Transgender or Jobs: Which Issue Is More Important to Americans?


How is that every election cycle we have to an endure “issues” brought up by left wing lunatics? These issues are wedges or distractions and do a splendid job at trending on social media, but are meaningless to most Americans.

I have no idea of what the transgender population is in this country and I don’t really have any intellectual curiosity to know. My guess is it’s less than one percent. But based on the news cycle, transgender bathrooms are more important to humanity than the moon landing.

And while this issue rages on, no concern is given to the rights of small children. Kids who should be protected from sexual predators. Are we to assume that all of these courageous Caitlyn Jenner types are perfectly normal citizens?

And when did abnormal become the new normal? And how come it doesn’t apply to every kind of abnormal? It seems to only apply to abnormal sexuality. As if someone or something is trying to rip the moorings out from a under a society that once had clearly understood boundaries.

Hillary Clinton will carry the mantle of these poor souls who can’t figure out which bathroom to use. And Donald Trump will talk about creating jobs and kick starting a dead economy. And the media will focus on the transgender issue. They will force Trump to talk about something he hasn’t the stomach for. The good news is that most Americans are with the Donald on this one.

We are done with distractions. We understand what is at stake and what the important issues are. The labor force is the smallest it’s been since the late 1970’s. And we have a lot more people living in America now then we did then. I have a hunch that transgender bathroom rights aren’t in anyone’s top 50 most pressing issues.

And that bodes well for Donald Trump who is the ultimate warrior against political correctness.


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