Cruz Pastor Kevin Swanson Wants Gays Killed and He Believes Todd Palin Got What He Deserved

This video is disturbing enough. This is that fun loving Kevin Swanson who is one of Ted Cruz’s most ardent supporters. Swanson believes that homosexuals should be executed. Cruz as usual pretends that he knows nothing about Swanson. Ted’s father is intimately involved with the ideas of Swanson and spoke at the National Religious Liberties Conference with Swanson.

Now a source close to Swanson inside his ministry has come forward with yet another bombshell. Upon hearing about Todd Palin’s serious snow machine accident, Swanson apparently told several members of his ministry team that “it serves him right“. This was in reference to Palin’s wife Sarah who is now campaigning extensively for Donald Trump.

Swanson is apparently livid that Palin has been attacking Cruz and feels as though Todd’s accident was “God’s just retribution” and “a warning to the Palin family“.

Ted Cruz has aligned himself with some certifiable wackos. Glenn Beck and now this loser. Cruz still denies that he knows this pastor even though his dad spoke at the conference.

One thing is for certain, Ted Cruz has surrounded himself with hate filled individuals. This pastor has no business being a pastor and he gives Christ a bad name.

The Palins continue to stick by Donald Trump even though they are being savaged on a daily basis by the likes of Mark Levin, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

Kevin Swanson ought to crawl under the rock he came out from under. And that voice…God gives gifts usually according to His perfect will. Those vocal chords were not meant for public speaking.


3 thoughts on “Cruz Pastor Kevin Swanson Wants Gays Killed and He Believes Todd Palin Got What He Deserved

  1. Rush Iimbaugh never came out against Sarah for supporting Trump. Rush has been very good for me in explaining why Trump does what he does and is why I support and voted for Trump. The other thing don’t go legalistic by association. We Christians do that a lot.


  2. It’s a shame that Cruz is lying I read the. Article of the church he goes to, and his father is very involved in it, along with Ted! Don’t lie it always comes back to bite you!


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