The Most Important Blog About Donald Trump You Will Ever Read


There’s something happening here
What it is ain’t exactly clear….
(Buffalo Springfield)

Roger Stone is the man behind the scenes who has been predicting the establishment with pin point accuracy. He was originally Trump’s campaign manager, but stepped down so he could do media like as well as Lou Dobbs and many other talk shows that would have him. Stone is the people’s insider.

Roger Stone says we need to all go to Cleveland for the convention. There is a coup in progress. The big steal as Stone likes to call it is underway. Ted Cruz has already stolen delegates from Louisiana. And it appears that the GOPe machine is about to deliver another blue state (Wisconsin) to Ted Cruz.

The fact that nobody in the establishment conservative media is intellectually curious about these machinations should worry all American patriots. These talk show whores are selling the sovereignty of the United States to the highest foreign bidders. Talk radio has also refused to cover the Cruz sex scandal with any vigor other than to dismiss the National Enquirer. 

Roger Stone predicts that Paul Ryan will be one of the “alternate choices” brought to the convention floor, most likely on the fourth ballot. Ted Cruz is being used to split enough votes so it looks like chaos to the average low information republican. Kasich is now being financed heavily by George Soros – to the tune of more than a half million dollars. Kasich want a piece of the action. Most likely vice president.

If you ever wanted to get involved in politics, now is the time. From July 18–21, the RINO Convention is being held in Cleveland Ohio. If you love Donald Trump, you need to go to Cleveland to peacefully assemble because there is no other way to stop the establishment from thwarting the will of the people.

A show of strength from actual citizens will send a powerful message to the establishment that they will not change our country into a banana republic.

We need at least 5 million patriots. Will you consider it? Your country hangs in the balance. Fair and free elections hang in the balance. Trillions of dollars of trade deficits hang in the balance. A real jobs recovery hangs in the balance. And your family and future all hang in the balance.

If we don’t act they will steal this election. Will you stand with Donald Trump?


It’s Trump or Bust

TRump Town hall

Washington D.C. has gotten so incestuous that Lindsey Graham is supporting Ted Cruz for president. Their rhetoric couldn’t be more at odds. Graham would be more at home in the democrat party. And yet Lindsey girl has thrown in with Cruz. And Cruz has gladly accepted the endorsement.

Conservative pundits also refuse to vet Cruz even in the midst of sexual misconduct. There’s little if any intellectual curiosity. Donald Trump gets lumped in with Ted Cruz. They are the two “outsiders”. That’s one hysterical claim. Cruz has been in academia or government for more than two decades. He takes money from Super Pacs. His wife Heidi worked for Condoleeza Rice drafting the now failed neocon war strategy. The Cruz’s were at the epicenter of George W. Bush’s foreign and domestic strategy.

Americans have woken up as if a blaring siren did the waking. Donald Trump’s presence in this presidential campaign has exposed all of this incest and corruption. People now understand entities like Goldman Sachs, The Federal Reserve Bank, TPP, NAFTA, The NAU, NATO and a whole list of global enslavement programs designed to make the United States a diluted world beggar.

Donald Trump has done something unthinkable. He has honed his message for the great unwashed. And that message has appealed to different ages, different races and different geographies. Trump is the populist warrior who exudes authenticity. You might not agree with one of Donald’s platforms, but you sure as hell understand what he is saying and as time goes on he may convince you of its merit.

Donald Trump cares about people. When Trump does a town hall meeting he listens more than he talks. He empathizes with the plight of the working class. He does not pontificate. He doesn’t grandstand. He just speaks like someone with authority. Donald has dealt with the political class for decades and he understands the depth of their depravity. And what is truly amazing, is even in the midst of the daily smears and false narratives, he soldiers on. He still believes he can close this deal with the American electorate.

The bottom line is this: Donald Trump may be the first candidate in 100 years who has put the individual at the top of his inverted campaign pyramid. It’s a bottom up model that relies on the enthusiasm and loyalty of the individual.  And the people really love it. They are truly the center of Trump’s universe. And it’s created passionate supporters who would never vote for Ted Cruz or any other GOP puppet that’s foisted upon them.

