Forget The Suspension: The FBI Needs To Put Glenn Beck and Brad Thor In Jail


There comes a time when “fun banter” between holier-than-thou make believe conservatives turns into something highly toxic and criminal. Such is the case with last week’s Glenn Beck-Brad Thor discourse. Beck, was once a morning shock jock, so this territory is not new for him. He tends to keep shouting crazy crap until someone finally hears him. Thor writes fiction and has surely come up with book plots that include an assassination or two.

Both of these men have been outed by Donald Trump. Their hatred for Trump is so out of proportion. Trump has done nothing to them to deserve the kind of treatment he is getting. As a side note, Mark Levin has also flipped his lid and has called for “kicking the ass of the opposition..politically speaking of course”.  At least Rush Limbaugh has seen the light and has begun to praise Trump.

It was revealed today that Sirius XM satellite radio has suspended Beck from their channel for one week, and possibly longer. Their explanation was lengthy, but centered around the Brad Thor “patriot” who would ride in with a shotgun and dispose of the newly elected president Trump. A suspension from the airwaves is a good start, but it’s time for these two men to be arrested. They are clearly encouraging violence and are a danger to Trump and America in general.

It’s time for the FBI to get involved. They’ve already visited Beck’s Disney-like compound after the talk show host said that if he were on stage with Trump during a debate that “the stabbing wouldn’t stop”. Beck and his Kool Aid brigade continue to deny and deflect all of these “allegations” even though there are transcripts and audio. Beck has made it his new pastime to blame Matt Drudge for all of his woes. Drudge just links to stories, he doesn’t write them. Gateway Pundit and other high profile sites have also linked to these stories.

It’s time for Beck to be taken off the air and tried for inciting violence. Same with Brad Thor. They are both deplorable human beings and at the very least ought to be shamed out of the spotlight and into eternal bankruptcy and poverty.

Bill Kristol: Delusional, Stupid and Insane All Rolled Into One Dough Boy Package!

Fat Bill

When Bill Kristol wakes up in the morning, my guess is he immediately begins to think about what could have been. He just can’t seem to come to grips with this thing called the popular vote. And with Never Trump in full retreat, Bill has decided to go it alone.

Donald Trump is not a globalist. His speech patterns irk the egg headed mindsets of Kristol, Glenn Beck, Brad Thor and Mark Levin. Rush Limbaugh is actually trying to right his sinking ship by predicting Trump landslides and Hillary indictments.But for the rest of the so-called conservative media who refuse to board the Trump Train, it’s another day in hell.

Bill Kristol is the “leader” of this movement. A man whose voice is the visual equivalent to watching paint dry. He has been spearheading an effort to find that magical third party candidate that will sear the consciences of those who’ve finally woken up – thanks to Donald Trump who’s called the whole enterprise corrupt. And Kristol is the corruption Trump has been talking about.

Bill Kristol claims to be a smart man.But his magazine advocates for open borders and soft center right policies, including nation building. Bill has fallen out of fashion. And now he finds himself in the company of Mark Levin and Glenn Beck who both at one time used to loathe Kristol. The Donald has created some strange bedfellows. Neocons and Constitutional zealots, banning together even though they have nothing in common.

There is no doubt that this is a suicide mission. Reince Priebus ought to be on the phone day and night with Kristol because if dough-boy Billy succeeds, it will be the official end to the republican party. Never Trump means always Hillary. By the way, is anyone else getting tired of these Twitter hash tags?

Billy has decided to save us from Trump. Well the only two people on the planet who would move the meter enough would be Colin Powell and Condi Rice. Neither of whom have had the penchant for presidential politics. They’d also have to be enthusiastic if they were announced. A Mike Bloomberg or a Mark Cuban would not be enough to derail the Trump Train.

And finally, Bill Kristol has again, misread the desire and will of the peasants. We like Donald Trump. We don’t care if he knows all of the names of foreign dictators. We like it when he shows up at Rolling Thunder and pledges to help the veterans. We like it when he calls people stupid and incompetent. And we like it even more when he brands his opponents with catchy nicknames like crooked Hillary.

It may be time for Donald to brand Bill Kristol. How about #AmericaHaterBillKristol?

