BREAKING: Marco Rubio Goes To Ohio To Campaign For John Kasich?!

kasichrubioThe stop Donald Trump movement took an unlikely turn today when Marco Rubio headed out of Florida to campaign for John Kasich in Ohio. Drudge and other media sources have confirmed Rubio’s exit from the Sunshine State.

Political observers have quickly come to the obvious conclusion that Rubio and Cruz have conceded Florida to Donald Trump. Some polls have Trump with a 15 point lead over Rubio and a 20 point lead over Cruz in a state that may not be all that contested anymore. The establishment sees Ohio as the last way to slow Donald Trump down.

Rubio is on a suicide mission for Kasich who is the new brokered convention candidate. There must have been a deal made after the debate last night. And there’s a good chance the meeting that took place in Georgia last week has something to do with this.

Analysts believe that if Rubio doesn’t officially pull out of Florida that his political career is over. But there’s a good chance that a cushy job awaits the one term senator when this is all said and done.

Apparently it’s full speed ahead on the idea of a brokered convention.


7 thoughts on “BREAKING: Marco Rubio Goes To Ohio To Campaign For John Kasich?!

  1. Actually he did’t leave FL, he just told any possible OH Marco supporters that it is OK to vote for Kasich in OH to stop TRUMP instead. Meaning, he could care less about OH at this point, he’s in it for FL alone.

    Meaning, he’s done!

    Jebra! has divvied up the work:

    Marco = FL
    Kasich = OH
    Cruz = IL, MO & NC

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  2. I don’t see Little Marco winning Florida and I don’t see Kasich Ohio either .Both Rubio and Kasich should have dropped out already . Instead Rubio and Kasich are Plotting for a broker convention which would lead to theft of the election and that would not sit well with the American people .


  3. They are working on some common-core math calculation that will prevent Trump from obtaining 1237 delegates so that on the second ballot Rubio will become the GOP nominee, the Kasich will be picked for the V.P. and subsequently, Hillary will be the next president. Can you say D-U-M-B?


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