If the media and the establishment would get out of the way, Donald Trump would march to victory. Stop planting bogus polls with ridiculous sample sizes. Stop creating false narratives about alleged assaults and Trump’s so-called authoritarian tendencies. Stop treating Trump like he’s stupid on foreign policy because his ideas are foreign to them. And for the Trump loyalist, you can stop holding your breath. Because this is about unpinning the entire globe from it’s current model of individual mediocrity and enslavement.

If Trump fails in his quest to serve the individual, this cycle may never be broken. The money, the corruption, the special interests and the media are all protecting their promised piece of the global pie.

This is the most important election in American history because as Donald likes to say, America has a chance to be stronger and greater than ever before. And there’s no other choice in this election except for the man who actually wants to help the average citizen.

It’s Trump or bust.

Donald Trump Has Exposed The New World Order


I was a conservative talk radio junkie. Morning, noon and night. I even starting listening to Morning In America with Bill Bennett. I needed something for the morning slot and Bill was once in the Reagan administration. Quite frankly, the show is nothing more than a parade of neocons trying to sound intellectual. It’s about as engaging as a bowl of dry cereal.

Something odd happened when Donald Trump began running over their anointed candidates. The talkers all began exposing themselves for who they truly are – globalists.

None of them really want a sealed southern border. They more or less want “laws in place” and a “pathway to citizenship” and “you really can’t round up 11 million people”. How is that different from Hillary Clinton?

On trade, none of these people align with Trump. Mark Levin, (The Grating One) has said repeatedly that Donald’s tariffs would cause a depression. Yup. Notwithstanding the one we are currently in that has been glossed over by the media. Need proof? Visit any local food pantry. Even with record food stamp allocations, people still don’t have enough to eat. Levin would rather protect foreign countries than allow strong manufacturing jobs to return to places like Detroit and Pittsburgh.

Foreign policy seems to be the issue that sends the entire neocon establishment into a tizzy. Trump wants other countries to pony up if they want to use the American military as a security force. Sounds reasonable. But Donald also wants to get us out of NATO or at least reduce our role in it. Andrea Mitchell from NBC thinks Trump doesn’t have any foreign policy credentials even though he literally predicted the Brussels attacks. The conservative talkers side with Mitchell, mostly because Trump didn’t spew out mindless doctrinal facts about the nuclear triad. Most Americans have no clue as to what it is other than the holy trinity of the arsenal. But for people who talk for a living, Trump comes off as a vulgarian.

On issue after issue these radio bots align with democrats more than they know. Meaning that there is now a Uniparty with two sides but who share the same goals. Donald Trump has rendered the term “conservative” meaningless. What are conservatives conserving other than their cushy media gigs and the status quo?

I realized that I no longer have a political home. My views on putting America first, cutting ties with Europe and Asia on “free trade” and securing the border are now all obsolete in the Grand Old Party. The libertarians apparently don’t want me because I’m too “nationalist” for their open borders free market economy. When did national sovereignty become racist and xenophobic?

The point is that Donald Trump has even made Ted Cruz look like Hillary Clinton. Cruz was supposed to be the poster boy for conservatism. And he is now the flavor of the month from dusk to dawn, blaring out of AM stations from coast to coast. But Cruz wants soft amnesty through a robust visa program. Cruz was incensed that Trump wanted to step back from NATO and seems very comfortable accepting support from common core advocates like Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham. Our government is nothing more than a rubber stamp for the globalist agenda. And Cruz is now clearly the establishment vehicle in the republican party.

If you haven’t turned off the propaganda flow that starts at dawn and in some cases is 24/7 in nature, now is the time. Whether Donald Trump succeeds or not may be irrelevant at this point. Of course we need to do everything we can to help him. But  going forward we have to have a populist, American, nationalist independent party that puts Americans first and runs candidates all over the map. And the only way that party starts is by rejecting the GOP and then organizing much like the Tea Party did. But we need a party with ballot access in all 50 states.

Donald Trump has started a revolution of ideas. But it’s up to us to carry this momentum forward to defeat the globalist agenda.