Not catchy, but it’s spot on. Bill Kristol’s plot if successful would be the death of the two party system and an almost certain victory for the chosen democrat.

Glenn Beck: Bain Capital’s Prostitute

Glenn Beck

The old warn out expression in life and in politics is “follow the money”.  And in the case of the Glenn Beck program it’s ties to one of the most insidious global investment banks is an easy one to to unearth.

IHeart Media, which is now owned in part by Bain Capital, has 850 full power AM and FM radio stations in the United States making it the largest player in a field dominated by corporate radio. IHeart also distributes Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

For all Glenn Beck’s bluster about debt and deficits, he fails to mention to his dwindling corps of Kool Aid consumers that the main company that owns his pathetic radio show is still trying to crawl out from under a crippling 10 billion in debt. In early 2010 it was announced that the company was facing bankruptcy.

Again for all of Beck’s commentary on Donald Trump’s bankruptcies, it’s rather ironic that the company he works for has recently filed chapter 11 and still hasn’t recovered from the Great Recession.

And of course Bain Capital and fellow partners Thomas H. Lee are global banking entities that represent the very things most Americans loathe. This is the one percent on steroids. These companies do the kind of things that Donald Trump has done, except they do it on a global scale and they specialize in leveraged buyouts. In other words, they swoop in when the markets crash and then buy whatever it is they are interested in for pennies on the dollar.

Thomas H. Lee Partners, L.P. is an American private equity firm based in Boston specializing in leveraged buyouts capital growth, special situations, industry consolidations, and recapitalizations. If your curiosity was peaked over the phrase “special situations”, that is a reference to companies that are facing a mountain of insurmountable debt and are looking for someone to buy them out immediately. They are desperate and ready to sell. George Soros does the same thing. The only difference is Beck has made Soros a household name, whereas Bain Capital is never viewed in a negative light.

These aren’t mom and pop small businesses trying to make ends meet. These are vast holding companies looking to “flip” other large businesses and turn a substantial profit. There is nothing wrong with this form of capitalism except for the fact that it amplifies the stereotype that was made popular by Occupy Wall Street and other left wing fringe groups. And quite honestly, there is now agreement on both ends of the political spectrum that this type of business practice is killing American jobs and American sovereignty.

There isn’t even a question that Bain and Lee want cheap labor imported into this country so their shareholders can get the biggest bang for their buck. Neither group has an allegiance to the United States other than their geographical headquarters.

And Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and even Sean Hannity are helping these robber barons create and sustain a New World Order of banking and racketeering. These “conservatives” are literally working for the “man” they tell their listeners they are against. It’s the ultimate in conflict of interest.

So the next time you hear Glenn Beck open his pie hole about the Constitution, remember that he works for an enterprise that openly promotes the destruction of American sovereignty and the subjugation of the American worker.

Mark Levin and Glenn Beck Still Getting Ted Cruz Slush Fund Money to Bash Trump


Trump operative Roger Stone dug this dirt up about a month ago in an article from The Daily Caller. The Caller is a website that hasn’t gone full Monty on the truth and it provides a fair and balanced landscape of thought when juxtaposed with The Blaze or Levin TV. There is professional “Christian” money laundering going on.

From The Daily Caller article: The Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF), a “conservative” fund founded by former Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina that backed Cruz in his Senate fight against Obamacare, spent $427,000 to buy copies of radio talk show host Mark Levin’s four-year-old book “Liberty or Tyranny” to distribute to donors – a purchase that should have earned Levin approximately $1 million in royalties.

GOP establishment political operative David Barton not only operates “Keep the Promise” one of the most prominent pro-Cruz Super-PACs, he also serves as the chairman of Glenn Beck’s Mercury One “charity”.

Cruz has about 6 million dollars left in his campaign coffers. And some are wondering what he will do with it. Will he spend it helping Donald Trump win the nomination? Pigs will fly first. Cruz will do whatever it takes to block Trump from the nomination even if that means funneling money to Hillary PACS.

And based on the radio show antics of both Beck and Levin, it is clear that there is a concerted effort to take down Trump and to use leftover campaign funds to ratchet up so-called “Constitutional Education” for listeners who are struggling with a favorable opinion of Donald Trump.

