What Part of Conservative Does Never Trump Not Understand?

Donald Trump

I am beginning to think never trumpers have some kind of personal animus toward Donald. I mean if you look at the endorsements he’s gotten and the positions he’s taken, that is only explanation that makes sense.

Now there is this nagging argument about his Constitutional credentials – the same argument that was blown completely out of the water by Trump’s list of Supreme Court nominees. A list that was praised up and down. I mean senator Mike Lee’s brother was on it. Apparently that didn’t even show up on the radar for nut jobs like Glenn Beck and Mark Levin. I guess for these “Constitutional Nazis” no amount of Donald Trump conservatism is enough.

Some have focused on things like big labor and trade as a way to discredit Trump. I guess that line of attack is fantastic if you are a New World Order zombie who enjoys huge trade deficits and declining wages. Makes for a good sound byte to say “Big Labor” is evil. These are the same people who’ve seen their membership decline because there is no manufacturing base to sustain them. They usually side with democrats who then proceed to sell them out with “trade agreements” like NAFTA and GATT and TPP.

Mark Levin believes Trump will start a trade war. Hey Mark, word to your mother, and your father…we are in a trade war, and China is kicking our ass. So next time you spew trade war nonsense, put your right hand on the Torah and say it with a straight face and for God’s sake drop the Gilbert Gottfried shtick just long enough to stop the tension headaches. It’s the only radio show where ear plugs and Aspirin should be mandatory.

For Glenn Beck, it’s clearly personal. Trump deconstructed Beck the same way he took out Lindsey Graham – with truth and alpha male testosterone. Beck’s ballerina outfit couldn’t cope with the “brown shirts”. They have to make up stuff like Trump voting for Obama in 2008. The ends justify the means for Beck and IHeart Radio. A sweetheart partnership worth millions and most of the money winds up in the hands of corporate raiders who want cheap labor and an infinite Dow Jones.

Meanwhile the American worker looks on as he’s screwed by radio hosts, media pundits and “friends” who were supposed to be on their side. Trust no one in this new media paradigm. They are all out for themselves. And most of them already have their fortune. They could care less about you and I. And that is why they are willing to throw this thing over to Hillary. It will help their ratings as it lines the pockets of radio barons who are still cashing in on the Rush Limbaugh era of talk radio.

Donald Trump is a conservative for the people. He is not interested in impressing some scholar over at Hillsdale College. He is the first America-first candidate in my lifetime.

Don’t make the mistake of being the holy self righteous moron that puts Hillary Clinton in the White House.


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