The Grand Old Party Is Toast

Reince Priebus

As the minutes expire in this election cycle so does a once great political party. The GOP. The Grand Old Party. The party that gave us Lincoln and Reagan and Coolidge. A party that was once real opposition to high taxes, big government and corruption. That party is now at the brink of extinction.

And while some will blame Donald Trump for the party’s demise, this crack-up has been building for years.

911 was a flash point for America and George W. Bush was the deer-in-the headlights president who’s own facial expression when told about the attacks was a window to the man’s soul. Dumbfounded, weak and unprepared. Some even say complicit. Bush inspired patriotism out of one side of his mouth while at the same time he made tracks for Iraq and used propaganda to get the democrats and the country on his side.

W also gave us a prescription drug benefit, part D. This was something nobody was clamoring for. I think even Ted Kennedy was surprised at how easy it was to roll Bush. This wasn’t constitutional conservatism. This was reckless appeasement. Bush loved to prove to his colleagues on the other side that he was really one of them. Hence the constant references to the “religion of peace”.

By 2008 the economy was unraveling at warp speed. Bush blamed the democrats for pushing him into allowing people with no income to buy houses. This started a chain reaction that made the entire economy collapse. Like dominoes, industries fell. But there was George W. Bush. He had a solution. He decided to “destroy the free market in order to save it”. A phrase no republican president had ever uttered before.

The Uniparty was born.

Bush made it easy for Barack Obama to piggyback on his economic catastrophe. “We’ll see your bailout and raise you another bailout and one large stimulus!” The “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” was born. Obama even made nifty signs telling us what the government printing press was doing for us. He failed to mention that monetizing our debt lowers the value of everything, including wages.

Since Obama, republicans have been elected in droves. In 2010, 2012 (other than Romney) and 2014, Americans chose the GOP because they ASSUMED they would block Obama’s agenda. That assumption has now blown up in the face of millions of voters. The mainstream GOP only wants to get along with Obama while at the same time making speeches telling us how much they oppose his agenda.

For those who want to believe in a guy like Ted Cruz as the “only true conservative” in the presidential race, you need to check his connections. Cruz is partnering with the establishment as he plots his way to power. Neil Bush is now part of team Cruz. And endorsements from Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham only make it worse for Ted. He is in bed with the 2008 mob that destroyed the free market. Romney is an unrepentant lover of Obamacare (since he designed it) and Graham would like to start World War III with Russia. I’m sorry Ted, guilt by association. You are not a consistent conservative, you have been doing a fine job acting out that role since you left W’s side after being his brain for four years.

There’s nobody left on the bench who wants to oppose the globalist order that was once mocked by pundits. It seems everyone outside the country has a piece of the action now. The American people sit and watch as their country is divvied up among billionaires. We are now just another cog in the New World Order.

Whether or not Donald Trump can get to the finish line is irrelevant to what has already occurred. Trump has exposed a system that is so corrupt and beyond repair that only a political revolution will save it. Donald may have begun the process, but it’s going to take several more rather large earthquakes to see a new American party emerge from the rubble.

If Donald Trump is somehow contained or marginalized, the Grand Old Party’s death certificate will be dated to the exact moment when that happened. No amount of hand wringing or Neocon foot stomping will bring back what once was a great party.

The Grand Old Party is nothing more than a carefully scripted, psychological feel good group for people who think they are opposing the democrats. The truth is that both parties are in on the steal. And we’ve all been suckers long enough.


9 thoughts on “The Grand Old Party Is Toast

  1. Good analysis. I’ve thought for a long time we’ve been played. There’s only one party but they have us twisted in knots thinking there’s two. There’s the elite and then there’s us. We’re screwed. But then again there’s Trump! Hope he makes it.

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  2. what are your thoughts on the Democrats? They are, in my book, 21st slave owners promising free housing and food for votes, which is easier than free housing and food for working in the fields. Democrats point at republicans being associated with KKK when it is THEIR organization and The Clintons were big supporters of WV Byrd while a live and when he died

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  3. Great article! Spot on. WE THE PEOPLE are onto this farce, and we’re not going to take it anymore! GOD BLESS DONALD #TRUMP! He KNOWS how to fire people! Bring it big, Mr TRUMP! We need you NOW!


  4. I see deep concern for “Party”, I fail to see interest in the condition of the United States and how close we are to losing our Country. If the GOP would turn their attention to the well-fair of the people and the Country, join forces with Trump, support him and forget about lining your own pockets from the Donors, and having the Media preaching your agenda at the expense of the American People, you would rise with respect and operate honestly for the good of the United States. TRY IT, YOU MIGHT LIKE IT!!!!


  5. …and we are all left wandering in the wilderness and led by a succession of snake oil salesmen…sorry, that is an unintended slur at snake oil salesmen. GP


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