Glenn Beck Has a Death Wish For Donald Trump

glenn_beckSmyth Radio has a video of Glenn Beck and he is spewing his usual prophetic garbage. This time he’s decided to make it clear to his Kool Aid drinkers that he thinks “something is coming”. In Beck’s world something is always coming. Beck uses a common technique that road show preachers use at big tent revivals. They talk about specific maladies and pan the crowd looking for someone with the aforementioned sickness. Someone is bound to come forward convinced that the preacher knew something that nobody else knew.

Glenn Beck has millions of followers who believe that he is some kind of modern day anointed prophet. This is insanity. Anyone who is buying this nonsense needs a one way ticket to Bellevue. Glenn Beck is using old time religious deception to make claims that are dangerous and he is putting Donald Trump’s life in danger.

He is constantly telling his dwindling audience that he sees an assassination attempt being made on Trump in 2017. And he ties it all together with the ginned up Trump rally protests sponsored by George Soros – a man Beck outed when he was on his game back in 2008. But rather than going after Soros, Beck is more interesting in disparaging Donald Trump while exalting a sexual deviant by the name of Ted Cruz.

This man has to be the most deranged and self absorbed creature roaming Texas these days. His syndicated radio show and Blaze TV network are both hemorrhaging ratings. Glenn Beck continues to get publicity but not new listeners. Facebook and Twitter are exploding with commentary condemning Beck’s tactics and this type of phony propaganda in general.

Please share this article with your friends and maybe even the FCC. Donald Trump’s life is more important than one charlatan’s career path.

Ted Cruz Has 5 Mistresses: Game Over


Before we get too excited about the end of Ted Cruz, let’s remind ourselves that we are living in very strange times. But with that said, Cruz does not get the benefit of the doubt like other human beings. Why? Because lyin’ Ted has made his Christianity a campaign strategy throughout this ordeal. His supporters are constantly berating others who don’t see his virtue.

Well, this ought to take the air out of that balloon. Ted Cruz is also a smarmy unnatural character. His thespian poses, his pursed lips, his overtly feminine facial contours, all kind of work against him. He tries to wax real, but instead comes off as the guy at the bottom of the totem pole over at the used car lot. All he needs is a tweed sport coat.

Ironically, team Cruz decided, with the blessing of their campaign manager to go “Melania” on team Trump by releasing semi-nude shots of Mrs. Trump back before she was married to the Donald. But if we’re going to play a game of moral equivalency, sexy pictures loses to a full house of mistresses every single time. Cruz opened a can of worms that not only bit him, but most likely devoured his campaign.

As far as the story itself, it comes from the National Enquirer. And Cruz will repeat that over and over again. The way Bill Clinton and John Edwards did. The question is, “how’d that work out for them?” The Enquirer has proven that it not only meets journalistic standards, it often surpasses the mainstream media in finding the truth. So to deny this based on the source will make the wound bleed even more.

The establishment also has an interest in taking Cruz down. The remaining states to be counted are all places Cruz can’t win (for the most part) and where John Kasich could accumulate enough delegates to make an establishment coup more plausible.

One thing is for certain, the people who hate Ted Cruz are posting memes about karma and payback today. And this also solidifies the stereotype that those who preach the loudest are often the ones hiding something in their closet.

Bye bye Ted.

A Quick Message To Glenn Beck And Utah

welcome-to-utah-signGlenn Beck posted something about patriotism on his page. He is implying that we all have a warped view of it in light of his great intellect. I responded to his post in light of the attacks on Brussels today.

Get this post to Utah if you can…

I see the gibberish over here and I don’t understand it. If you live in Utah today and you care about the safety of our country and our way of life, you must vote for Donald J. Trump. If you care about another man’s faith more than his ability to do the job before him, then vote for Ted Cruz. If you want someone who is strong and determined and prescient without all of the high school girl drama, again Donald J. Trump is your man.

Being patriotic has nothing to do with these times. Patriotism in a dying republic is no better than having a great seat on the Titanic when it went down. You all need to get your collective heads out of the sand. Stop dividing the country by a litmus test that few can pass. I am a sinner saved by grace. I don’t need your pity, I have Jesus.

