Beck and Cruz’s Soft Brand of Racism


In case you thought you typed into the search engine and got here, well you didn’t. This is a blog written from an independent center right perspective. I have recently had a conversion experience and I can tell you without equivocation that I am a born again American. That means I don’t drink the establishment Kool Aid.

So with that said, I now have to address the title of this little article. You could include Mark Levin in the title as well. But I want to focus on Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz. I want to make some observations. I believe that there is a real racial undercurrent in the establishment conservative movement in general. But it’s a much stronger strain when it comes to Beck and Cruz.

The first observation is based on an  article back from September where Glenn Beck said Tea Party folks who like Donald Trump are racists.

Glenn Beck: Tea Partiers Who Support Trump Are Racists

This is a common form of deflection. It shuts down any meaningful discussion of the matter much like those on the left do. Beck learned this technique from his friend and mentor Arianna Huffington. He does it to draw attention to himself and to anger everyday Americans who used to support his failing empire.

For Beck’s statement to be true, the opposite of what is happening would have to be taking place. Donald Trump is doing amazingly well with African American voters. His rallies always contain a decent percentage of black folks. Not so much for Ted Cruz. I can’t ever recall seeing any black people at a Cruz rally. And then there’s Diamond and Silk. The two black women who have become internet sensations for supporting and defending Donald Trump. That stuff just never happens in a GOP campaign.

Beck is either stupid or willfully ignorant of this truth. Either way it flies headlong into a freight train of truth. Beck and Cruz obviously don’t want to attract minority voters to their campaign (I throw Beck in since he is a campaign arm for Cruz). In fact there’s not even the normal garden variety faux pandering from Cruz. His core constituency is white, charismatic evangelicals.

Glenn Beck belongs to the Mormon church. And with the exception of the Westboro Baptist Church, no denomination has been more discriminatory toward blacks. That finally changed in 1978 when the ban on black priests was lifted with little fanfare and almost no explanation as to why the ban was in place to begin with.Supposedly Beck tried every religion before settling on Mormonism. I’m thinking he wanted a church where he was “comfortable”.

As far as Ted The White-Bread Cruz, no candidate in my lifetime has emoted more whiteness than El Cruzo. And yes, I get it, he’s Cuban. But he’s adopted every white boy, stiff as a nail cadence. His comedy routine mimicks 1954 Leave It To Beaver white suburbia. Ted Cruz is not cool. He is the awkward white guy at the party. And he offers African Americans no kind of real agenda other than taking money from wealthy white donors who want more cheap South American labor. These are jobs that blacks have to compete for. It’s no wonder that the black youth unemployment rate is over 50%.

African Americans are tired of playing second fiddle to undocumented immigrants. Donald Trump mentions these stats time and time again. Obama has failed them. And Cruz would fail them more. African Americans love Donald Trump. They love his bravado, his real life bling, his no nonsense talk, and the simple way he breaks it all down. Donald Trump’s life and television career personify matter-of-fact color blindness.

Whether Cruz or Beck likes it or not, Trump’s pop culture props give the Donald a huge advantage with minorities and non-traditional GOP voters. There’s just no way to compete with it. Trump wins because he’s been a winner and he is having the time of his life on the campaign trail.

Another observation about Beck. He surrounds himself with white people. His entire on air crew is white. Even “Jeffy” who is the butt of everyone’s jokes. Being a white Mormon of German ancestry is not going to help Glenn boy “broaden the base”. Beck is happy pandering to angry white survivalists. Cruz has hitched his train to Beck. It’s a marriage in a sanctuary filled with white Mormons and evangelicals.

A man’s soul is a difficult thing to know. All you really have to go on is outward appearances. If Beck can come to the ridiculous conclusion about the tea party, I can come to a much more sober reading of Beck’s heart by using his words and his deeds. Neither of which help his cause. This is soft bigotry. A dog whistle that only the tribe of Beck and Cruz can hear.

Donald Trump’s existence continues to expose the entire media establishment. Beck and Cruz are two reasons the GOP is a dying party. They tacitly harbor racial intolerance that will forever stereotype their “movement” at least until Donald Trump is sworn in as president.


4 thoughts on “Beck and Cruz’s Soft Brand of Racism

  1. I once subscribed to The Blaze, back when Beck was still funny, refreshing and unique. You know, back when he was Sarah Palin’s buddy. Seems like ancient history now. Dropped the subscription when he decided it was a great idea to send a few semi trucks full of Teddy Bears and soccer balls to the uninvited illegal immigrants heading for our southern border.

    Now Beck has become some sort of crazy uncle, popping off with sound bites that would scare the maggots off a gut wagon. Beck wants us to, “Join him for a ‘fasting’ for Ted Cruz”, when I thought it would be better to join him for a ‘Cleansing of Ted Cruz’. Either way it comes out the same.

    Beck is so off the rails, he has been removed from the Christmas guest list of both Fox News and CNN, his old stomping grounds. The man has become bat shit crazy.

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  2. I don’t like Glenn Beck. He’s gone Doomsday Prepper. But for the love of Pete, leave his religion out of it!

    I’m Mormon. There are 16 million members of my faith worldwide including in South America, Africa & even India.

    Our church, for its size, provides more humanitarian relief than most. We are well-known for assisting after natural disasters including recently in Haiti, a predominantly black country.

    To suggest that the Mormon church I racist is just not true. The church has always welcomed blacks as members. The priesthood ban was an unfortunate relic of a different time when leaders misunderstood doctrine. But our church was kicked out of Missouri in the 1830s in part for opposing slavery. Our founder was one of the first to propose freeing all the slaves.

    Please think before perpetuating falsehoods about a major global religion.


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