A Quick Message To Glenn Beck And Utah

welcome-to-utah-signGlenn Beck posted something about patriotism on his page. He is implying that we all have a warped view of it in light of his great intellect. I responded to his post in light of the attacks on Brussels today.

Get this post to Utah if you can…

I see the gibberish over here and I don’t understand it. If you live in Utah today and you care about the safety of our country and our way of life, you must vote for Donald J. Trump. If you care about another man’s faith more than his ability to do the job before him, then vote for Ted Cruz. If you want someone who is strong and determined and prescient without all of the high school girl drama, again Donald J. Trump is your man.

Being patriotic has nothing to do with these times. Patriotism in a dying republic is no better than having a great seat on the Titanic when it went down. You all need to get your collective heads out of the sand. Stop dividing the country by a litmus test that few can pass. I am a sinner saved by grace. I don’t need your pity, I have Jesus.

Historical platitudes are for talk radio whores who zombify their audiences and cash in on the fear. Glenn Beck is worth 150 million dollars. Do you think he cares about your soul? Do you think he cares about America?

Think it through Utah. Ted Cruz worked in the Bush administration and it’s no secret he was W’s brain between 2000 and 2004. Think it through. Reason. Logic. No executive experience. Advised during one of the worst wars our country was ever involved in.Was touted as Bush’s “brain”. Made critical mistakes both nationally and internationally. A failed neocon disaster. Ted Cruz is an extension of these ideas.

Ted Cruz wants to start more unconstitutional wars and he wants to let more illegal aliens into our country via the H1 visa program. Donald Trump is the only candidate who has pledged to make America safe again. 

Utah, you have an easy choice today. Safety and security, or the George W. Bush foreign policy. Which will you choose?


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