Historical platitudes are for talk radio whores who zombify their audiences and cash in on the fear. Glenn Beck is worth 150 million dollars. Do you think he cares about your soul? Do you think he cares about America?

Think it through Utah. Ted Cruz worked in the Bush administration and it’s no secret he was W’s brain between 2000 and 2004. Think it through. Reason. Logic. No executive experience. Advised during one of the worst wars our country was ever involved in.Was touted as Bush’s “brain”. Made critical mistakes both nationally and internationally. A failed neocon disaster. Ted Cruz is an extension of these ideas.

Ted Cruz wants to start more unconstitutional wars and he wants to let more illegal aliens into our country via the H1 visa program. Donald Trump is the only candidate who has pledged to make America safe again. 

Utah, you have an easy choice today. Safety and security, or the George W. Bush foreign policy. Which will you choose?

The Grand Old Party Is Toast

Reince Priebus

As the minutes expire in this election cycle so does a once great political party. The GOP. The Grand Old Party. The party that gave us Lincoln and Reagan and Coolidge. A party that was once real opposition to high taxes, big government and corruption. That party is now at the brink of extinction.

And while some will blame Donald Trump for the party’s demise, this crack-up has been building for years.

911 was a flash point for America and George W. Bush was the deer-in-the headlights president who’s own facial expression when told about the attacks was a window to the man’s soul. Dumbfounded, weak and unprepared. Some even say complicit. Bush inspired patriotism out of one side of his mouth while at the same time he made tracks for Iraq and used propaganda to get the democrats and the country on his side.

W also gave us a prescription drug benefit, part D. This was something nobody was clamoring for. I think even Ted Kennedy was surprised at how easy it was to roll Bush. This wasn’t constitutional conservatism. This was reckless appeasement. Bush loved to prove to his colleagues on the other side that he was really one of them. Hence the constant references to the “religion of peace”.

By 2008 the economy was unraveling at warp speed. Bush blamed the democrats for pushing him into allowing people with no income to buy houses. This started a chain reaction that made the entire economy collapse. Like dominoes, industries fell. But there was George W. Bush. He had a solution. He decided to “destroy the free market in order to save it”. A phrase no republican president had ever uttered before.

The Uniparty was born.

Bush made it easy for Barack Obama to piggyback on his economic catastrophe. “We’ll see your bailout and raise you another bailout and one large stimulus!” The “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” was born. Obama even made nifty signs telling us what the government printing press was doing for us. He failed to mention that monetizing our debt lowers the value of everything, including wages.

Since Obama, republicans have been elected in droves. In 2010, 2012 (other than Romney) and 2014, Americans chose the GOP because they ASSUMED they would block Obama’s agenda. That assumption has now blown up in the face of millions of voters. The mainstream GOP only wants to get along with Obama while at the same time making speeches telling us how much they oppose his agenda.

For those who want to believe in a guy like Ted Cruz as the “only true conservative” in the presidential race, you need to check his connections. Cruz is partnering with the establishment as he plots his way to power. Neil Bush is now part of team Cruz. And endorsements from Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham only make it worse for Ted. He is in bed with the 2008 mob that destroyed the free market. Romney is an unrepentant lover of Obamacare (since he designed it) and Graham would like to start World War III with Russia. I’m sorry Ted, guilt by association. You are not a consistent conservative, you have been doing a fine job acting out that role since you left W’s side after being his brain for four years.

There’s nobody left on the bench who wants to oppose the globalist order that was once mocked by pundits. It seems everyone outside the country has a piece of the action now. The American people sit and watch as their country is divvied up among billionaires. We are now just another cog in the New World Order.

Whether or not Donald Trump can get to the finish line is irrelevant to what has already occurred. Trump has exposed a system that is so corrupt and beyond repair that only a political revolution will save it. Donald may have begun the process, but it’s going to take several more rather large earthquakes to see a new American party emerge from the rubble.

If Donald Trump is somehow contained or marginalized, the Grand Old Party’s death certificate will be dated to the exact moment when that happened. No amount of hand wringing or Neocon foot stomping will bring back what once was a great party.