Beck is planning another one of his marches on wherever to promote the Constitution and to rail against Trump. There is speculation that Beck may endorse Gary Johnson for president (the libertarian candidate) even though Johnson is light years from Beck on social issues.

Levin will devote his Cruz cash to strictly bashing Trump nightly and he may even join in with the liberals by using their talking points against Donald. Levin is an outspoken critic of Trump’s trade policies and seems to be in favor of a continuation of the same trade policies that have caused disastrous trade deficits with the entire pacific rim.

A secondary influence in this conflict of interest is IHeart Media and Westwood One. Both networks are owned by global players and view conservative talk radio as just another entertainment commodity. Neither of the network chairman hold any allegiance to the United States and are likely cheering their respective hosts as they go after Trump.

One thing is for certain, the supporters of Beck and Levin are rabid partisans that live in their own toxic bubble. They have been taught to hate Donald Trump and everything he represents. Moreover, they seem to hate Trump supporters even more than the man himself.

And for millions of Americans who just woke up to the current political realities, it’s like getting hit by friendly fire over and over again.

Like the mainstream media, the make believe conservative media is corrupt and wicked and has an agenda that will ultimately lead to another Clinton presidency.

Roger Stone – Daily Caller Article

Conservative Treehouse Article on PAC Money Being Funneled



What Part of Conservative Does Never Trump Not Understand?

Donald Trump

I am beginning to think never trumpers have some kind of personal animus toward Donald. I mean if you look at the endorsements he’s gotten and the positions he’s taken, that is only explanation that makes sense.

Now there is this nagging argument about his Constitutional credentials – the same argument that was blown completely out of the water by Trump’s list of Supreme Court nominees. A list that was praised up and down. I mean senator Mike Lee’s brother was on it. Apparently that didn’t even show up on the radar for nut jobs like Glenn Beck and Mark Levin. I guess for these “Constitutional Nazis” no amount of Donald Trump conservatism is enough.

Some have focused on things like big labor and trade as a way to discredit Trump. I guess that line of attack is fantastic if you are a New World Order zombie who enjoys huge trade deficits and declining wages. Makes for a good sound byte to say “Big Labor” is evil. These are the same people who’ve seen their membership decline because there is no manufacturing base to sustain them. They usually side with democrats who then proceed to sell them out with “trade agreements” like NAFTA and GATT and TPP.

Mark Levin believes Trump will start a trade war. Hey Mark, word to your mother, and your father…we are in a trade war, and China is kicking our ass. So next time you spew trade war nonsense, put your right hand on the Torah and say it with a straight face and for God’s sake drop the Gilbert Gottfried shtick just long enough to stop the tension headaches. It’s the only radio show where ear plugs and Aspirin should be mandatory.

For Glenn Beck, it’s clearly personal. Trump deconstructed Beck the same way he took out Lindsey Graham – with truth and alpha male testosterone. Beck’s ballerina outfit couldn’t cope with the “brown shirts”. They have to make up stuff like Trump voting for Obama in 2008. The ends justify the means for Beck and IHeart Radio. A sweetheart partnership worth millions and most of the money winds up in the hands of corporate raiders who want cheap labor and an infinite Dow Jones.

Meanwhile the American worker looks on as he’s screwed by radio hosts, media pundits and “friends” who were supposed to be on their side. Trust no one in this new media paradigm. They are all out for themselves. And most of them already have their fortune. They could care less about you and I. And that is why they are willing to throw this thing over to Hillary. It will help their ratings as it lines the pockets of radio barons who are still cashing in on the Rush Limbaugh era of talk radio.

Donald Trump is a conservative for the people. He is not interested in impressing some scholar over at Hillsdale College. He is the first America-first candidate in my lifetime.

Don’t make the mistake of being the holy self righteous moron that puts Hillary Clinton in the White House.

The New Narrative: Donald Trump Not Qualified To Be President – No Mention About How Hillary or Obama Are Qualified!


The media is moving through narratives faster than Michael Moore at a buffet line. Just a couple of days ago, the media was letting us know how mean Donald Trump is to women. But then a whole bevy of women came forward to obliterate that line of attack.

