Reaction To Last Blog Post Makes Constitutional Cruzbots Go Ape-Bleep!


First of all…. for all you Mark Levin, Glenn Beck Kool Aid consumers, this is a blog. It’s not a news site. My last blog was an opinion piece. It is my opinion that Ted Cruz will endorse Donald Trump for president. For Trumpers this does not mean I am siding with Cruz or that I like Ted Cruz. He is vermin in the purest sense of the word.

For the grammar police, I appreciate the notifications I received about my use of the words pure bread when it should have read purebred. I’m sorry that meant so much to you. I’m not your 11th grade English teacher. I am someone who writes on the fly, and I don’t often proofread especially when the thoughts are flowing faster than the words.

Finally, if my blog was so offensive, why have numerous sites linked to it? Because I was the first person on the national scene to write coherently about a Cruz endorsement. This means that I was way ahead of the curve and far more prescient than the folks over at #nevertrump. I’m sorry that I think Ted Cruz is a snake and a charlatan. By the way, I’d feel exactly the same about lyin’ Ted even if Donald Trump wasn’t running for president. Cruz’s behavior during the campaign was nothing short of reprehensible.

We shall see if I am wrong. Word has it that a “shadow”campaign has begun where delegates will be stolen behind the scenes even though Cruz has dropped out of the race. Nobody trusts lyin’ Ted so there is a good chance these reports are true.

In the meantime, try to get a grip. I never knew there were this many people in my country who followed lunatics like Glenn Beck and Mark Levin. But then again, I once thought Ted Cruz was a real conservative too.


One thought on “Reaction To Last Blog Post Makes Constitutional Cruzbots Go Ape-Bleep!

  1. Right again. If Cruz won they’d all be criticizing us up one side and down the other if we didn’t”unite”. And he is a snake, and Trump even did a great job reading the words to that song.

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