Trump Delegates In PA Intimated By Ted Cruz Nazi Tactics

Ted Cruz knows he’s not going to win the republican nomination. But he and his Kool-Aid drinking followers are on a mission. Their goal is to stop Trump by discouraging his supporters.
This was happening all day long in the great state of Pennsylvania where Trump scored an impressive victory. Cruz had hoped to surprise Trump in the Keystone State, but got what’s left of his backside handed to him. But that didn’t stop team Cruz from squelching the first amendment.
Trump delegate Monica Morrill had a bit of a dust up with officials in Beaver County. Morrill did the unthinkable: she put up a Trump sign about 40 feet away from the polling center. In Pennsylvania the law clearly states that these signs can be 10 feet from the entrance. 
The county “officials” told her to remove the signs! Another day at the office for Trump supporters exercising their right to free speech.
Steve Herbik who is a delegate manager for team Trump was in a war all day long trying to combat the antics of two other campaigns that have inside influence, but no appeal to voters. Herbik takes care of the western half of Pennsylvania. No word what happened back east near Philly.
Party bosses are clearly becoming unhinged at the prospect of a Trump nomination and are resorting to a ground game that is taking a page or two from the Joseph Goebbels playbook.
So far we’ve heard nothing from the mainstream media or so-called conservative talk radio on this. All we hear is how Ted Cruz is the real conservative in the race. Apparently Cruz is the only “conservative” in the race intimating grass roots activists who love their country. 
Look for the Cruzbots to use the same tactics for “acquiring delegates” that are already pledged to Trump in Pennsylvania.

One thought on “Trump Delegates In PA Intimated By Ted Cruz Nazi Tactics

  1. PAGOP had better change their crooked practice. The delegate system is just a way of stealing our votes. I am happy to say though, that my districts PA delegates got elected and they are for TRUMP! Yes! Barletta helped!


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