The Grand Old Party is nothing more than a carefully scripted, psychological feel good group for people who think they are opposing the democrats. The truth is that both parties are in on the steal. And we’ve all been suckers long enough.

Cruz Pastor Kevin Swanson Wants Gays Killed and He Believes Todd Palin Got What He Deserved

This video is disturbing enough. This is that fun loving Kevin Swanson who is one of Ted Cruz’s most ardent supporters. Swanson believes that homosexuals should be executed. Cruz as usual pretends that he knows nothing about Swanson. Ted’s father is intimately involved with the ideas of Swanson and spoke at the National Religious Liberties Conference with Swanson.

Now a source close to Swanson inside his ministry has come forward with yet another bombshell. Upon hearing about Todd Palin’s serious snow machine accident, Swanson apparently told several members of his ministry team that “it serves him right“. This was in reference to Palin’s wife Sarah who is now campaigning extensively for Donald Trump.

Swanson is apparently livid that Palin has been attacking Cruz and feels as though Todd’s accident was “God’s just retribution” and “a warning to the Palin family“.

Ted Cruz has aligned himself with some certifiable wackos. Glenn Beck and now this loser. Cruz still denies that he knows this pastor even though his dad spoke at the conference.

One thing is for certain, Ted Cruz has surrounded himself with hate filled individuals. This pastor has no business being a pastor and he gives Christ a bad name.

The Palins continue to stick by Donald Trump even though they are being savaged on a daily basis by the likes of Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

Kevin Swanson ought to crawl under the rock he came out from under. And that voice…God gives gifts usually according to His perfect will. Those vocal chords were not meant for public speaking.

The Case For Donald Trump: The Closing Argument


Much of the argument against Donald Trump is his past. He supposedly has held every position under the sun. On abortion, health care, military intervention, taxes and trade. But if you strip away all of the liberal pseudo-conservative talking points, you find a man who is more concerned with competence than ideology. And that might be exactly what America needs right now.

The “conservative” PACS have spent millions of dollars on mailers that highlight Donald Trump’s associations with the Clintons and this ridiculous thing called Trump University.

Let’s analyze those two issues. Donald Trump talks about hedging bets a lot. Putting money on the right candidates so when a favor is needed it’s taken care of. Trump consistently donated money to republicans since the 1980s. And he votes republican even when it goes against his self interest. The fact that he gave money to Bill and Hillary Clinton says more about his business acumen than his political leanings. Trump’s instincts are to plow through the negotiations so he can get to the job. If there’s a zoning law that needs approval, money often is the only way to grease the skids.

Conservatives love to bring this up. But they’ve failed to reform the system that they criticize Trump for using. And then they act all self righteous as if none of them would ever think to donate to the opposition party to get a building permit. Meanwhile, the subject matter exposes the whole system and Trump is able to to use these narratives to his advantage.

Trump University is a non-issue. However it makes for a good Karl Rove talking point when you’ve got nothing left in your arsenal. But this was lousy op research. There’s nothing there other than a lawsuit that Trump didn’t want to settle because he will likely win the case. People did surveys at the end of the course and most loved it. The Better Business Bureau gave the class an A rating. Not sure where Megyn Kelly got the intel on the D rating. Most likely it was leftover Jeb Bush weaponry that was never used. The Bush’s are lousy at finding weapons of mass destruction. This one is a dud.

The closing argument for Donald Trump is that he is the best choice remaining in this field. Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal and Jeb Bush have all left the building. They would have had some credentials running against the Hildabeast, but they are lousy politicians. You have to be able to hold the media off with one hand as you incessantly bash your opponents with the other. Nobody has been able to do this as effectively as The Donald.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are both one term senators who appear to be good candidates on paper. But neither of whom have run a business or met a payroll. John Kasich would be the natural fall back, but he failed to get his name on the ballot in Illinois and Pennsylvania. Not to mention the fact that America is getting killed when it comes to trade policy. And Kasich has been right there voting and arguing for every bad trade deal that’s ever come along.

