Dana Loesch: Another Glenn Beck Lunatic Who Belongs In A Padded Cell

Dana_Radio_10_12_720x480_tewursrdThe Gateway Pundit reported yesterday on something that made me do multiple re-reads and double takes on. It was a story about Glenn Beck’s made for TV street walker, Dana Loesch. Apparently Loesch wanted to prove a point about Donald Trump’s rhetoric. Or at least that is how the story evolved after the fact.

Loesch was responding to CNN contributor Kayleigh McEnany. Dana took issue with Ms. McEnany’s recent assertion that Republicans who don’t get behind the party’s presumptive nominee aren’t true conservatives.

Well there’s nothing that will set a Cruzbot off more than stating that it might be a good idea to support Trump over Hillary.

Loesch laid into McEnany and called her flat chested as part of her brilliant critique. Once Loesch was informed that McEnany had undergone a double mastectomy, she then claimed she was using a rhetorical device that Donald Trump used to cut down his enemies. And the strategy of doubling down amidst the controversy proves her point about Trump and his supporters.

First of all Dana Loesch should be nowhere near a camera or a microphone. She ought to be attending PTA meetings or baking cookies. Her claim to fame is she road the Tea Party Express for a few years and she wears make-up well.

Secondly, her claims of Christian Constitutional purity fly out the window with her explanation. The old adage “two wrongs don’t make a right” applies here, even if we use her false premise about the way Trump supposedly kills off his opponents.

The Blaze empire is crumbling and is flailing around looking to score a few headlines. Loesch is only emulating her boss, Glenn Beck. As the ship sinks, you might as well light it on fire so the world can get one last look at the crew of psychopaths as they go down with the ship.

In all honestly, Dana Loesch isn’t even worth the time it took to compose this article.


8 thoughts on “Dana Loesch: Another Glenn Beck Lunatic Who Belongs In A Padded Cell

  1. I think Dana is suffering from SLS. Sore LOSER Syndrome. In her case, she has battled this disease before, but I hear it is worse each time you are afflicted, and she’s had it a lot. She also has a severe addiction to LOSERS. Perhaps because she sees one every time she looks in a mirror.

    It’s either that, or she is sitting on too many super beets.

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  2. She sulks like a 2 year old. Her diatribe on McEnany was unconscionable.
    Also what the heck is Christian Constitutional? She must think Jesus is an American Conservative. She clearly has no knowledge of Scripture, much less the secular American Constitution.

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  3. Sounds like Cruz lying and lying about lying when he gets caught. Sorta like the ‘poison pills’ song and dance. And the dirty tricks he pulled on Ben Carson in Iowa. And then had the gall to ‘give God the glory’. I think Ted Cruz is evil and his followers are psychopaths. Glenn Beck needs to be in a padded cell.

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    1. Politijim.com is the go-to place for facts/data – the goods – on Cruz lies and corruption. Texan, Jim B. was a Cruz supporter/worker in his Senate campaign.

      Loesch is just Beck’s paid patsy. She’s also a possible Cruz mistress, since she’s A. Brunette and B. Political media pundit. C. Noisily (obsessed with) promoting Cruz and putting down Trump. Loesch is completely the Cruz Trademark Type. She’s also one of the 16 Fire Corey Lewandowski female pundits.

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  4. She’s nothing but a Beck Boot licker. She should be happy because she doesn’t like either candidate so no matter who wins, she’ll still have something to bitch about for at least 4 years. In my opinion, she’s a phony and a fake. She used to homeschool her kids because she felt that they would get a better education. Funny how once she no longer had hte time to homeschool them, public school was then acceptable. Hypocrite.

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