John Kasich: Kitchen Women and Tax Money Wasted

There are two things that already irritate me as I write this. One, Megyn Kelly is so forgiving of the amazingly sexist comments made by John Kasich. Of course, in the mind of man who has done nothing but government jobs for decades, a gaffe like this is no big deal. And his high wire act is nothing but a recitation of failed, stale politics from a bygone era. The fact that an audience member ended up causing the media to cover it is the 2nd irritant on my list. If this were Donald Trump, the headlines would rage on for days. And pundits would declare Trump’s campaign dead in the water. But John Kasich lives another day to spend your tax dollars on his campaign.

According to the Columbus Free Press, Kasich has spent over 1 million dollars of Ohio tax dollars on HIS presidential campaign. I can’t ever recall a sitting governor sucking state tax payers dry in order to run for president. But since Johnny Appleseed can’t find any wealthy donors to line his pockets, he decided to just break the law instead. You can’t use money that’s been allocated to the state of Ohio for outside political ventures. But this is par for the course for a man who treads close to being a liberal democrat.

His RINO credentials should make him the front runner of the dying GOP. But the donor class has put their money on a younger and even more vacuous Marco Rubio. The whole thing is a pile of sloppy spaghetti. The GOP has been twisted into knots by Donald Trump’s insurgency. And they keep throwing their retreads at the wall, hoping one of them will stick.

What’s even more disturbing is that Kasich has vowed to soldier on. His strategy is simple. Wait for Rubio to implode. Which appears to be happening. John Kasich trails Donald Trump by 5% in Ohio and is working feverishly in the state of Virginia, hoping to get some kind of delegate booster shot. But all of this proves what a lousy manager and strategist John Kasich is. He really has no strategy or organization for the SEC primary. And it gets worse after that. Even if the Jeb donors help out, the horse is out of the barn. Trump has momentum.

It also proves that the anybody but Trump coalition is psychotically desperate for an alternative. To the point of choosing a candidate firmly to the left of Jeb Bush and Chris Christie. It’s a sad commentary on what is left of the Grand Old Party.

You can just picture the dying embers smoldering in the dust as a once great party flames out. Donald Trump will have one more thing to do once he becomes president. He’ll have to redefine the republican brand or declare himself an independent once elected.

John Kasich has no place to go unless he wants to change his party affiliation to democrat.

He’s benefited from flying under the radar screen for this whole campaign. But as time goes on the truth will be exposed and his campaign will be over.

Link To Columbus Free Press Article


2 thoughts on “John Kasich: Kitchen Women and Tax Money Wasted

  1. David Spuria, you forgot to mention that John Kasich is going to cut the Social Security checks of millions of retirees and raise the retirement age of those hard-working retirees who have had this money forcibly taken out of their paycheck their entire working lives. Kasich said “Get over it!” Hey, the retirees are not going to get over it. Give them back their moeny. It’s not your money, John bloviating Kasich. You are the typical career politician that most of us detests. You use our money to campaign for the highest office in the land, and you want to continue to steal our money by not giving it back to us in a timely manner and cutting it to boot.


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