Glenn Beck Has a Death Wish For Donald Trump

glenn_beckSmyth Radio has a video of Glenn Beck and he is spewing his usual prophetic garbage. This time he’s decided to make it clear to his Kool Aid drinkers that he thinks “something is coming”. In Beck’s world something is always coming. Beck uses a common technique that road show preachers use at big tent revivals. They talk about specific maladies and pan the crowd looking for someone with the aforementioned sickness. Someone is bound to come forward convinced that the preacher knew something that nobody else knew.

Glenn Beck has millions of followers who believe that he is some kind of modern day anointed prophet. This is insanity. Anyone who is buying this nonsense needs a one way ticket to Bellevue. Glenn Beck is using old time religious deception to make claims that are dangerous and he is putting Donald Trump’s life in danger.

He is constantly telling his dwindling audience that he sees an assassination attempt being made on Trump in 2017. And he ties it all together with the ginned up Trump rally protests sponsored by George Soros – a man Beck outed when he was on his game back in 2008. But rather than going after Soros, Beck is more interesting in disparaging Donald Trump while exalting a sexual deviant by the name of Ted Cruz.

This man has to be the most deranged and self absorbed creature roaming Texas these days. His syndicated radio show and Blaze TV network are both hemorrhaging ratings. Glenn Beck continues to get publicity but not new listeners. Facebook and Twitter are exploding with commentary condemning Beck’s tactics and this type of phony propaganda in general.

Please share this article with your friends and maybe even the FCC. Donald Trump’s life is more important than one charlatan’s career path.


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