No Math: Ted Cruz Campaign Finished

Conservatives Gather Near Washington DC for CPAC 2015  (February 26, 2013)

Donald Trump won a resounding victory last night in New York. Ted Cruz finished a distant third and wound up with zero delegates. The reality is that there is no mathematical way for Cruz to arrive at the magic 1237 in order to clinch the nomination.

So Cruz has gone into denial mode. Yesterday he viciously attacked Sean Hannity on his radio program, and today he kept attacking him, saying that some radio hosts are “in the tank” for Trump. Ted Cruz, the master debater, has been reduced to nothing more than a screaming, whining, frantic little girl with her pony tail in a knot.

There are few that could have imagined that Donald Trump would be where he is today. But the fact that Trump was able to vanquish sitting governors and man handle seasoned political pros, is a testament to his management and marketing instincts. It’s also a testament to how weak and anemic the republican party establishment has become.

For those of you Cruzbots who stumble on this article and want a contested convention, you are a sad, sorry lot. The more you fight the will of the people, the more Hillary Clinton is able to stockpile her ammunition for the general election. A chaotic convention means a weaker nominee coming out of the convention.

But for the never Trump crowd, their real goal is to elect Clinton because she shares their belief system and would be easier to roll than the brash billionaire. Clinton and Cruz are two sides of the same war machine. They are the same on trade. And they both want to increase immigration via a jacked up visa program.

Ted Cruz was never an outsider, he just played one on the senate floor. Ted Cruz will be a footnote in presidential politics….and….

Donald J. Trump will be the nominee and the next president of the United States.


2 thoughts on “No Math: Ted Cruz Campaign Finished

  1. because trump like millions of others in this country are bone tired of all the crooks running this country. we need to clean house and even put people in jail if needed in order to keep them out of American politics from then on. Trump is doing the right thing by siding with the American people and he is smart enough to get the job done. Pray for his continued success.


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