As Cruz Sex Scandal Smolders – Will Megyn Kelly Do Her Damn Job?


The media has gone dark on the Ted Cruz sex scandal. The National Enquirer broke the story over a week ago now. And Donald Trump’s main media combatant, Roger Stone believes that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. But the MSM is deafeningly silent. They have no problem parsing Trump’s words on abortion and giving Hillary Clinton amplified coverage of her response. But they have no desire to unearth a Pulitzer.

The Fox New Channel used to be a center right oasis where normal Americans with American values could go to escape the perils of CNN, MSNBC and all three major networks. But since Roger Ailes gave the orders to decapitate Trump’s campaign, there’s been a tilt away from anything the resembles “fair and balanced“. In fact hearing that slogan parroted on Fox News Radio stations might now illicit a chuckle.

Ted Cruz has set himself up as the candidate for the moral majority. A far cry from Donald Trump’s noisy majority. Cruz’s televangelist shtick is the ultimate gift for a journalist looking to do their job. “Did you cheat on your wife…ever?” Let Cruz look into the camera and do his best Bill Clinton. Have it on record. You might win an Emmy or whatever they give out for cable channels doing actual journalism.

Tonight Megyn Kelly and Ted Cruz will do a town hall together in Madison Wisconsin. It’s a strategic way for the establishment, who more or less owns the Fox News Channel, to bolster their chosen fly in the ointment. It’s no secret that Kelly will avoid the allegations that are bubbling under about 5 extramarital affairs. Team Cruz is becoming more and more sensitive to who their candidate is exposed to. (No pun intended). Megyn represents a safe zone for Cruz who claimed to be an establishment refugee up until Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan began to see the chess game that they could manipulate by exalting Cruz.

Ted Cruz sitting down with Megyn Kelly will be no different than Hillary Clinton’s interviews with George Stephanopoulos. The establishment now controls both parties, which means the nominees are now picked by lobbyists and news organizations whose values are celebrated by their candidate of choice.

Contrary to popular belief, Ted Cruz isn’t stupid. He knows he’s being used. He’s pining for vice president to Paul Ryan or whomever or whatever the GOP anoints.

It’s just ironic that the candidate of the moral majority has enough bones in his closet to start a museum. And yet nobody over at the Fox News Channel gives a rat’s backside about restoring their own integrity. They’d rather fall on their sword for Hillary, just so long as Donald Trump doesn’t get near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Bottom line, look for nothing more than a love fest between Megyn Kelly and Ted Cruz tonight. The content is almost guaranteed to be about Donald Trump, and how he’s the most evil man who’s ever walked planet earth. Rubert Murdoch wouldn’t have it any other way.


9 thoughts on “As Cruz Sex Scandal Smolders – Will Megyn Kelly Do Her Damn Job?

  1. As you probably know, Cruz’s email is also on the Ashley Madison site and there are hints he’s on the DC Madam’s list that some lawyer is trying to have it released from a gag order because, he says, it relates to the election.

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  2. This is a thread for idiots. Can’t find any dirt on CRUZ, make it up out of thin air. Plant the seed of doubt and let Cruz prove its not true. Fortunately for Cruz supporters ,we know who our guy is. But I know you dummies will keep trying to make something, anything stick. Not gonna happen. Ted Cruz is a good man, DT WILL NEVER COME CLOSE TO WHO CRUZ IS.


    1. Wow, Cruz is what? A New World Order Hack? His name is on the DC Madam’s phone list. Um, that’s not making anything up. Keep telling yourself Cruz is some kind of god. That will get you to heaven.


  3. The more these Washington cronies trash talk Trump the more I want to vote for him! What Washington can’t see and won’t admit is they are the problem and anyone outside the Washington group is a better candidate. We need to fire everyone in office and start over with real people who remember what it’s like to have to work for a living.


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