Ted Cruz Keeps Winning When There Is No Voting Going On


Ted Cruz has won the Colorado and Montana primaries without a single vote being cast. Sound crazy? Welcome to Uniparty 2016. Where both establishments collude with one another to select presidential nominees who essentially do the same thing using different talking points.

And what happened to conservative talk radio? They always used to get on democrats for the old adage, “the ends justify the means”. So here comes Donald Trump being all American and stuff and promising to do away with all the perks, waste, fraud and abuse that IS the two party duopoly. Faux conservatives really don’t want cronyism to go away. So they are now using the same democrat tactics they once abhorred. Confused yet?

Ted Cruz is one of two things or both. 1). He’s an establishment tool who’s main mission is to open up the republican convention enough to let Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney get on the third or fourth ballot. 2). Or he could be a Barack Obama type character who wrestles the nomination away from the presumptive nominee (Trump) only to get annihilated by the Clinton machine in the general election. Either way, a vote for Cruz is a vote for GOP suicide and democrats as far as the eye can see.

And those once thoughtful commentators who are now heralding these voterless victories as “grassroots uprisings” have taken delusional to a whole new art form. Glenn Wreck (Beck) proclaimed on Facebook that Cruz “sweeps” Wyoming. Well unless Teddy had a broom and a dustpan, the only sweeping was done by establishment hacks trying to block Donald Trump from a well deserved stroll to the nomination. I imagine fellow “constitutional” swimmer Mark Levin will also proclaim that the gods have spoken and that Cruz is now clearly the front runner thanks to Conservative Solutions PAC who are now pouring money into any enterprise than can help elect Hillary Clinton president.

Ann Coulter wrote a very cutting piece a few days ago about the difference between a Trump win and a Cruz win. Donald wins when there are ballots and voters and voting machines that don’t switch votes. Cruz wins when there is white lined paper, party foremen and suspended elections. That’s not grass roots – that’s poison ivy.

This would almost be comical if it weren’t for the fact that the Clinton Crime Syndicate can plan and plot and amass a campaign war chest that might give Trump a run for his own money. As long as talk of some kind of brokered convention lingers, Hillary uses that time and chaos to her own benefit.

Every time Ted Cruz has a “victory” Hillary Clinton buys another round for the house. She knows all too well that the establishment of both parties is now on her side. And in the end useful idiots like Beck, Levin, Limbaugh and Cruz are all helping Hillary Clinton become the next president of the United States.


8 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Keeps Winning When There Is No Voting Going On

  1. Why is lying Ted ! allowed to run for president! when he is not eligible! he was born in Canada! his dad was born in Cuba !he was not born on the USA !soils why are you letting him break the rules and the laws of !America we do not want him in our country he needs to be sent back to his country because he is illegal! he’s not entitled to run for anything in !!!!our country Texas made the mistake!!! but America is not going to we are not going to let him in our White House!!!


    1. Ted Cruz have all the crazy like, Glen Beck Stein, Jeb Bush and all the Republican establishment that wants to be in charge of all the corrupt dealing that goes on in Congress. Don’t forget Paul Ryan, House speaker Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. and many more liberal establishment as well.


  2. Donald play the game. Not a bribe but a THANK you for any delegate you steal from Cruz. . A jeep, or Apple Watch or speed boat or I-pad or trip or diamond ring. You have the money – you can win. You must win


  3. I am ready to take up arms if needed, but there is no way in hell that 300 million voters should be held captive by 600 politicians! We the people have got to make a stand before our mis guided government sells us out to the New World Order! If this happens, genocide will be the next step!


    1. Yes. When you make a statement like this, without any substance you prove that you are the brainwashed and apparently you only need a light rinse.


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