Donald Trump: The Only Choice For Vets

Corporal Tony Porta. He states he IS a United States Marine. At about the 32 minute mark of this Hannity broadcast, Porta sits down with Donald Trump to discuss the veterans administration. You’d have to be a completely numb and brain dead human being to not feel compassion for the man and anger at our failing political class. He goes on to describe what appear to be horrible injuries. Six years in rehab. Over 100 surgeries. He goes on to describe how he finally found a small V.A. that takes care of him but he also tells of the long road to find it. Porta’s story is heartbreaking. And who is Tony supporting for president? Donald J. Trump.

Why is it that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio continue to attack Donald Trump on his authenticity? Their attacks are petulant and fly in the face of the kind of reality that is witnessed here. Porta, like so many veterans believe Trump will actually do what he says. Besides that, Trump has made “taking care of our vets” a cornerstone of his campaign stump speech since the day he declared his candidacy. None of the other presidential hopefuls have connected with real people the way Donald Trump has. Trump is a father figure. He feels our frustrations. He wants to get to work so he can clean up the mess these politicians have created.

Ted Cruz has never crafted any legislation to help out veterans. He is only a grandstanding obstructionist. He is a scorched earth politician. He repeats lies over and over again with the hope that his conservative talk minions will spread his propaganda. So far Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin are part of his Joseph Goebbels task force. These talk show prostitutes conveniently overlook all of Cruz’s problems, including the undisputed fact that he cannot win one state outside the normal GOP road map. And he may lose places like Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and Florida. Ted Cruz is nothing more than Gary Bauer with a law degree.

Donald Trump connects with voters on an emotional level. He listens. He tells his supporters that he loves them. He is deeply concerned about things like the drugs that are pouring into the country. He’s been calling out the failure of almost every institution the government has created. Trump is the ultimate outsider – wanting in so he can fix the mess.

Ted Cruz hired neocon Neil Bush as one his campaign consultants. Failed CEO Carly Fiorina is also now on board too. This doesn’t sound like a conservative who wants to stick to his principles. This sounds like the same Washington inside baseball that every candidate in the field (other than Trump) plays. And yet, the ad campaigns drone on. Millions of dollars being spent to brainwash the masses into thinking Donald Trump is the anti-Christ. Funny, some of that ad money could be going to help the veterans instead of using it for mind control.

Corporal Tony Porta is the head spokesman for Vets For Trump. Take a look at Tony’s face. Is that the face of a man you can trust? I think so. And we ought to take our cues from people like Tony Porta. We ought to stop listening to constitutional whores like Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh who are all bound by large radio contracts and are secretly in the tank for open borders and the status quo in Washington.

What would you rather do? Support Mark Levin? Support Ted Cruz? Or support a great American hero like Tony Porta? I trust Tony’s judgment over these talk radio hacks 7 days a week and twice on Sunday. And Tony is voting for Donald Trump. And so am I.


4 thoughts on “Donald Trump: The Only Choice For Vets

  1. God Bless you!
    I’m not voting for a party, I’m voting for America first! And Trump is America! 🇺🇸 Trump is funding his own campaign! 🇺🇸

    I will wright Trump in at the voting booth if I have to! 🇺🇸 America will have her winner! 🇺🇸 And the winner is going to be Trump! 😇 🇺🇸Trump is not a politician! 🇺🇸 God Bless America! 😇
    🇺🇸 Go #PresidentTrump 2016! 🇺🇸


  2. Cruz, Trump supporters are not only ,informed, but we are engaged and ready to march all of the way, with Trump, to Washington DC! We are educated, and ticked off! We are the majority of America, yet not represented in DC. Taxation without representation has caused major problems in America’s past, and Americans took care of it……it is happening now, and we are going to take car of it !


  3. Donald Trump is the only hope this country has to put it back on track to we the people, the rest are pandering politicians, useless to the office and people of this country who believe in God Flag And constitution. Shalom


  4. I have been Hoping for Help in Virginia ? I was told by Matt ? . Didn`t get his last name. When the campaign was in Virginia. He was going to get me in touch with the Right people ? He really let me Down. Mine is an Urgent Civil Rights matter. Veterans Rights matter and Crime Victims Rights Violations . I NEED A CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEY to Help Me FIGHT for the very Rights I served to Defend ! FOR GODS SAKE, CONTACT ME ASAP ? Urgent need. The V. A. is a Sick Joke.


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