Beck, Levin, Erickson – Funneling Money Illegally To Cruz Campaign

Beck and Levin

Mark Levin wrote a book called Plunder and Deceit. Who knew the title would refer to his Ted Cruz slush fund account. According to the Daily Caller and The Conservative Treehouse, The Senate Conservatives Fund , a “conservative” fund founded by former Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina that backed Cruz in his Senate fight against Obamacare, spent $427,000 to buy copies of radio talk show host Mark Levin’s four-year-old book “Liberty And Tyranny” to distribute to donors – a purchase that should have earned Levin approximately $1 million in royalties.

If you were once a talk radio junkie, you may have noticed that Levin went south on Donald Trump once Donald started outing Cruz in a multitude of ways. He’s the only host out there claiming that Trump would cause another Great Depression by placing a tariff on goods made by so-called American companies in places like Mexico. Levin’s brand of uncontrollable hatred often lasts for his entire three hour scream fest. The Great One is now The Graft One. A professional money launderer.

Glenn Beck should have been committed to a mental institution on multiple occasions now. The “stabbing wouldn’t stop” comment even got him a visit from the Secret Service. Beck was fantasizing about being on stage with Trump during one of the presidential debates. Before that, Beck called Tea Party Trump fans racist for supporting the Donald. His rationale is the only thing they could possibly see in Trump is that he’s white. And that it was just racism that fueled their anger at Obama. And lest we forget how Beck just flat out lied about stuff just to get attention. He told Bill O’Reilly that Trump voted for Obama and sent around a Donald tweet congratulating Obama on beating McCain in 2008. The problem is that the tweet was a fake and Trump voted for and spent money on John McCain. The bigger irony is that Beck told Katie Couric that he’d vote for Hillary Clinton over McCain prior to Obama clinching the primary.

Glenn Beck is laundering money through his Mercury One slush fund. David Barton heads up the “charity” which is famous for giving soccer balls and teddy bears to the children of criminals who pour over the border looking for free stuff to begin with. Barton also runs a Super PAC called Keep The Promise. They are now the primary financial support for Cruz who’s seen a sharp drop off in direct donations to his campaign. Barton and Beck plotted long ago to make Cruz their puppet. Beck does four hours of media devoted to Cruz each day (while at the same time bashing Trump). Beck and Barton funnel money from both Mercury One and Keep The Promise directly into Cruz’s campaign. Now that’s a whole new kind of “charity”. It’s no wonder Cruz hasn’t jettisoned Beck who most now regard as a loon. The money has kept Cruz in the running. And the free media Cruz is getting is worth millions.

Finally, the fair and balanced leader of the Red State regime gets three million dollars from the Ricketts family of Wisconsin. That’s right! Erik Erickson, the man who thinks about Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle at the weirdest moments is funneling money from Scott Walker’s old pals directly to Ted Cruz. The PAC is called Resurgent and it’s main goal is to oppose Donald Trump. Like Beck, Erickson has had demented moments when he suddenly began telling and then believing his own lies about Trump. Erickson has vowed things like a third party or nuclear Armageddon if Trump wins the GOP nomination.

The entire conservative media establishment is bought and paid for. You can toss in Rush Limbaugh because he met with Rupert Murdoch privately about spinning amnesty as a good thing. Salem Communications got in bed with CNN so Hugh Hewitt could give the struggling media group some much needed exposure. So by association you can also put Michael Medved, Bill Bennett and Dennis Prager into that cauldron of anti-Trump stew.

If you support Donald Trump for president, it is likely that you’ve already turned most of the so-called conservative media off. For the rest of you Cruzbots and others who are listening for objectivity, you can forget about it. Talk radio has gone the way of AARP and The Chamber of Commerce.

They’ve succumbed to the one thing Donald Trump has been fighting against: lobbyists and donors who control the process. And that makes sense. Because there has not been a scant word against the donor class from these conservative “icons”. But there’s been plenty of talk about how Trump isn’t a real conservative.

If these guys had a conscience and a modicum of talent, they would have never branded Cruz as the “real conservative”. But it’s been said more than once, follow the money.

Clearly, conservative media is now dead. Much like the GOP.


12 thoughts on “Beck, Levin, Erickson – Funneling Money Illegally To Cruz Campaign

      1. The article is 100 right. I guess you also say the NE article on lying Ted`s sex adventures are lies also. Than why hasn`t lying Ted filed a lawsuit against NE? Could be worth at least 200 million if false.


  1. No Trump! I’ll right him in! TRUMP!

    Sick of this crooked BS! We must all make sure we go to the convention, protest in the thousands, or millions.

    I’m not voting for a party, I’m voting for the one person I believe in, I’ll follow Trump in any party!

    #NeverTedCruz #NeverHillaryClinton #NeverBernieSanders #NeverJohnKashik
    Stop the steal of our votes! Take pictures and send them to

    #NY4DonaldTrump! #NYforDonaldTrump 2016!
    Go Trump Go! #PresidentTrump 2016!


  2. Bravo & absolutely correct!
    Cruz Beck Erikson & Levin are like 4 stooges running around with red noses & rainbow hair all riding in the same GOP clowncar!
    Nobody takes them seriously & never will after this!
    Look forward to Beck getting committed & Levin losing listeners by the thousands!
    Buhbye ✋


  3. This is utter crap. You have taken liberties with the truth and you should be ashamed. Yes, I’m sure you stand by your BS because it endears you to the left. Levins’ shows are growing every day. If you have the guts go on his show and try to defend this load of bull to his face. I don’t expect that because if you were willing to do that you wouldn’t have printed this load of garbage in the first place.


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