A few weeks ago Trump was told he would be in a blood bath at the republican convention. That somehow Ted Cruz was going to use Common Core math and his father’s miracle elixir to magically usurp Donald’s nomination. And then Indiana happened. It took only one mano-a-mano sit down with coach Bobby Knight to seal the deal for those in the Hoosier state.

And a few weeks before that, Trump was supposedly inciting riots at his rallies. But then the truth of the Soros rent-a-mob protesters got out on to social media and the mainstream newsbots had to pull back on their made up narrative.

And now we learn that Donald Trump, via Hillary Clinton, is not qualified to be president. Excuse me, I was drinking a diet coke and soda started shooting out of my nose. The woman who lost to Barack Obama in 2008 is lecturing us on who and who is not qualified to be president? I’m wondering if she’ll just hot mic a comment about the Skull and Bones society and how Trump is not a member. Or will she cite all of her great achievements like health care reform, oops, that failed. Or her long list of meaningless votes in the senate. Or her strong support for the Iraq war, that ought to be a big hit with Sanders supporters. I know! Hillary can bark! That is a huge accomplishment.

This new narrative will be picked up by the media faster than Michael Moore picks up a fork at a buffet. (Hey it worked in the first paragraph) The Clinton News Network will start quizzically asking their audience the 10 billion dollar question: “What makes Donald Trump qualified to be president?” And then they’ll roll out as many never trumpers as they can find. Never trumpers will be known in the newsroom as useful idiots. Expect Glenn Beck and Mark Levin to be on to explain what the Constitution means and how knowing about the nuclear triad is more important than killing Obamacare.

Like all of the prior fake, meaningless narratives, the qualifications narrative will die an ugly, mostly forgettable death once Trump starts jabbing. He won’t even need a knockout punch.

This site will document the media’s downward spiral and the next narrative as soon as the DNC and nevertrump come up with something new. For now, grab some popcorn and watch the show.

Mark Levin Trashes Hannity, Limbaugh and Ingraham Over Their Support of Donald Trump


May 17th, 6:40 PM. Just another scream fest on the Mark Levin radio show. Levin has been unhinged since his butt boy Ted Cruz got destroyed in the primaries by what some people in his circles call “the orange manikin”. The “Great One” was on one of his usual nauseating tirades about how Cruz “came out of nowhere” to finish in second place.

No mention about how Neil Bush and the establishment gave SNL’s “Satan” a leg up on the competition. No mention of how “Keep The Promise”, a Super PAC headed by David Barton funneled money to both Mark Levin and Glenn Beck. And of course there was no talk about Levin’s future stepson who worked (past tense) for El Cruzo.

Levin wasn’t through. Every night his rhetoric ratchets up to the level of congressman Alan “die quickly” Grayson. His voice gets to that Sam Kinison meets Glibert Gottfried crescendo and if you’re not switching the station, you’re grabbing the volume control knob.“The Bald One” is now lying to his listeners claiming that Donald Trump is not an outsider and “won’t shake things up in Washington”.

Well based on the campaign thus far, Trump has already shaken up Washington. Even Obama took a swipe at Trump during his Rutgers “we don’t build walls” speech. Trump has also shaken up – or more accurately, outed, so-called conservative talk radio. The ratings for these shows, including Levin, are tanking like the Titantic in a sandbox.

Levin put the cherry on the sundae when he told his waning group of parchment worshipers that “there are certain radio hosts who are responsible for Donald Trump’s success. Some who’ve betrayed the Constitution. Some who have outright lied!”

Well if we are keeping score, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and to a much lesser extent, Rush Limbaugh have all given Donald Trump a fair shake. And without Hannity and Limbaugh, Mark Levin would not be on the radio. They were all once friends. Not sure if that friendship is in tact. Listening to Levin, it would seem that his only friend might be a bottle of Scotch.

Word to Mark Levin: The primaries are over. Ted Cruz lost. The people spoke, and spoke loudly and historically. You suck. Your radio show sucks. And the people who listen to your radio show suck.

