This Election Is Rigged

Reince Priebus

I am a Donald Trump supporter. And every time I turn on any form of media where there is commentary, the talk is about how the GOP will stop Donald Trump from getting the nomination.

On the democrat side, a similar path is being cleared, albeit more quickly for queen Clinton. She wins states by coin toss. And if any of the states are close, the pre-screened delegates are all lumped into her growing pile.

The two party duopoly is winning and the republic is losing. The courts have also helped in aiding the party bosses by allowing unprecedented sums of money into the selection process. Quite simply, if the party doesn’t like who the people are voting for, they buy votes. Or they rig voting machines. The primary voting process is just an illusion.

People who were never interested in voting before are turning out in huge numbers for Donald Trump. And to a lesser extent, Bernie Sanders. But the conscience of individuals is being subjugated by a political class that wants the United States to remain a dormant super power.

The citizenry are completely absorbed by technology, pop culture and vapid entertainment. The few that have used their gadgets to dig for truth are appalled by what they’ve learned about a process that resembles 1940’s gangsterism. This is the information age, and the more we know, the angrier we get.

And it’s out in the open. Donald Trump is despised by party insiders. So much so, that Ted Cruz is being used as a delegate shield. His whole reason for existing is to incite chaos at the republican convention. Hillary has it much easier. She can waltz into her convention with a perfectly pressed pantsuit, ready to champion late term abortions and free college tuition for illegal aliens.

America is more broken then we thought. For those of us who are clamoring for the America we once knew, our pleas are falling on the deaf ears of world government oligarchs. We the people are realizing that we are where the Pilgrims were when they first sailed here. We have no power. And we are entering the denial stage of the classic 5 phase grieving process.

The question …is there a remnant large enough and dedicated enough to make it right? Would the military back us up?

Or will America just splinter and fragment into third world nation states who share a common thread of pop culture but have no allegiance to free market concepts and the rule of law?

These questions will have to be answered soon. In the meantime, watch the republic unravel as warring, make believe, left-right factions feud over birth control, gay-marriage and prayer in schools. It’s all done by design to keep Americans away from the ultimate power the Founders gave us.


5 thoughts on “This Election Is Rigged

  1. We’ve come too far to turn back now, and why in God’s name would anyone with even a sliver of honesty and conscience ever dream nor consider such a venue of thought to back out? I was born in 1954, and have existed and somewhat grown through 12 elections and presidents, and except for the only one in my heart of hearts through it all, other than Reagan, was, and still remains JFK. I was in 3rd grade when that news hit my life, and even then, my mind knew that this country was on a downhill slope of degradation. I’ve never been a happy camper since those days, knowing that we never receive not even ONE avid and qualified person to vote for, its always the Club Politic dictating to us of who to vote for and choose from – from their own ideals and list of names.
    This time, it is TOTALLY DIFFERENT!
    We have a REAL and honestly earnest person in the ONLY “MAN” for this occupation as POTUS, and that is Donald J. Trump! The only one who sees things as we see them and speaks the truths of all our inner angst for these Decades long Oppression and Strife.
    We need this “MAN” DONALD J. TRUMP just as surely as we need Air, Food, and Water.
    Oh, assuredly, its not the END of the world if someone else wins.
    “””””” OR ISN’T IT?””””””
    ************************ VOTE! ************************************


  2. While I agree with your narrative about “the way it is”, I don’t necessarily agree with your sense of hopelessness. If all was lost, I don’t believe the establishment would be crapping themselves so completely. I believe they have completely underestimated Trump and his supporters, and they still do. There is a supernatural force that has blinded them. I also don’t believe Trump would still be fighting if he didn’t see a chance if winning. I’m not saying its going to be easy, but I do believe it is possible!


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