Glenn Beck Failing: Donald Trump Most Likely The Cause


The Daily Beast is reporting that another 40 employees over at Glenn Beck’s network are being let go. This follows a batch of firings from less than a year ago. What’s causing this Blaze meltdown? Donald J. Trump.

Glenn Beck decided early on that he would have nothing to do with Trump. Beck made it clear on air that he believes the Donald is a progressive, a bully and a reckless authoritarian. Beck also found himself aligned with the GOP establishment. This has done irreparable damage to Beck’s media empire.

Beck has been a long time advocate of paying down the national debt. But apparently he is unable to keep up with the payments on a mult-million dollar bank loan he has been using just to keep the lights on.

Rather than pivot to a more logical tone regarding Donald Trump, Beck has doubled down on his almost cult-like support for Ted Cruz. And even though Beck’s audience is largely made up of Cruz-bots, his approach to bashing Trump has turned off people who used to tune in for the one-of-a-kind info Beck used to offer his listeners on things like ISIS and government spending.

Beck actually has nobody left to alienate.

He’s also been caught in Ted Cruz-style whole cloth lies. For starters, he made the claim that anyone in the Tea Party who supports Donald Trump has to be a racist even though Trump is setting records when it comes to African American support. Beck accused Melania Trump of being a lesbian porn star. He claimed that Trump voted for Obama in 2008. And on every position, he either distorts, misrepresents or outright lies about Donald Trump’s views on everything from immigration to tax policy.

There likely won’t be anyone who feels sorry for Beck as his empire implodes. Beck has made his own bed. He can claim to be a martyr for the cause. But sympathy will be hard to come by.

Donald Trump is the sunlight that has forced so-called conservative talkers to rethink everything they believe in. And for the listener, no you’re not going crazy. This “correction” was long overdue.

Mark Levin Threatens Trump Supporters: “We’ll Kick Your Ass!”

Beck and Levin

Talk radio has joined the ranks of the lamestream media. And we can thank Donald Trump for exposing the true reason these people exist – to pad their own wallets. We reported here last month that Levin and Beck are both indirectly being financed by Ted Cruz super PACS. Both Tucker Carlson and the fine bloggers over at the Conservative Treehouse had the story.

So it’s no surprise that at 8:25 PM last night, Mark Levin told his audience that he (or they, meaning his zombie brigade) would kick their ass, referring to Donald Trump supporters. He went on to clarify by saying, “politically speaking of course”. But then made the claim that the Donald is the one who wants to use real force against his opponents…oh and Black Lives Matter too!

The threat comes after a rather embarrassing Tuesday for Ted Cruz. And Carly Fiorina does nothing to move the meter especially since her own past is littered with failures. Cruz might have done better with John Edwards as his running mate.

But for the creepy talk masters that profane the airwaves, Cruz is the second coming. He is the Messiah. He is the only person who knows the Constitution and can argue it and recite it line by line. Who cares if the guy is less popular than scurvy? He is conservative talk radio scurvy and we all better belly up to the bar for more of it.

One could easily put their car into a ditch while listening to these people. From sun up to sun down and into the night time hours, Clear Channel and Fox News Radio have a lock on the airwaves. And their propaganda machine is running at full tilt.

However, threats will not sidetrack Donald Trump supporters. We are energized. We see victory ahead. And we see America restored to her former glory.

And we also see the end of a radio format that is no longer relevant to the conversation.

Either that or we need a fresh crop of new media personalities.

Trump Delegates In PA Intimated By Ted Cruz Nazi Tactics

Ted Cruz knows he’s not going to win the republican nomination. But he and his Kool-Aid drinking followers are on a mission. Their goal is to stop Trump by discouraging his supporters.
This was happening all day long in the great state of Pennsylvania where Trump scored an impressive victory. Cruz had hoped to surprise Trump in the Keystone State, but got what’s left of his backside handed to him. But that didn’t stop team Cruz from squelching the first amendment.
Trump delegate Monica Morrill had a bit of a dust up with officials in Beaver County. Morrill did the unthinkable: she put up a Trump sign about 40 feet away from the polling center. In Pennsylvania the law clearly states that these signs can be 10 feet from the entrance. 
The county “officials” told her to remove the signs! Another day at the office for Trump supporters exercising their right to free speech.
Steve Herbik who is a delegate manager for team Trump was in a war all day long trying to combat the antics of two other campaigns that have inside influence, but no appeal to voters. Herbik takes care of the western half of Pennsylvania. No word what happened back east near Philly.
Party bosses are clearly becoming unhinged at the prospect of a Trump nomination and are resorting to a ground game that is taking a page or two from the Joseph Goebbels playbook.
So far we’ve heard nothing from the mainstream media or so-called conservative talk radio on this. All we hear is how Ted Cruz is the real conservative in the race. Apparently Cruz is the only “conservative” in the race intimating grass roots activists who love their country. 
Look for the Cruzbots to use the same tactics for “acquiring delegates” that are already pledged to Trump in Pennsylvania.

