God Is Trying To Tell Glenn Beck Something: Get Off The Stage!

Something terrific happened in Nevada last night.

In what can only be described as juicy irony, and payback, Glenn Beck here is upstaged by Donald Trump. Trump enters the place where Beck is speaking and the sparse crowd that is listening to Beck immediately turns away and runs to see Trump.

If ever a man needed to be humbled, it’s Glenn Beck. He is heard here saying the word “constitution” like 400 times. It’s tragic. His obsession with doctrinal purity and history has blinded him to the movement that is literally running him over and making him irrelevant.

Beck’s choice of attire here makes him almost look like a fat hobo street preacher. All he needs is a sign that says “the end is near”. The end of Glenn Beck’s career may be near as this video is a great metaphor for what is happening to him.

I never thought I had the capacity to feel sorry for Beck. He’s called me stupid, racist, and not a Christian. I’ve suffered listening to him babble on about the world coming to end if we don’t elect Ted Cruz. And I think what comes around goes around. God’s people are being mocked. Glenn is so disconnected from who we are and what we want that he is just preaching to himself.

If I worked for Ted Cruz I would tell him to run as far away from Glenn Beck as humanly possible. The man is a narcissistic disaster of Biblical proportions.

Bye bye Glenny.


10 thoughts on “God Is Trying To Tell Glenn Beck Something: Get Off The Stage!

  1. If a Person ever deserved this kind of treatment it was Glenn Beck. He is now Feeling the Trump Burn. He has been so against Trump and sits at his thrown and spit out his Rhetoric against anything he claims as his value. He has a radio station and he and only Glenn Beck is the King. But not now.

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  2. I don’t feel sorry for Beck. It is more like pure distain. God is not mocked, his condemning lies about Trump and Trump supporters without regard for truth is appalling. He will self destruct. Maybe then he will find what he has been searching for in his higher power. It is obvious he was not sent to do any good.

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    1. Beck with his Uber wheels has driven himself and Cruz off the cliff now….when Beck renounced his membership in the republican party, he started going bozo banana on everybody….At one time Beck was anti-establishment…now it looks like they have paid him off…..those $$$ s do talk!


  3. Why? Since Beck is neither running nor a candidate, is he onstage at these events to begin with? Let him pay for his own space if he wants another “Taking Murica’ Back Tour”. Beck had a moment he could have been the man for conservatives, but he’s not a conservative. He’s a self promoting, cult member nut job.

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  4. Beck is Beck…irrelevant in the BIG scheme!…..

    I would like to take this moment to thank DavidSpuria for such a nice site, and I love his articles…another person on his site today posting is my friend Dianne Marshall of TheMarshallReport….she has great insight and is a marvelous writer, look her up and read her articles, they are RIGHT ON!….

    Thanks DavidSpuria….I shall return…said somebody…..was it MacArthur…oh yeah…..and then there was TRUMP!!!!


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