The Alternate Reality of Ted Cruz and His Followers


I recently got hooked on the Netflix show FringeThe show is about all of the weird happenings caused by two universes that are collapsing in on one another. Characters on either side look exactly a like, but their personalities and circumstances are different because they’ve been shaped by their own unique life path – apart from one another.

Ted Cruz and his supporters are functioning in their own universe. They have to be. Cheating is excused. Delegates that are handed to Cruz are deemed “a gift from God” to stop that evil abortionist Donald Trump. In Cruzworld, he is the only candidate who can enforce the border, kill terrorists and time travel if need be.

Ted Cruz is a superhero of Biblical proportions. In fact, he may actually be a Biblical character that the original authors forgot to include. He is the only candidate in all of political history who understands and reveres the United States Constitution.

Cruzbots are certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that their boy Ted has never cheated on his wife mainly because Melania Trump took her clothes off for GQ Magazine 16 years ago. It’s one of those alternative reality rationales.

The Cruz Cult hypnotically decrees that all of Ted’s supreme court arguments were the most brilliant words ever to be uttered from the mouth of a carbon based unit. Cruz himself believes that he alone has been anointed by God to vanquish “sniveling cowards” and those of us having a “Trumpertantrum”.

Cruzers also believe that Jeb and Neil Bush are party outsiders who want to help Ted Cruz reform government. They trust Lindsey Graham’s foreign policy doctrine as much as they trust God’s Word. Well, they have to if they have principles. Oh, wait, this is getting confusing. Well, they trust Ted because he accepted the endorsement and financial support Miss Lindsey was offering him. So by extension, Cruz supporters have to belly up to the establishment bar for another cold glass of Kool Aid. They follow the messiah and they rarely ask questions.

“Conservative media” (hyper-air-quotes) has also gone Fringe on America. From sun up to till sun down, talk show hosts tow, push, pull and shout the line. Their lack of intellectual curiosity is of no concern to the dedicated Cruz groupie. All they know is that they are helpers. They help preserve the universe they’re comfortable in. And as long as the evil villain Donald Trump is called out on his extreme liberal views from two decades ago, they are justifiably giddy with emotion. Or it could be a new form of dry intoxication. Or maybe it’s an ongoing religious ecstasy, much like the way Benny Hinn does it.

Watching this alternate universe go about it’s business as a Trump supporter is truly fascinating. In the show Fringe, the two universes actually interact and understand one another. In the Ted Cruz solar system, there is no acknowledgement of planet Trump and it’s huge population. It’s as if this Trump phenomenon was just minor radio interference.

Cruz world also has different rules than the rest of the universe. They celebrate opposite day almost every day of their calendar year. When Donald Trump says something, they hear the opposite of what he just said and then repeat it until it becomes gospel in their universe. It’s group think with a cosmic twist.

What’s clear about Ted Cruz universe is it collides and conflicts with all others. It’s a rogue galaxy where life is scripted, planned and choreographed. It’s a cold place that most find inhospitable and uninhabitable. But the people that already live there believe it’s paradise – or there’s one to come soon.

Initially the Trump universe understood the Cruz universe, but as time has passed there is almost nothing in common between the two worlds. And the people who are now confined to Cruzland are validated and counseled around the clock. They are made to feel as though their way is the only way. And that puts the entire galaxy at risk. Because without the ability to see the truth through an objective lens, the world as we know it will cease to exist.

Cruzbots seem fine with that outcome. They are wedded to the idea that God wants Ted Cruz no matter how many not-so-godly things happen along the way. Ted Cruz is the ruler of his own kingdom.

And his royal subjects are no more than useful idiots serving their master without questioning a reality that is clearly on the fringe.


6 thoughts on “The Alternate Reality of Ted Cruz and His Followers

  1. Anything to stop someone for believing in their nation and following their right to run for office. I am a big fan of Trump’s . The News Media Propaganda and the elites establishment have become blind, arrogant, and truly have Hatred toward a man who wants to turn our country into America again. Vote Trump, give American’s back America…

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  2. And he is not even a citizen of this country and never was. He was a natural born, and native born citizen of Canada. He is and always has been a citizen of Canada from the moment of his birth for 43 years. And whether he knows it or not he NEVER held dual citizenship. Canada does not allow dual citizenship so his mother became a Canadian Citizen so that his father could too. This man does not have any legal United States documentation declaring him a citizen of this nation. Neither he or his parents ever “Naturalized” him a citizen of this country. Denouncing his Canadian citizenship DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY make him a citizen of this nation. He is either a man without a country, still a Canadian citizen, an illegal alien or been reverted to the land of his father…not his mother, but HIS FATHER which would make him a citizen of Cuba. He is not eligible to be running for President or Vice President of this country. And what’s more, he knows it.

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