Cruz Bots In Denial – Beck, Levin, Limbaugh All Invested In Hillary

There is really no debating that talk radio are all indirect shills for Hillary Clinton and Clear Channel Media. These large talk radio corporations make tons of money off the ad revenue generated by loyal consumers of this now stale medium.

There are exceptions. Alex Jones and Michael Savage are truly independent thinkers. Laura Ingraham has been fair to Donald Trump as has Mike Gallagher. But word has gone out from every media CEO, that a Trump presidency would be bad news for their shareholders.

In addition to the financial component, there is also a political angle. If elected, Hillary Clinton keeps the bash-a-thon going for at least four more years. Those seeking refuge from “the liberal media” can tune Rush in at noon to get their “truth serum”. If Trump has shown the world anything, it’s that conservative media are CINOS. Conservative in name only.

Trump’s presence is such a conundrum that at one point, Limbaugh was defending Rubio’s gang of 8. Same with Glenn Beck. After Rubio appeared on Beck’s Mormon Big Tent Revival Hour, cohort Pat Gray chimed in that Marco’s answers on immigration were very satisfying. Hugh Hewitt has also been in the tank for anybody but Trump since last June. Hewitt’s gift is assembling gotcha questions about foreign dictators that nobody knew existed.

What was once a curious exercise in self-importance has now evolved into the right arm of the Hillary for president campaign. By keeping Ted Cruz alive, these so-called conservative talk radio “icons” give aid and comfort to the real enemy. And this was always the end game from the very beginning.

No Math: Ted Cruz Campaign Finished

Conservatives Gather Near Washington DC for CPAC 2015  (February 26, 2013)

Donald Trump won a resounding victory last night in New York. Ted Cruz finished a distant third and wound up with zero delegates. The reality is that there is no mathematical way for Cruz to arrive at the magic 1237 in order to clinch the nomination.

So Cruz has gone into denial mode. Yesterday he viciously attacked Sean Hannity on his radio program, and today he kept attacking him, saying that some radio hosts are “in the tank” for Trump. Ted Cruz, the master debater, has been reduced to nothing more than a screaming, whining, frantic little girl with her pony tail in a knot.

There are few that could have imagined that Donald Trump would be where he is today. But the fact that Trump was able to vanquish sitting governors and man handle seasoned political pros, is a testament to his management and marketing instincts. It’s also a testament to how weak and anemic the republican party establishment has become.

For those of you Cruzbots who stumble on this article and want a contested convention, you are a sad, sorry lot. The more you fight the will of the people, the more Hillary Clinton is able to stockpile her ammunition for the general election. A chaotic convention means a weaker nominee coming out of the convention.

But for the never Trump crowd, their real goal is to elect Clinton because she shares their belief system and would be easier to roll than the brash billionaire. Clinton and Cruz are two sides of the same war machine. They are the same on trade. And they both want to increase immigration via a jacked up visa program.

Ted Cruz was never an outsider, he just played one on the senate floor. Ted Cruz will be a footnote in presidential politics….and….

Donald J. Trump will be the nominee and the next president of the United States.

Ted Cruz Keeps Winning When There Is No Voting Going On


Ted Cruz has won the Colorado and Montana primaries without a single vote being cast. Sound crazy? Welcome to Uniparty 2016. Where both establishments collude with one another to select presidential nominees who essentially do the same thing using different talking points.

And what happened to conservative talk radio? They always used to get on democrats for the old adage, “the ends justify the means”. So here comes Donald Trump being all American and stuff and promising to do away with all the perks, waste, fraud and abuse that IS the two party duopoly. Faux conservatives really don’t want cronyism to go away. So they are now using the same democrat tactics they once abhorred. Confused yet?

Ted Cruz is one of two things or both. 1). He’s an establishment tool who’s main mission is to open up the republican convention enough to let Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney get on the third or fourth ballot. 2). Or he could be a Barack Obama type character who wrestles the nomination away from the presumptive nominee (Trump) only to get annihilated by the Clinton machine in the general election. Either way, a vote for Cruz is a vote for GOP suicide and democrats as far as the eye can see.

