Conservative Talk Radio Is Now The Establishment

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks during a news conference at City Hall in New York

Watching Donald Trump dismantle the media industrial complex has been one of the great joys of my adult life. I never expected that a good chunk of conservative talk radio was this chained to the same entities that have given the world MSNBC and The CBS Evening News.

The dominoes began to fall quickly. Glenn Beck, who was always more than one fry short of a happy meal became unglued about 11 seconds after Donald Trump announced his run. Beck has gone on to attack anyone that supports Trump. His latest target is that slightly more successful news entrepreneur, Matt Drudge. People were already on to Beck after he predicted that American cities would all be burnt to the ground two summers ago. The Glenn Beck show is distributed by Premier Networks. They are a clearinghouse for various talk shows and Beck was one of their cash cows. Premier better renegotiate that contract they have for Delilah, because Beck is going to lose sponsors and stations.

Fox News is bought and paid for by globalists. Rupert Murdoch has already expressed his love for Hillary Clinton. Orders came down from on high to “take Trump out“. And each time they tried, Trump grew stronger. He’s Fox News anti-matter. Fox also owns a web of radio affiliates that do top of the hour news blurbs that are no more than brainwashing narratives. These are then used as talking points for Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

Limbaugh is the latest talker to lose a screw satisfying his bosses while trying to sound like he’s not paid for. It’s made for some truly schizophrenic radio. One day he’s warning the GOP not to alienate Trump supporters, the next day he’s singing the praises of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Rush was at the now infamous meeting that included Rupert Murdoch and a slew of elitist open borders fanatics. Limbaugh claims he was there but they were unable to convert him on amnesty. Rush hung on to Trump as long as he could, but is now the full time water boy for Ted Cruz.

And then there’s the gray one…or the bald one…Mark Levin. He was given his title because he used to be the brains behind Limbaugh’s views on the constitution. And he’s pals with both Limbaugh and Hannity and got his radio show largely thanks to their endorsements. This became a radio trifecta for the conservative radio junkie.

Levin’s screws became unfastened when Donald Trump started attacking Ted Cruz on his Canadian birth. Levin fancies himself as some kind of last stop for anything that has to do with the sacred parchment. The bald one has also come undone when Donald talks about trade and claims that Trump would drive us into a recession for bringing jobs back to America. Levin recently launched his own Glenn Beck-style pay per view TV channel. I guess he’s banking on his stunning made for TV good looks.

Donald Trump is a self funding candidate who appeals to folks because he can’t be bought. So-called conservative talk radio is funded by large global entities that all want open borders and cheap goods from China. It’s that simple. Talk radio would never admit that to us low information types. Because in doing so, their glass houses would crash down upon them.

Donald Trump’s impact on these fakers is yet to be determined. We know that traffic on the Blaze website has dropped by almost 50% in less than a year. Local radio stations are going to eventually feel this in their bottom line. They might want to have a plan B host lined up who gives the Donald more favorable treatment.

For the record, Laura Ingraham, Alex Jones, Michael Savage and Jerry Doyle make a great substitute line-up using the Talk Stream Live app.

In the meantime we can all sit back and watch as a medium implodes. Conservative talk radio is a mile wide but only an inch deep. New media stars will be born. And just like Donald Trump, they’ll tell it like it is as they make talk radio great again.


2 thoughts on “Conservative Talk Radio Is Now The Establishment

  1. right on! I am so fed up with the so called establishment conservative candidates tooting their horn how they are the only ones that can do this or that and what do they cite as proof..” I have a PLAN or My Plan willl # 1 bla bla bla and #2 bla bla bla and of course you have to have a #3 plan to do bla bla bla and no details about it yet if Trump just say I’m going to….or we need to… they say he has no…..plans no specifics Politicians are all about talking,making plans and then doing that until next election .


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