Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump: Glenn Beck’s Head Explodes

glenn_beckIt wasn’t but a few short months ago. Pat Gray, one of Glenn Beck’s many sidekicks, was very excited. Ben Carson was ahead of Donald Trump in one poll in Iowa. Gray was ecstatic. Carson was then brought on for a full hour to field Beck’s litmus test. They prodded him to demean Trump, but he didn’t take the bait. Eventually they allowed Dr. Carson to leave. Carson passed their test with flying colors.

Today Ben Carson endorsed Donald Trump for president.

Things have to be rough over at the Dallas Compound. Beck and his crew of Kool Aid drinkers have hunkered down for Ted Cruz. And any potential increase in Cruz support was just snatched away by Donald Trump. These are dark days for the entire Blaze empire. Beck even received a visit from the secret service last week after he made a very easy to understand comment about potentially stabbing Donald Trump. Beck claimed he was talking about his cohort producer Stu Burguiere. Dana Loesch claimed the reports of the stabbing were “yellow journalism”. The lies and spin are no longer working. Beck’s morning zoo is now just a bunch of empty cages.

This endorsement has really got to rub those in the conservative establishment the wrong way. First Sarah Palin betrayed them. And now Carson. Add Joe Arpaio and Jerry Falwell, Jr and Phyllis Schafly and you could have your own CPAC without all of the Trump bashing. For Donald supporters this is so delicious.

The only thing for these neo-conservative radio morons to do now is band together with their cult of Trump deniers. They will continue to lose ratings and alienate potential new listeners. You know, all those people Trump is bringing into the fold. We wouldn’t want any fresh blood tuning in to hear their stale rants. Even Rush Limbaugh is going to have to re-think his Trump strategy if he wants to make money for his sponsors.

Glenn Beck used to have this line about his head exploding and that he needed some duct tape to prevent that. I say hide the duct tape. This is a man who deserves everything he is getting right now…and more.


9 thoughts on “Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump: Glenn Beck’s Head Explodes

  1. common Glenn wake up trump is the only politicians who has the guts to speak the truth.Every time Mr.Trump says something he is booed or ridiculed. by pundits in the media and the the candidates and some in the public.they all have to first listen,analize what the hell he is saying?
    1)He said muslims Hate us Yes of course He is correct how many people bother to read,see,listen in all the network and you tube or the google the behaviour of Radical Muslims all over the world.The things they say “Death to America”Burning the American Flag,Saying Islam is taking over,All nonmuslims are infidels,non Islam is unacceptable ,white men attacked ,raped,nonmuslims are hated by muslims is in the Koran too it says oppose everything and anything non islamic
    2) He said he wants radical muslims to be stopped until he can figure it out what the hell is happening in America?rmuslim who are radical,fanatic showing their Islamic law (shariya) down our throat opposing evrything nonislamic but he didn’t say anything about Moderate muslims living in America or Around the world he loves them and says they are good people but the idiots wait to misrepresent him on this make him misunderstood so much
    3) He said illegal emigrants are taking all jobs from the citizens by working on very low wages mostly cash he never said anything about legal emigrants He said he knows they are the once who built America he is not a fool not to understand that simple thing
    4) Then the African americans whats wrong with them and other communities like the Hispanics,indians chines etc etc he never said anything wrong about anybody he only said stop braking the law who ever is caught doing will be punished making the police force strangers they are not given the credit for the great job they are doing .That makes the blacks angry so what its the truth w need the police to protect us from hooligans

    if you can only see this man who does not need this he is genuinely trying to do something good to the people and the country and save us from the Radical islam invation here and all around the world.Save us from Leaders like Mikel from Germany Canadian Justin bring ing in muslim refugees in thousands who will be multiplying in double numbers and will be more radical and oppose anything and everything we stand 20 years my head is spinning to think what our poor kids gonna do?

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  2. When Dr Carson walked out of secret GOP meeting refusing 2 agree to steal nomination from the will of the people (Trump) I emailed him an apology for my doubts that he was a Christian. NOTE Cruz agreed to participate in secret plan saying it was just politics. Which was Christian behavior? Plus Cruz’s cheating, sealed papers of recent 2014 USA citizenship, close ties with Vincente Fox exPres of Mexico thru his work with Heidi Cruz on One BORDERLESS North America, Cruz’s refusal to discredit Becks vile attacks @Trump and desire to stab #Trump..By their fruits ye shall know them. All Cruz has is ROTTEN FRAUDULENT fruit….and more sealed paperwork than Obama

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  3. Glen has gone rogue since he got so rich and now he believes the he is a genius and everyone should follow his lead. He is blind to what the people want. He is no longer one of us. I think that he would rather be a stand-up comedian since all of his toadies have been laughing at his crummy jokes for so long. Glen you are deceiving yourself !!!! You are no longer funny.


  4. I knew soon what Glen Beck was, like Micheal Medved, a neutralizer. Beck said he believed this and that but when Ron Paul went to run in 2007 promoting nearly all Beck’s stated causes – Beck bashed him. I knew he was a plant then, and was there to absorb conservatives and herd them away from non-establishment types running for political office.


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