And those once thoughtful commentators who are now heralding these voterless victories as “grassroots uprisings” have taken delusional to a whole new art form. Glenn Wreck (Beck) proclaimed on Facebook that Cruz “sweeps” Wyoming. Well unless Teddy had a broom and a dustpan, the only sweeping was done by establishment hacks trying to block Donald Trump from a well deserved stroll to the nomination. I imagine fellow “constitutional” swimmer Mark Levin will also proclaim that the gods have spoken and that Cruz is now clearly the front runner thanks to Conservative Solutions PAC who are now pouring money into any enterprise than can help elect Hillary Clinton president.

Ann Coulter wrote a very cutting piece a few days ago about the difference between a Trump win and a Cruz win. Donald wins when there are ballots and voters and voting machines that don’t switch votes. Cruz wins when there is white lined paper, party foremen and suspended elections. That’s not grass roots – that’s poison ivy.

This would almost be comical if it weren’t for the fact that the Clinton Crime Syndicate can plan and plot and amass a campaign war chest that might give Trump a run for his own money. As long as talk of some kind of brokered convention lingers, Hillary uses that time and chaos to her own benefit.

Every time Ted Cruz has a “victory” Hillary Clinton buys another round for the house. She knows all too well that the establishment of both parties is now on her side. And in the end useful idiots like Beck, Levin, Limbaugh and Cruz are all helping Hillary Clinton become the next president of the United States.

The Alternate Reality of Ted Cruz and His Followers


I recently got hooked on the Netflix show FringeThe show is about all of the weird happenings caused by two universes that are collapsing in on one another. Characters on either side look exactly a like, but their personalities and circumstances are different because they’ve been shaped by their own unique life path – apart from one another.

Ted Cruz and his supporters are functioning in their own universe. They have to be. Cheating is excused. Delegates that are handed to Cruz are deemed “a gift from God” to stop that evil abortionist Donald Trump. In Cruzworld, he is the only candidate who can enforce the border, kill terrorists and time travel if need be.

Ted Cruz is a superhero of Biblical proportions. In fact, he may actually be a Biblical character that the original authors forgot to include. He is the only candidate in all of political history who understands and reveres the United States Constitution.

Cruzbots are certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that their boy Ted has never cheated on his wife mainly because Melania Trump took her clothes off for GQ Magazine 16 years ago. It’s one of those alternative reality rationales.

The Cruz Cult hypnotically decrees that all of Ted’s supreme court arguments were the most brilliant words ever to be uttered from the mouth of a carbon based unit. Cruz himself believes that he alone has been anointed by God to vanquish “sniveling cowards” and those of us having a “Trumpertantrum”.

Cruzers also believe that Jeb and Neil Bush are party outsiders who want to help Ted Cruz reform government. They trust Lindsey Graham’s foreign policy doctrine as much as they trust God’s Word. Well, they have to if they have principles. Oh, wait, this is getting confusing. Well, they trust Ted because he accepted the endorsement and financial support Miss Lindsey was offering him. So by extension, Cruz supporters have to belly up to the establishment bar for another cold glass of Kool Aid. They follow the messiah and they rarely ask questions.

“Conservative media” (hyper-air-quotes) has also gone Fringe on America. From sun up to till sun down, talk show hosts tow, push, pull and shout the line. Their lack of intellectual curiosity is of no concern to the dedicated Cruz groupie. All they know is that they are helpers. They help preserve the universe they’re comfortable in. And as long as the evil villain Donald Trump is called out on his extreme liberal views from two decades ago, they are justifiably giddy with emotion. Or it could be a new form of dry intoxication. Or maybe it’s an ongoing religious ecstasy, much like the way Benny Hinn does it.

Watching this alternate universe go about it’s business as a Trump supporter is truly fascinating. In the show Fringe, the two universes actually interact and understand one another. In the Ted Cruz solar system, there is no acknowledgement of planet Trump and it’s huge population. It’s as if this Trump phenomenon was just minor radio interference.

Cruz world also has different rules than the rest of the universe. They celebrate opposite day almost every day of their calendar year. When Donald Trump says something, they hear the opposite of what he just said and then repeat it until it becomes gospel in their universe. It’s group think with a cosmic twist.

What’s clear about Ted Cruz universe is it collides and conflicts with all others. It’s a rogue galaxy where life is scripted, planned and choreographed. It’s a cold place that most find inhospitable and uninhabitable. But the people that already live there believe it’s paradise – or there’s one to come soon.

Initially the Trump universe understood the Cruz universe, but as time has passed there is almost nothing in common between the two worlds. And the people who are now confined to Cruzland are validated and counseled around the clock. They are made to feel as though their way is the only way. And that puts the entire galaxy at risk. Because without the ability to see the truth through an objective lens, the world as we know it will cease to exist.

