican nominee. My biggest problem, and the reason for my reluctance, is that he still thinks that 9/11 was W’s fault. He was not even President yet OBL started planning an attack on the US. At this point, what does it matter?


  9. If they manage to steal this from Trump by backing Cruz or dropping in a candidate with a brokered convention. I not only will vote Democrat for the first time in my life, but will never vote for an incumbate again. If they dont want to back the peoples choice I won’t back their choices either!


  10. In the article, if you claim Cruz “lied” about the Carson event because a low level supporter did the act, then you are saying that Trump is a racist batterer since his low level white racist supporter sucker punched a black man. You had an entire article and that is the only “lie” you presented against Cruz. Seriously, who is the liar. Trump has been a 30 year Democrat that put Pelosie, Reid and Obamacare in power, is pro-choice and an admitted anti “assault weapon” advocate. He just changes his tune for the radical conservative vote. He will swing back to uber liberal if nominated for general election.


  11. You’re right. Trump supporters would never vote for Cruz. So, why then, should Cruz supporters vote for Trump? Even Trump said he doesn’t need us. Come back in 8 years. it goes.
    Page 2. 😎


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