The RNC is kicking themselves for waiting so long to go negative on Trump. They thought one of these politicians from the best field ever assembled would eventually rise to the top. That person was supposed to be Jeb Bush. All of which would have set up a delicious third party run for Trump who could have easily beat Clinton and Bush in a three way contest.

But now we’ve got operation slow down in progress. The GOP is starting to warm to the idea of Ted Cruz. Neil Bush is now advising Cruz, and has a reputation of being a very nasty strategist. And if there’s a Bush in the mix, Karl Rove and the establishment are right there in the midst of it all.

Cruz will win a bunch of delegates tonight. The Super Pacs have 145 million dollars to lie with. And people believe lies that are told creatively and with endless repetition. Kasich could win Ohio and Cruz could win Illinois. Which keeps the brokered convention alive. Conservative talk radio has already coalesced around Cruz. And Kasich is there just to keep the delegates from Trump.The whole thing is designed to thwart the will of the people. My hunch is there’s going to be some very angry Trump supporters come late Tuesday night.

The bottom line though is Donald Trump is the best candidate we have left. You need someone with the energy and the fortitude to go at the Clinton machine with a reckless abandon. Someone who is not afraid to expose the lies and the scandals that should disqualify Hillary from running for president.

Donald Trump can win this, but the establishment needs to get out of the way in order for him to win it cleanly and quickly.

Ted Cruz Supports Open Borders, ISIS and The Death of Free Speech

Cruz speaks with reporters after the weekly party caucus luncheons at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

Donald Trump has had one hell of day on the campaign trail. Thankfully we all spring forward tonight so we can lose this day faster and move on to the next one. It actually began last night in Chicago where an organized group of anarchists got together to disrupt and then eventually cancel a Trump rally at the University of Chicago. The group consisted of Bernie Sanders supporters, members of black lives matter, and an unverified threat from an ISIS lone wolf.

Immediately following the rally, Ted Cruz decided to throw in with the mob, saying that Trump is to blame for the crap that Barack Obama has planted and watered for the last 7 years.

Appearing on Fox and Friends, Dr. Keith Ablow, no friend of Donald Trump, said he was literally “thrown back” by Cruz’s statement. Cruz is now on the same page as Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. The Texas senator had a unique opportunity to show solidarity with Trump on the First Amendment. But instead, went for cheap political points while at the same time alienating what’s left of his constituency.

So if Cruz supports these vermin, he is apparently okay with their goals. Open borders and cop killing are two of them. Add some ISIS into the mix and Cruz is in bed with people who want to destroy America. Maybe Cruz supports Sharia Law.

There is a possibility that Ted Cruz reacted without all of the information. But that just shows his lack of judgment. And there seems to be a pattern in his shoot first rhetoric. Earlier in the week he called Trump supporters low information. He also insulted voters from the southeast part of the country who he called “a certain demographic”.

Cruz claims that we need to get back to the constitution. But when it comes to the free exchange of ideas, all of a sudden Ted Cruz turns into Bill Ayers. Of all the statements made by Cruz thus far, this one not only takes the cake, it vomits the cake back out on to the sacred parchment he supposedly reveres. Ted Cruz is NOT a constitutional conservative. He is a constitutional whore.

Ted Cruz is also a congenital liar. When you see his lips move, you might want to say a prayer because Cruz has a disease. He can’t help himself. It must have been all of that anointing his father did to him. He is no more than a political opportunist who would tell lies about Trump’s young son Barron if it would help him in the polls.

Meanwhile in Ohio, a known member of ISIS rushed the stage to do what conservative talk radio and the establishment have been trying to do to Donald Trump for months now – take him out. And this pond scum almost succeeded. But thankfully the Secret Service gang tackled this p.o.s. and quickly ended it’s 15 minutes of fame.

Ted Cruz’s irresponsible rhetoric has inflamed the hatred of those who want to hurt Donald Trump and America.

I’m calling on Ted Cruz to apologize to patriots who believe in the First Amendment and the freedom of association found in the Bill of Rights. And then I’d ask Mr. Cruz to resign his position as Texas senator and drop out of the presidential race so he can save himself from any further embarrassment.