Cruzbots seem fine with that outcome. They are wedded to the idea that God wants Ted Cruz no matter how many not-so-godly things happen along the way. Ted Cruz is the ruler of his own kingdom.

And his royal subjects are no more than useful idiots serving their master without questioning a reality that is clearly on the fringe.

Beck, Levin, Erickson – Funneling Money Illegally To Cruz Campaign

Beck and Levin

Mark Levin wrote a book called Plunder and Deceit. Who knew the title would refer to his Ted Cruz slush fund account. According to the Daily Caller and The Conservative Treehouse, The Senate Conservatives Fund , a “conservative” fund founded by former Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina that backed Cruz in his Senate fight against Obamacare, spent $427,000 to buy copies of radio talk show host Mark Levin’s four-year-old book “Liberty And Tyranny” to distribute to donors – a purchase that should have earned Levin approximately $1 million in royalties.

If you were once a talk radio junkie, you may have noticed that Levin went south on Donald Trump once Donald started outing Cruz in a multitude of ways. He’s the only host out there claiming that Trump would cause another Great Depression by placing a tariff on goods made by so-called American companies in places like Mexico. Levin’s brand of uncontrollable hatred often lasts for his entire three hour scream fest. The Great One is now The Graft One. A professional money launderer.

Glenn Beck should have been committed to a mental institution on multiple occasions now. The “stabbing wouldn’t stop” comment even got him a visit from the Secret Service. Beck was fantasizing about being on stage with Trump during one of the presidential debates. Before that, Beck called Tea Party Trump fans racist for supporting the Donald. His rationale is the only thing they could possibly see in Trump is that he’s white. And that it was just racism that fueled their anger at Obama. And lest we forget how Beck just flat out lied about stuff just to get attention. He told Bill O’Reilly that Trump voted for Obama and sent around a Donald tweet congratulating Obama on beating McCain in 2008. The problem is that the tweet was a fake and Trump voted for and spent money on John McCain. The bigger irony is that Beck told Katie Couric that he’d vote for Hillary Clinton over McCain prior to Obama clinching the primary.

Glenn Beck is laundering money through his Mercury One slush fund. David Barton heads up the “charity” which is famous for giving soccer balls and teddy bears to the children of criminals who pour over the border looking for free stuff to begin with. Barton also runs a Super PAC called Keep The Promise. They are now the primary financial support for Cruz who’s seen a sharp drop off in direct donations to his campaign. Barton and Beck plotted long ago to make Cruz their puppet. Beck does four hours of media devoted to Cruz each day (while at the same time bashing Trump). Beck and Barton funnel money from both Mercury One and Keep The Promise directly into Cruz’s campaign. Now that’s a whole new kind of “charity”. It’s no wonder Cruz hasn’t jettisoned Beck who most now regard as a loon. The money has kept Cruz in the running. And the free media Cruz is getting is worth millions.

Finally, the fair and balanced leader of the Red State regime gets three million dollars from the Ricketts family of Wisconsin. That’s right! Erik Erickson, the man who thinks about Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle at the weirdest moments is funneling money from Scott Walker’s old pals directly to Ted Cruz. The PAC is called Resurgent and it’s main goal is to oppose Donald Trump. Like Beck, Erickson has had demented moments when he suddenly began telling and then believing his own lies about Trump. Erickson has vowed things like a third party or nuclear Armageddon if Trump wins the GOP nomination.

The entire conservative media establishment is bought and paid for. You can toss in Rush Limbaugh because he met with Rupert Murdoch privately about spinning amnesty as a good thing. Salem Communications got in bed with CNN so Hugh Hewitt could give the struggling media group some much needed exposure. So by association you can also put Michael Medved, Bill Bennett and Dennis Prager into that cauldron of anti-Trump stew.

If you support Donald Trump for president, it is likely that you’ve already turned most of the so-called conservative media off. For the rest of you Cruzbots and others who are listening for objectivity, you can forget about it. Talk radio has gone the way of AARP and The Chamber of Commerce.

They’ve succumbed to the one thing Donald Trump has been fighting against: lobbyists and donors who control the process. And that makes sense. Because there has not been a scant word against the donor class from these conservative “icons”. But there’s been plenty of talk about how Trump isn’t a real conservative.

If these guys had a conscience and a modicum of talent, they would have never branded Cruz as the “real conservative”. But it’s been said more than once, follow the money.

Clearly, conservative media is now dead. Much like the GOP.

This Election Is Rigged

Reince Priebus

I am a Donald Trump supporter. And every time I turn on any form of media where there is commentary, the talk is about how the GOP will stop Donald Trump from getting the nomination.

