Donald Trump: The Rodney Dangerfield of American Politics


You would have thought Marco Rubio came in first, followed by Ted Cruz if you were watching coverage of the South Carolina primary. But no, wait, it was that Trump guy. He won. Oh well. The big story is Marco. He beat Cruz. And that means the establishment gets their man. And he goes man to man against Trump and er, Cruz.

The coverage of Donald Trump is like punctuation. A period here, a question mark over there, some quotation marks…it’s all good for the soul. But it’s not proportional. Trump is doing what no private citizen has ever done…he’s running the table!

Do you think for a millisecond that the Donald won’t win in casino land? Nevada is a lock. Hispanics there love him! And once this mo’ train gets a chugging you really have to wonder how a Cruz or a Rubio is going to stop it.

The media is biased against Donald Trump. In fact they hate the guy. He wins and they move on to the next story. In other news today….a rash broke out over Bill Clinton’s...well you get the picture.

Donald reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield. His whole political existence is a 20 trillion dollar respect deficit. No matter how big the margin of victory is, Fox News plays it off like 3rd place. And that’s nice and all, but could we have a glimpse of our hero before you cut to another Cialis ad?

Donald Trump is making history. And what is truly amazing is the voting machines in South Carolina are functioning properly. On to Nevada for another trophy.


One thought on “Donald Trump: The Rodney Dangerfield of American Politics

  1. When voting for a sitting politician, remember this…….

    • Did the GOP secure the border with control of the White House and Congress? NO.
    • Did the GOP balance the budget with control of the White House and Congress? NO
    • Did the GOP even pass a FY 2016 budget with control of the House and Senate? NO.
    • Who gave us a $2.5 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill in December 2015? The GOP
    • Who eliminated, not just raise but eliminated, the debt ceiling? The GOP
    • Who gave us the TSA? The GOP
    • Who gave us the Patriot Act? The GOP
    • Who expanded Medicare to include prescription drug coverage? The GOP
    • Who created the precursor of “Common Core” in “Race To the Top”? The GOP
    • Who played the race card in Mississippi to re-elect Thad Cochran? The GOP
    • Who paid Democrats to vote in the Mississippi primary? The GOP
    • Who refused to support Ken Cuccinnelli in Virginia? The GOP
    • Who supported Charlie Crist? The GOP
    • Who supported Arlen Spector? The GOP
    • Who supported Bob Bennett? The GOP
    • Who worked against Jim DeMint? The GOP
    • Who worked against Rand Paul? The GOP
    • Who worked against Ted Cruz? The GOP
    • Who worked against Mike Lee? The GOP
    • Who worked against Ronald Reagan? The GOP
    • Who is working against Donald Trump? The GOP
    • Who said “I think we are going to crush [the Tea Party] everywhere.”? The GOP (McConnell)

    Remember this when you think about voting for Rubio or Kasich.

    However, Cruz is a little different. Yes, he has pissed off every member of the U.S. Senate, with his filibuster stunts. And NO, he has not changed one mind.
    It is his wife and his total recall memory that is tripping him up. Heidi Cruz works for Goldman Sachs and is on the Council on Foreign Relations. It is no wonder Ted ‘forgets’ to mention his wife at rallies.
    And in case you just woke up from a 30 year coma, Goldman is an international bank, who is most memorable for betting against both their investors and their hedge fund junkies. Yes, they play both sides of the street and rake in billions.
    The Council on Foreign Relations is Heidi’s favorite toy. It is a Big Government, One World Order type of operation that will put world domination under one roof. Yeah, I thought you would like that.
    And with this bit of information, tell me Ted Cruz gives a shit about the Little Guy.

    It’s not what Ted says that matters, it’s what he doesn’t say.


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