Cruz Bots In Denial – Beck, Levin, Limbaugh All Invested In Hillary

There is really no debating that talk radio are all indirect shills for Hillary Clinton and Clear Channel Media. These large talk radio corporations make tons of money off the ad revenue generated by loyal consumers of this now stale medium.

There are exceptions. Alex Jones and Michael Savage are truly independent thinkers. Laura Ingraham has been fair to Donald Trump as has Mike Gallagher. But word has gone out from every media CEO, that a Trump presidency would be bad news for their shareholders.

In addition to the financial component, there is also a political angle. If elected, Hillary Clinton keeps the bash-a-thon going for at least four more years. Those seeking refuge from “the liberal media” can tune Rush in at noon to get their “truth serum”. If Trump has shown the world anything, it’s that conservative media are CINOS. Conservative in name only.

Trump’s presence is such a conundrum that at one point, Limbaugh was defending Rubio’s gang of 8. Same with Glenn Beck. After Rubio appeared on Beck’s Mormon Big Tent Revival Hour, cohort Pat Gray chimed in that Marco’s answers on immigration were very satisfying. Hugh Hewitt has also been in the tank for anybody but Trump since last June. Hewitt’s gift is assembling gotcha questions about foreign dictators that nobody knew existed.

What was once a curious exercise in self-importance has now evolved into the right arm of the Hillary for president campaign. By keeping Ted Cruz alive, these so-called conservative talk radio “icons” give aid and comfort to the real enemy. And this was always the end game from the very beginning.


3 thoughts on “Cruz Bots In Denial – Beck, Levin, Limbaugh All Invested In Hillary

  1. absolutely ::::

    The RNC / GOP their “con” servative fraud media is infested with folks who exploit , fleece use and abuse the good n decent legal citizens for their absolute power over this country … absolute hord of a money pit for themselves personally, nothing else …

    they have zero interest in “WE THE PEOPLE” or what is best for the country or terms of a “REPUBLIC” or terms of “sovereign nation rights “ or terms of a constitution ….
    We learned the hard way the RNC is absolutely 100% for the RNC corrupt criminal organization which has zero to do with voting rights, citizen’s rights or the constitution:


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