Ted Cruz Has 5 Mistresses: Game Over


Before we get too excited about the end of Ted Cruz, let’s remind ourselves that we are living in very strange times. But with that said, Cruz does not get the benefit of the doubt like other human beings. Why? Because lyin’ Ted has made his Christianity a campaign strategy throughout this ordeal. His supporters are constantly berating others who don’t see his virtue.

Well, this ought to take the air out of that balloon. Ted Cruz is also a smarmy unnatural character. His thespian poses, his pursed lips, his overtly feminine facial contours, all kind of work against him. He tries to wax real, but instead comes off as the guy at the bottom of the totem pole over at the used car lot. All he needs is a tweed sport coat.

Ironically, team Cruz decided, with the blessing of their campaign manager to go “Melania” on team Trump by releasing semi-nude shots of Mrs. Trump back before she was married to the Donald. But if we’re going to play a game of moral equivalency, sexy pictures loses to a full house of mistresses every single time. Cruz opened a can of worms that not only bit him, but most likely devoured his campaign.

As far as the story itself, it comes from the National Enquirer. And Cruz will repeat that over and over again. The way Bill Clinton and John Edwards did. The question is, “how’d that work out for them?” The Enquirer has proven that it not only meets journalistic standards, it often surpasses the mainstream media in finding the truth. So to deny this based on the source will make the wound bleed even more.

The establishment also has an interest in taking Cruz down. The remaining states to be counted are all places Cruz can’t win (for the most part) and where John Kasich could accumulate enough delegates to make an establishment coup more plausible.

One thing is for certain, the people who hate Ted Cruz are posting memes about karma and payback today. And this also solidifies the stereotype that those who preach the loudest are often the ones hiding something in their closet.

Bye bye Ted.


One thought on “Ted Cruz Has 5 Mistresses: Game Over

  1. National Enquirer broke the news of John Edwards and his love child,Tiger Woods,Gary Hart, Jesse Jackson affairs and about Bill Cosby.


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