Mark Levin is a doctrinal purist that has an out of proportion disdain for Donald Trump and the hard working Americans who love him. And in the process he is creating a cult-like following of people who care more about our founding document than the current state of the world.

Transgender or Jobs: Which Issue Is More Important to Americans?


How is that every election cycle we have to an endure “issues” brought up by left wing lunatics? These issues are wedges or distractions and do a splendid job at trending on social media, but are meaningless to most Americans.

I have no idea of what the transgender population is in this country and I don’t really have any intellectual curiosity to know. My guess is it’s less than one percent. But based on the news cycle, transgender bathrooms are more important to humanity than the moon landing.

And while this issue rages on, no concern is given to the rights of small children. Kids who should be protected from sexual predators. Are we to assume that all of these courageous Caitlyn Jenner types are perfectly normal citizens?

And when did abnormal become the new normal? And how come it doesn’t apply to every kind of abnormal? It seems to only apply to abnormal sexuality. As if someone or something is trying to rip the moorings out from a under a society that once had clearly understood boundaries.

Hillary Clinton will carry the mantle of these poor souls who can’t figure out which bathroom to use. And Donald Trump will talk about creating jobs and kick starting a dead economy. And the media will focus on the transgender issue. They will force Trump to talk about something he hasn’t the stomach for. The good news is that most Americans are with the Donald on this one.

We are done with distractions. We understand what is at stake and what the important issues are. The labor force is the smallest it’s been since the late 1970’s. And we have a lot more people living in America now then we did then. I have a hunch that transgender bathroom rights aren’t in anyone’s top 50 most pressing issues.

And that bodes well for Donald Trump who is the ultimate warrior against political correctness.

Dana Loesch: Another Glenn Beck Lunatic Who Belongs In A Padded Cell

Dana_Radio_10_12_720x480_tewursrdThe Gateway Pundit reported yesterday on something that made me do multiple re-reads and double takes on. It was a story about Glenn Beck’s made for TV street walker, Dana Loesch. Apparently Loesch wanted to prove a point about Donald Trump’s rhetoric. Or at least that is how the story evolved after the fact.

Loesch was responding to CNN contributor Kayleigh McEnany. Dana took issue with Ms. McEnany’s recent assertion that Republicans who don’t get behind the party’s presumptive nominee aren’t true conservatives.

Well there’s nothing that will set a Cruzbot off more than stating that it might be a good idea to support Trump over Hillary.

Loesch laid into McEnany and called her flat chested as part of her brilliant critique. Once Loesch was informed that McEnany had undergone a double mastectomy, she then claimed she was using a rhetorical device that Donald Trump used to cut down his enemies. And the strategy of doubling down amidst the controversy proves her point about Trump and his supporters.

First of all Dana Loesch should be nowhere near a camera or a microphone. She ought to be attending PTA meetings or baking cookies. Her claim to fame is she road the Tea Party Express for a few years and she wears make-up well.

Secondly, her claims of Christian Constitutional purity fly out the window with her explanation. The old adage “two wrongs don’t make a right” applies here, even if we use her false premise about the way Trump supposedly kills off his opponents.

The Blaze empire is crumbling and is flailing around looking to score a few headlines. Loesch is only emulating her boss, Glenn Beck. As the ship sinks, you might as well light it on fire so the world can get one last look at the crew of psychopaths as they go down with the ship.

In all honestly, Dana Loesch isn’t even worth the time it took to compose this article.

Donald Trump Should Pick Jim Webb As Vice President


If Donald Trump wants to win Virginia and peel the maximum number of votes away from Hillary Clinton, he ought to pick former Virginia senator and military veteran Jim Webb as his vice presidential pick.

Webb, who is an accomplished writer, entrepreneur, foreign policy expert and democrat, would add tons of gravitas to Trump’s presidential bid and would further the notion that Donald’s campaign is less about party and more about America.

Virginia is a key battleground state and Webb is still extremely popular there. He is also at odds with his own party on many many issues. This makes Webb a real maverick and a perfect running mate for Donald Trump.

Finally, Webb is respected by both sides of the aisle and nobody questions his ability to assume the responsibilities of the presidency if something were to happen to Donald Trump.

Team Trump needs to seriously consider Jim Webb for vice president.