The New Narrative: Donald Trump Not Qualified To Be President – No Mention About How Hillary or Obama Are Qualified!


The media is moving through narratives faster than Michael Moore at a buffet line. Just a couple of days ago, the media was letting us know how mean Donald Trump is to women. But then a whole bevy of women came forward to obliterate that line of attack.

A few weeks ago Trump was told he would be in a blood bath at the republican convention. That somehow Ted Cruz was going to use Common Core math and his father’s miracle elixir to magically usurp Donald’s nomination. And then Indiana happened. It took only one mano-a-mano sit down with coach Bobby Knight to seal the deal for those in the Hoosier state.

And a few weeks before that, Trump was supposedly inciting riots at his rallies. But then the truth of the Soros rent-a-mob protesters got out on to social media and the mainstream newsbots had to pull back on their made up narrative.

And now we learn that Donald Trump, via Hillary Clinton, is not qualified to be president. Excuse me, I was drinking a diet coke and soda started shooting out of my nose. The woman who lost to Barack Obama in 2008 is lecturing us on who and who is not qualified to be president? I’m wondering if she’ll just hot mic a comment about the Skull and Bones society and how Trump is not a member. Or will she cite all of her great achievements like health care reform, oops, that failed. Or her long list of meaningless votes in the senate. Or her strong support for the Iraq war, that ought to be a big hit with Sanders supporters. I know! Hillary can bark! That is a huge accomplishment.

This new narrative will be picked up by the media faster than Michael Moore picks up a fork at a buffet. (Hey it worked in the first paragraph) The Clinton News Network will start quizzically asking their audience the 10 billion dollar question: “What makes Donald Trump qualified to be president?” And then they’ll roll out as many never trumpers as they can find. Never trumpers will be known in the newsroom as useful idiots. Expect Glenn Beck and Mark Levin to be on to explain what the Constitution means and how knowing about the nuclear triad is more important than killing Obamacare.

Like all of the prior fake, meaningless narratives, the qualifications narrative will die an ugly, mostly forgettable death once Trump starts jabbing. He won’t even need a knockout punch.

This site will document the media’s downward spiral and the next narrative as soon as the DNC and nevertrump come up with something new. For now, grab some popcorn and watch the show.


One thought on “The New Narrative: Donald Trump Not Qualified To Be President – No Mention About How Hillary or Obama Are Qualified!

  1. She looked horrible. The entire interview was voiced over narrative. How does it always seem that Chris Cuomo and Trump go “toe to toe” with the “questions and Hillz gets a voice over pass? Not to mention there has got to be something going on with her health. She looked like death warmed over. When Trump talks about strength and stamina, he must know something we don’t.


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