Ted Cruz: It’s His Personality Stupid

Cruz speaks with reporters after the weekly party caucus luncheons at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

Here’s what I know about Ted Cruz. I don’t like him. He’s a fraud, a phony, a fake. His voice is a nasally charged whine. His hair is combed over much like a 1960’s B-movie actor. He looks ridiculous in jeans. He looks even more ridiculous in a cowboy hat. I’m hoping he wants to go on a tank ride so he can make Mike Dukakis look manly.

Cruz world is filled with contradictions. He is the self appointed, talk radio guardian of the United States Constitution. A half-term senator who piggybacked on Tea Party sentiments so he could take the Barack Obama route to the presidency. Except there’s one glaring problem: Ted Cruz is a louse.

For those who stop here to call the author names, keep in mind, I did not create Ted Cruz. God did. And God gave Ted certain gifts. God did not give Ted masculinity as one of them. A close up of Ted’s face reveals a mouth that would be more appropriate for a woman. A soft round face that looks good on 11 year-olds but is hardly befitting of a commander in chief.

Maybe some of the Beta males out there will call this assessment sexist. Fire away! A commander in chief needs to exude strength. And yes, even with all her ugliness, age and cankles, Hillary Clinton has a much tougher persona than Ted Cruz.

Women seem to like Ted Cruz more than they like Donald Trump. The simple explanation is that Cruz is one of them. He could easily host a Pampered Chef party and sell out the entire catalog. And God gave Cruz the gift of verbal diarrhea. Ted likes to hear himself talk. I think that is why he and Glenn Beck are such bosom buddies.

The feminist movement has even made so-called conservative religious women fearful of a strong talking Alpha male with testosterone. The Bible talks about meek and mild and Cruz is Ivory Soap. That’s why when he tries to get all Donald Trump for the cameras it turns into make believe. His act is as transparent as Al Sharpton’s efforts at bringing the races together.

For a lot of folks who are being assaulted by the establishment to switch to Cruz so the RINO underground can foist Paul Ryan on us at the convention, there are just too many personality “quirks” to overcome.

Ted Cruz is the Ned Ryerson character from Ground Hog Day.

This is a guy who annoys people as soon as he opens his mouth. And Ted Cruz carries the Ned Ryerson chromosome. I think this might explain the Heidi Cruz depression and the soul searching she did on the side of the highway a few years back. And for those of you who believe Cruz is innocent of the allegations The National Enquirer has put forth, I can see your point. To use Ted’s language, who would copulate with a rat like him?

Presidents need to be likable, relatable people who embody common traits that most Americans share. Ted Cruz fails at this so miserably that he is losing to Hillary Clinton in the likability department.

For a republican to win the White House they need all the men and some women. Cruz is a reverse pyramid on this. He would do better as a democrat except that no minorities would vote for Cruz either.

So to rework a Bill Clinton catch phrase, it’s his personality stupid. But don’t worry about lyin’ Ted. He’s being used by the establishment so they can select a candidate who will put an end to all of this Trump enthusiasm. And at the same time destroy what’s left of their dying party.

Ted Cruz is just a fool on a fool’s errand.


6 thoughts on “Ted Cruz: It’s His Personality Stupid

  1. I tend to look at Cruz more for what he has accomplished than by how he looks or sounds. He is a man who has taken the fight to the Obama Administration and argued and won Constitutional cases for our first and second Amendment rights before the SCOTUS. What a childish article. Your objections to Cruz superficial and sophomoric.


    1. His accomplishments? Really? Um, what legislation has senator Cruz gotten through? He ran for senate in 2012. He essentially started running for president 2 years later. What executive experience does he have? The stuff you Cruzers cite is absolutely mind blogging brain dead talk radio drivel.

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  2. I am a woman and as hard as I try, I can’t help but feel there’s something off when it comes to Cruz. I tried to like him, I listen to Mark Levin all the time and I’ve always respected his opinion but I just can’t with Cruz. I don’t care if he has a stable full of women he rides like ponies, just don’t throw dirt at someone else when you’ve got the same sins in your pocket. I’m voting my conscience and my conscience tells me we need a man like Trump right now. If you asked me in 2008 if I would vote for Trump I would have said no, but times are different now, we need somebody with a big mouth and big ideas to get us back on the right track.


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