On the democrat side, a similar path is being cleared, albeit more quickly for queen Clinton. She wins states by coin toss. And if any of the states are close, the pre-screened delegates are all lumped into her growing pile.

The two party duopoly is winning and the republic is losing. The courts have also helped in aiding the party bosses by allowing unprecedented sums of money into the selection process. Quite simply, if the party doesn’t like who the people are voting for, they buy votes. Or they rig voting machines. The primary voting process is just an illusion.

People who were never interested in voting before are turning out in huge numbers for Donald Trump. And to a lesser extent, Bernie Sanders. But the conscience of individuals is being subjugated by a political class that wants the United States to remain a dormant super power.

The citizenry are completely absorbed by technology, pop culture and vapid entertainment. The few that have used their gadgets to dig for truth are appalled by what they’ve learned about a process that resembles 1940’s gangsterism. This is the information age, and the more we know, the angrier we get.

And it’s out in the open. Donald Trump is despised by party insiders. So much so, that Ted Cruz is being used as a delegate shield. His whole reason for existing is to incite chaos at the republican convention. Hillary has it much easier. She can waltz into her convention with a perfectly pressed pantsuit, ready to champion late term abortions and free college tuition for illegal aliens.

America is more broken then we thought. For those of us who are clamoring for the America we once knew, our pleas are falling on the deaf ears of world government oligarchs. We the people are realizing that we are where the Pilgrims were when they first sailed here. We have no power. And we are entering the denial stage of the classic 5 phase grieving process.

The question …is there a remnant large enough and dedicated enough to make it right? Would the military back us up?

Or will America just splinter and fragment into third world nation states who share a common thread of pop culture but have no allegiance to free market concepts and the rule of law?

These questions will have to be answered soon. In the meantime, watch the republic unravel as warring, make believe, left-right factions feud over birth control, gay-marriage and prayer in schools. It’s all done by design to keep Americans away from the ultimate power the Founders gave us.

As Cruz Sex Scandal Smolders – Will Megyn Kelly Do Her Damn Job?


The media has gone dark on the Ted Cruz sex scandal. The National Enquirer broke the story over a week ago now. And Donald Trump’s main media combatant, Roger Stone believes that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. But the MSM is deafeningly silent. They have no problem parsing Trump’s words on abortion and giving Hillary Clinton amplified coverage of her response. But they have no desire to unearth a Pulitzer.

The Fox New Channel used to be a center right oasis where normal Americans with American values could go to escape the perils of CNN, MSNBC and all three major networks. But since Roger Ailes gave the orders to decapitate Trump’s campaign, there’s been a tilt away from anything the resembles “fair and balanced“. In fact hearing that slogan parroted on Fox News Radio stations might now illicit a chuckle.

Ted Cruz has set himself up as the candidate for the moral majority. A far cry from Donald Trump’s noisy majority. Cruz’s televangelist shtick is the ultimate gift for a journalist looking to do their job. “Did you cheat on your wife…ever?” Let Cruz look into the camera and do his best Bill Clinton. Have it on record. You might win an Emmy or whatever they give out for cable channels doing actual journalism.

Tonight Megyn Kelly and Ted Cruz will do a town hall together in Madison Wisconsin. It’s a strategic way for the establishment, who more or less owns the Fox News Channel, to bolster their chosen fly in the ointment. It’s no secret that Kelly will avoid the allegations that are bubbling under about 5 extramarital affairs. Team Cruz is becoming more and more sensitive to who their candidate is exposed to. (No pun intended). Megyn represents a safe zone for Cruz who claimed to be an establishment refugee up until Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan began to see the chess game that they could manipulate by exalting Cruz.

Ted Cruz sitting down with Megyn Kelly will be no different than Hillary Clinton’s interviews with George Stephanopoulos. The establishment now controls both parties, which means the nominees are now picked by lobbyists and news organizations whose values are celebrated by their candidate of choice.

Contrary to popular belief, Ted Cruz isn’t stupid. He knows he’s being used. He’s pining for vice president to Paul Ryan or whomever or whatever the GOP anoints.

It’s just ironic that the candidate of the moral majority has enough bones in his closet to start a museum. And yet nobody over at the Fox News Channel gives a rat’s backside about restoring their own integrity. They’d rather fall on their sword for Hillary, just so long as Donald Trump doesn’t get near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Bottom line, look for nothing more than a love fest between Megyn Kelly and Ted Cruz tonight. The content is almost guaranteed to be about Donald Trump, and how he’s the most evil man who’s ever walked planet earth. Rubert Murdoch wouldn’t have it any other way.