Ted Cruz Supports Open Borders, ISIS and The Death of Free Speech

Cruz speaks with reporters after the weekly party caucus luncheons at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

Donald Trump has had one hell of day on the campaign trail. Thankfully we all spring forward tonight so we can lose this day faster and move on to the next one. It actually began last night in Chicago where an organized group of anarchists got together to disrupt and then eventually cancel a Trump rally at the University of Chicago. The group consisted of Bernie Sanders supporters, members of black lives matter, and an unverified threat from an ISIS lone wolf.

Immediately following the rally, Ted Cruz decided to throw in with the mob, saying that Trump is to blame for the crap that Barack Obama has planted and watered for the last 7 years.

Appearing on Fox and Friends, Dr. Keith Ablow, no friend of Donald Trump, said he was literally “thrown back” by Cruz’s statement. Cruz is now on the same page as Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. The Texas senator had a unique opportunity to show solidarity with Trump on the First Amendment. But instead, went for cheap political points while at the same time alienating what’s left of his constituency.

So if Cruz supports these vermin, he is apparently okay with their goals. Open borders and cop killing are two of them. Add some ISIS into the mix and Cruz is in bed with people who want to destroy America. Maybe Cruz supports Sharia Law.

There is a possibility that Ted Cruz reacted without all of the information. But that just shows his lack of judgment. And there seems to be a pattern in his shoot first rhetoric. Earlier in the week he called Trump supporters low information. He also insulted voters from the southeast part of the country who he called “a certain demographic”.

Cruz claims that we need to get back to the constitution. But when it comes to the free exchange of ideas, all of a sudden Ted Cruz turns into Bill Ayers. Of all the statements made by Cruz thus far, this one not only takes the cake, it vomits the cake back out on to the sacred parchment he supposedly reveres. Ted Cruz is NOT a constitutional conservative. He is a constitutional whore.

Ted Cruz is also a congenital liar. When you see his lips move, you might want to say a prayer because Cruz has a disease. He can’t help himself. It must have been all of that anointing his father did to him. He is no more than a political opportunist who would tell lies about Trump’s young son Barron if it would help him in the polls.

Meanwhile in Ohio, a known member of ISIS rushed the stage to do what conservative talk radio and the establishment have been trying to do to Donald Trump for months now – take him out. And this pond scum almost succeeded. But thankfully the Secret Service gang tackled this p.o.s. and quickly ended it’s 15 minutes of fame.

Ted Cruz’s irresponsible rhetoric has inflamed the hatred of those who want to hurt Donald Trump and America.

I’m calling on Ted Cruz to apologize to patriots who believe in the First Amendment and the freedom of association found in the Bill of Rights. And then I’d ask Mr. Cruz to resign his position as Texas senator and drop out of the presidential race so he can save himself from any further embarrassment.


11 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Supports Open Borders, ISIS and The Death of Free Speech

  1. Albow is not a real conservative – you watch too much Fox News. Nothing Cruz said was in support of those thug protesters, how you jump from making Drumpf accountable for the actions of what his campaign inciting violence is no different then when Drumpf claims to hold Cruz accountable. No wait, there is a difference – nothing connected to Cruz has involved violence. This article was nothing but vile allegations without any support. You are a POS hack wanna be journalist.


    1. Apparently you haven’t seen the video. That’s nice. Keith Ablow wrote a book with your cult leader Glenn Beck. He is in the tank for Cruz. Not anymore.

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  2. LOL Wow, the propaganda lying BS about Cruz is getting really deep.. lol But then again, what else can you expect from such ideologue cultist zealots, whether Obamabots or Trumpeters.

    They are not even trying to make the lies even close to believable. A 4th grader can see it’s pure outright BS.. lol


    1. Really? Seriously? So what part of this is “lies”? Cruz is actually part of a dominionist cult…Jack, you are smarter than this, you have to be, because nobody can be this stupid…

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      1. Nice Take Down , David. I didn’t know there were so many Jim Jones / Rafael Cruz – Glenda Beck survivors in Guiana. I can’t wait for the real deconstruction of Rafael Cruz. It started on Rubio today at Brietbarf , but we know what their agenda is. When it comes down to just Rafael Cruz , the revelations of Rafael’s sordid history will come to light. Lets just go back as far Katrina Pierson , who was very tight with Rafael (pun intended),Rumor has it this closeness almost drove Heidi off the road(maybe she was distracted by the face of god in minds eye) with all due respect , to quote “The Bald One – Snark Again. This little scandal (maybe it is not a scandal and just the way the Cruz Crew rolls) will be all over TMZ. On Saturday Night Live , I am trying to figure out who will play Heidi and who will play Katrina. I sure it will be advertised “Must See TV” Lol


  3. “Cruz claims that we need to get back to the constitution. ”
    Yet Rafael himself is Constitutionally barred from holding the offices of the Presidency because he is not Article II Section I Clause V Eligible…He is a Naturalized Citizen -NOT- a Natural Born Citizen.

    He is actually committing treason by even running as a Presidential Candidate, its called election Fraud…He betrayed his oath of office to uphold and defend our Constitution when he entered this race and the precedent this sets is of a national security risk for our Nation as it has the potential of placing control of this Nation into the hands of Foreign Influences….

    For example….Rubio is an by all accounts an anchor baby. Marco Rubio was born May 28, 1971, in Miami, Florida, to Mario Rubio (Cuban citizen) and Oria Garcia (Cuban citizen). Both his parents were Cubans citizen when Marco Rubio was born and who had immigrated to the United States in 1956 and waited to become naturalized U.S. citizens until 1975. Why did Marco Rubio’s parents wait 19 yrs to become US citizens?..His criteria is no different than the 14 million anchor baby’s born to illegal aliens if their parents are Amnestied.

    His parents didn’t confer their naturalized Citizenship to him until five years after his birth…

    What this will allow is unprecedented, it would give 14 million Anchor baby’s a Natural Born Status which at the age of 35 they can run for the Presidency of the United States of America the moment their parents are Amnestied, their Naturalized Citizenship like Rubio’s would be conferred to their children…This is Unconstitutional. But once we allow either Rafael Cruz, Marco Rubio, Piyush Jindal, Nimrata Haley or even John McCain into the White House, this would open a door that will never ever be shut…

    In 200 years of our Constitutional Republic we have never had but Natural Born Citizens, those born upon American Soil to Two American Citizens as our Presidents…That is not until Barack Obama was elected…

    And he is as good an example of the unrestricted control an ineligible President truly has…Just his unconstitutional Executive Orders alone has turned this Nation upside down….

    If we are going to do this, why not just hand the Presidency over to ex Mexican President Vincente’ Fox???

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