It’s Trump or Bust

TRump Town hall

Washington D.C. has gotten so incestuous that Lindsey Graham is supporting Ted Cruz for president. Their rhetoric couldn’t be more at odds. Graham would be more at home in the democrat party. And yet Lindsey girl has thrown in with Cruz. And Cruz has gladly accepted the endorsement.

Conservative pundits also refuse to vet Cruz even in the midst of sexual misconduct. There’s little if any intellectual curiosity. Donald Trump gets lumped in with Ted Cruz. They are the two “outsiders”. That’s one hysterical claim. Cruz has been in academia or government for more than two decades. He takes money from Super Pacs. His wife Heidi worked for Condoleeza Rice drafting the now failed neocon war strategy. The Cruz’s were at the epicenter of George W. Bush’s foreign and domestic strategy.

Americans have woken up as if a blaring siren did the waking. Donald Trump’s presence in this presidential campaign has exposed all of this incest and corruption. People now understand entities like Goldman Sachs, The Federal Reserve Bank, TPP, NAFTA, The NAU, NATO and a whole list of global enslavement programs designed to make the United States a diluted world beggar.

Donald Trump has done something unthinkable. He has honed his message for the great unwashed. And that message has appealed to different ages, different races and different geographies. Trump is the populist warrior who exudes authenticity. You might not agree with one of Donald’s platforms, but you sure as hell understand what he is saying and as time goes on he may convince you of its merit.

Donald Trump cares about people. When Trump does a town hall meeting he listens more than he talks. He empathizes with the plight of the working class. He does not pontificate. He doesn’t grandstand. He just speaks like someone with authority. Donald has dealt with the political class for decades and he understands the depth of their depravity. And what is truly amazing, is even in the midst of the daily smears and false narratives, he soldiers on. He still believes he can close this deal with the American electorate.

The bottom line is this: Donald Trump may be the first candidate in 100 years who has put the individual at the top of his inverted campaign pyramid. It’s a bottom up model that relies on the enthusiasm and loyalty of the individual.  And the people really love it. They are truly the center of Trump’s universe. And it’s created passionate supporters who would never vote for Ted Cruz or any other GOP puppet that’s foisted upon them.

If the media and the establishment would get out of the way, Donald Trump would march to victory. Stop planting bogus polls with ridiculous sample sizes. Stop creating false narratives about alleged assaults and Trump’s so-called authoritarian tendencies. Stop treating Trump like he’s stupid on foreign policy because his ideas are foreign to them. And for the Trump loyalist, you can stop holding your breath. Because this is about unpinning the entire globe from it’s current model of individual mediocrity and enslavement.

If Trump fails in his quest to serve the individual, this cycle may never be broken. The money, the corruption, the special interests and the media are all protecting their promised piece of the global pie.

This is the most important election in American history because as Donald likes to say, America has a chance to be stronger and greater than ever before. And there’s no other choice in this election except for the man who actually wants to help the average citizen.

It’s Trump or bust.


4 thoughts on “It’s Trump or Bust

  1. Your article is spot on… The NWO cares nothing for the people of this world… Both the Democrats and the Republicans have the same agenda therefore they are one in the same.. The fight between the two parties is just a matter of who will lead their agenda. The media is also complicit. They have been revealed as the mouth piece for the NWO agenda and the poltical establishment. It’s a very sad time in American history when the media has turned against the people. I used to respect and watch Fox News faithfully but they have been shown to be nothing more than a tabloid news outlet devoid of any truth, journalistic integrity, or substance. They used to mock the internet saying “I read it online, it must be true”. Well these days the only truth out here at all is on the internet, you just have to find it. Thank god for social media, it’s the most effective weapon in the new peoples REVOLUTION.Wake up America, your world and your country have slipped into the abyss while you were sleeping.

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  2. I think because people have gotten interested in the process earlier this election cycle, people have also begun to realize how corrupt, and quite frankly, ludicrous almost all of our election systems and processes are as well.

    It reminds you why so many people outright quit voting. They felt it didn’t matter anyway. Now we have the big dogs telling us they don’t really need us anyway, they’ll nominate whoever they want.


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