Glenn Beck: Bain Capital’s Prostitute

Glenn Beck

The old warn out expression in life and in politics is “follow the money”.  And in the case of the Glenn Beck program it’s ties to one of the most insidious global investment banks is an easy one to to unearth.

IHeart Media, which is now owned in part by Bain Capital, has 850 full power AM and FM radio stations in the United States making it the largest player in a field dominated by corporate radio. IHeart also distributes Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

For all Glenn Beck’s bluster about debt and deficits, he fails to mention to his dwindling corps of Kool Aid consumers that the main company that owns his pathetic radio show is still trying to crawl out from under a crippling 10 billion in debt. In early 2010 it was announced that the company was facing bankruptcy.

Again for all of Beck’s commentary on Donald Trump’s bankruptcies, it’s rather ironic that the company he works for has recently filed chapter 11 and still hasn’t recovered from the Great Recession.

And of course Bain Capital and fellow partners Thomas H. Lee are global banking entities that represent the very things most Americans loathe. This is the one percent on steroids. These companies do the kind of things that Donald Trump has done, except they do it on a global scale and they specialize in leveraged buyouts. In other words, they swoop in when the markets crash and then buy whatever it is they are interested in for pennies on the dollar.

Thomas H. Lee Partners, L.P. is an American private equity firm based in Boston specializing in leveraged buyouts capital growth, special situations, industry consolidations, and recapitalizations. If your curiosity was peaked over the phrase “special situations”, that is a reference to companies that are facing a mountain of insurmountable debt and are looking for someone to buy them out immediately. They are desperate and ready to sell. George Soros does the same thing. The only difference is Beck has made Soros a household name, whereas Bain Capital is never viewed in a negative light.

These aren’t mom and pop small businesses trying to make ends meet. These are vast holding companies looking to “flip” other large businesses and turn a substantial profit. There is nothing wrong with this form of capitalism except for the fact that it amplifies the stereotype that was made popular by Occupy Wall Street and other left wing fringe groups. And quite honestly, there is now agreement on both ends of the political spectrum that this type of business practice is killing American jobs and American sovereignty.

There isn’t even a question that Bain and Lee want cheap labor imported into this country so their shareholders can get the biggest bang for their buck. Neither group has an allegiance to the United States other than their geographical headquarters.

And Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and even Sean Hannity are helping these robber barons create and sustain a New World Order of banking and racketeering. These “conservatives” are literally working for the “man” they tell their listeners they are against. It’s the ultimate in conflict of interest.

So the next time you hear Glenn Beck open his pie hole about the Constitution, remember that he works for an enterprise that openly promotes the destruction of American sovereignty and the subjugation of the American worker.


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