Cruz Confirms Establishment Ties


If you were still looking for who the real outsider in this race is, at this point it has to be Donald Trump. Ted Cruz has hired Neil Bush to help run his campaign. So look for more sophisticated and high level dirty tricks. And there’s a rumor floating around that brother Jeb has some leftover campaign cash he plans to share with team Cruz.

Cruz will appear more moderate on the campaign trail as he tries to overtake Marco Rubio in Florida and John Kasich in Ohio. Neither state has warmed to the televangelist-politician who may not even be eligible to run for the highest office in the land. But the establishment has 145 million dollars that they plan to dump on anyone or anything that can stop Donald Trump. The people be damned.

And today Cruz received the endorsement of Carly Fiorina. Cruz and Fiorina are a perfect match. They revel in smarmy, self indulgent attacks on Donald Trump. And like Neil Bush, Carly Fiorina is an inside the beltway McCain republican who shifts political shape to fit the audience she is in front of. Cruz may even name her as veep if the campaign picks up more steam.

For all of you conservative talk radio type people who are still trying to convince Trump supporters that Cruz is like Donald Trump, you are making fools of yourselves. Donald has never been a politician until he entered the fray last summer. By hiring both Bush and Fiorina, Cruz proves once and for all he’ll do or say anything to be president. Trump supporters knew this all along. For all it’s keen insight, conservative talk radio seems tone deaf to Cruz’s establishment credentials.


3 thoughts on “Cruz Confirms Establishment Ties

  1. I agree completely. Also I wonder if the Cruz supporters know his work in Bush ’43s White House with Heidi on the North American Union. They would obliterate all borders and our national sovereignty. He’s as insider as it gets.
    Don’t you think the supposed “hatred” of Cruz by the establishment is a ruse? I do. I think they would love him.

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  2. Ex-CIA Operative Carly Fiorina, who has worked on the McCain campaign and whose father is a Common Core operative in Arizona, is a perfect match for Ted Cruz. After all, Cruz chose Elliot Abrams, leader of the CFR, to craft his foreign policy for him, and Chad Sweet, former Directorate of Operations for the CIA, is the Chair of his foreign policy.

    If you want these proxy wars (where they are arming the Muslim mercenaries to fight them)to continue for power and profit in the Arab countries, specifically Syria, and in Ukraine where they orchestrated the Kiev coup (where Nazis now control the coup government) for NATO expansion, then vote for Ted Cruz. The first thing these two neo-Globes will do is start a war with Russia over both Syria and Ukraine!

    Make no mistake about it Ted Cruz in the GOPe Trojan Horse, and the consummate career politician and Bush-type Insider who will usher in the North American Union.

    Now that Jeb Bush’s brother, Neil Bush and his wife Maria, has been added to the Cruz finance team then you will know Cruz will have his hands on an unlimited money supply which will have all kinds of strings attached to it.

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