Glenn Beck Failing: Donald Trump Most Likely The Cause


The Daily Beast is reporting that another 40 employees over at Glenn Beck’s network are being let go. This follows a batch of firings from less than a year ago. What’s causing this Blaze meltdown? Donald J. Trump.

Glenn Beck decided early on that he would have nothing to do with Trump. Beck made it clear on air that he believes the Donald is a progressive, a bully and a reckless authoritarian. Beck also found himself aligned with the GOP establishment. This has done irreparable damage to Beck’s media empire.

Beck has been a long time advocate of paying down the national debt. But apparently he is unable to keep up with the payments on a mult-million dollar bank loan he has been using just to keep the lights on.

Rather than pivot to a more logical tone regarding Donald Trump, Beck has doubled down on his almost cult-like support for Ted Cruz. And even though Beck’s audience is largely made up of Cruz-bots, his approach to bashing Trump has turned off people who used to tune in for the one-of-a-kind info Beck used to offer his listeners on things like ISIS and government spending.

Beck actually has nobody left to alienate.

He’s also been caught in Ted Cruz-style whole cloth lies. For starters, he made the claim that anyone in the Tea Party who supports Donald Trump has to be a racist even though Trump is setting records when it comes to African American support. Beck accused Melania Trump of being a lesbian porn star. He claimed that Trump voted for Obama in 2008. And on every position, he either distorts, misrepresents or outright lies about Donald Trump’s views on everything from immigration to tax policy.

There likely won’t be anyone who feels sorry for Beck as his empire implodes. Beck has made his own bed. He can claim to be a martyr for the cause. But sympathy will be hard to come by.

Donald Trump is the sunlight that has forced so-called conservative talkers to rethink everything they believe in. And for the listener, no you’re not going crazy. This “correction” was long overdue.


24 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Failing: Donald Trump Most Likely The Cause

  1. Oh yeah. I’ve said for years Beck is running a cult. He’s clearly mixing Mormonism in with his brand of politics, clearly pluralistic. He claims god speaks to him. He seems to be delusional. Much like Ted Cruz.

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  2. Beck your getting what you deserve. I used to watch your show all the time but since you made those comments about Trump a man who wants to make are country great, I have no respect for you or your thoughts. The country wants Trump and Trump we shall have.

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  3. I stopped listening to Beck a good while back. If he’s on the radio, I turn to another station. I used to listen to him on my morning drive but when I started picking up on things he said that sounded like he was having a mental breakdown I just could not listen any more. He has totally lost his mind (what he had left of it that is)

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  4. I don’t have ill wishes for anybody, even if they are deluded and misinformed. I want well-intentioned people to come to the knowledge of the truth and to prosper in their pursuit of a fulfilling life. To be clear, people with evil intent are not included in my definition of “anybody”.

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    1. I used to listen to Beck, but he’s gotten too crazy for me. He seems to feel that he is God’s messenger and that people who oppose Cruz will be punished by God. He is too egotistical and delusional for me.

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      1. I agree, I was once a Beck fan, and went about following his advice, … started doing my own research, and started to pay attention to what he was saying and who he was buttering up… some good people who he promoted and they fell for the “baited” questions giving answers that were true but beck would use to promote his agenda… I left shortly after he became so delusional, and it is all about Beck. He rally lost me when he would not give support to many patriot groups who were speaking out against some of the establishment elite, and facing down government. He became as two faced as the corrupt politicians he was trying to dethrone, some TEA PARTY groups as well. It has been sense just after he left Fox News and started the Mercury Media Network and raking in the money from his supporters, that he himself confirmed what I had researched. He is a fraud, and really all about Beck. Just wondered when he would self destruct… .


    1. People started to fall away from him, before Trump was ever in the picture… like me, I started to dislike him when he started showing more of his delusional obsession about Soros and how that spread to some others he had supported then criticized for what he once encouraged.



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  6. I cannot stand to even hear his voice on a commercial anymore. This is the hole that accused Trumps wife of being a ‘porn-star’ which probably gave the idea to that sick PAC ‘make America awesome’ (‘awesome’ wow dude how awesome is awesome like dude) with a picture of Trumps wife…and then when all Trump did was point out that little Heidi worked for Goldman Sachs and an open borders group little baby Cruz cried over how unfair it was to bring wives into it. Glen Beck is disgusting.


  7. I completely left Beck in the rear view mirror, I used to be a faithful listener until he was so obsessed with destroy trump , that it became pathetic. I thought may the religion was part of it, since M. Romney acted the same way along with M. Levin. I stopped listening to them all, they are just awful annoying to listen too, and I’ve had it with them all.

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  8. I haven’t listened to Glenn for a while and it sounds like he has lost his way. Hope people will pray for him to return to the good work he used to do!


  9. Beck is an example of the failure of Congress and why both Trump and Cruz are another dissapointment. The Blaze was all about Glenn no room for other thoughts. He like Trump believe they have the right to attack and make fun of people who are not lock stepping behind. A show with Glenn disrespecting those in government he didn’t agree with, Glenn paved the way for Trump. Now the public are sick of Glenn celebrating Glenn. We have his monster a rude, crude, uneducated and frankly uninterested in anything Americans care about. Narcissism is total interest of self. Glenn made a fortune from his adoration of himself and the monster so much like him openly cares only for the big job with power in his hand. Fox News, Glenn Beck all tried to destroy our President yet he has held Our country safely through it all while keeping his head up. A better man then all of you self serving so called proud As you humiliated our elected President for all the enemy to. You must be proud but I say shame on you. Pray little crazy boy Donald doesn’t step in to shoes he hasn’t earned as he destroys all that we love. So no Glenn your drama, tears and chest pounding are of no interest to anyone but you, all about you. Just go home and count your gold.


  10. Another clear example of distorting news: Beck said one morning that Trump was not targeted by the Pope when Pope said that one should build bridges but not walls. However, in the transcript, the Pope was asked what he thought about Donald Trump and then Pope answered one should build bridges but not walls. It opened my eyes on Beck.

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  11. beck has been on the way out for a very long time now. trump may have been the finishing straw that breaks the camels back. from hearing beck he has great difficulty putting two coherent sentences together. he barely starts a sentence when he is off another have you noticed this about him? Beck is in it for the money. I don’t go out of my way to listen to him because he makes no sense. And he has a huge ego, thinking that he has special knowledge.


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