Bill Kristol: Delusional, Stupid and Insane All Rolled Into One Dough Boy Package!

Fat Bill

When Bill Kristol wakes up in the morning, my guess is he immediately begins to think about what could have been. He just can’t seem to come to grips with this thing called the popular vote. And with Never Trump in full retreat, Bill has decided to go it alone.

Donald Trump is not a globalist. His speech patterns irk the egg headed mindsets of Kristol, Glenn Beck, Brad Thor and Mark Levin. Rush Limbaugh is actually trying to right his sinking ship by predicting Trump landslides and Hillary indictments.But for the rest of the so-called conservative media who refuse to board the Trump Train, it’s another day in hell.

Bill Kristol is the “leader” of this movement. A man whose voice is the visual equivalent to watching paint dry. He has been spearheading an effort to find that magical third party candidate that will sear the consciences of those who’ve finally woken up – thanks to Donald Trump who’s called the whole enterprise corrupt. And Kristol is the corruption Trump has been talking about.

Bill Kristol claims to be a smart man.But his magazine advocates for open borders and soft center right policies, including nation building. Bill has fallen out of fashion. And now he finds himself in the company of Mark Levin and Glenn Beck who both at one time used to loathe Kristol. The Donald has created some strange bedfellows. Neocons and Constitutional zealots, banning together even though they have nothing in common.

There is no doubt that this is a suicide mission. Reince Priebus ought to be on the phone day and night with Kristol because if dough-boy Billy succeeds, it will be the official end to the republican party. Never Trump means always Hillary. By the way, is anyone else getting tired of these Twitter hash tags?

Billy has decided to save us from Trump. Well the only two people on the planet who would move the meter enough would be Colin Powell and Condi Rice. Neither of whom have had the penchant for presidential politics. They’d also have to be enthusiastic if they were announced. A Mike Bloomberg or a Mark Cuban would not be enough to derail the Trump Train.

And finally, Bill Kristol has again, misread the desire and will of the peasants. We like Donald Trump. We don’t care if he knows all of the names of foreign dictators. We like it when he shows up at Rolling Thunder and pledges to help the veterans. We like it when he calls people stupid and incompetent. And we like it even more when he brands his opponents with catchy nicknames like crooked Hillary.

It may be time for Donald to brand Bill Kristol. How about #AmericaHaterBillKristol?

Not catchy, but it’s spot on. Bill Kristol’s plot if successful would be the death of the two party system and an almost certain victory for the chosen democrat.


2 thoughts on “Bill Kristol: Delusional, Stupid and Insane All Rolled Into One Dough Boy Package!

  1. Bill Kristol – The people in this country want Donald Trump NOT your 3rd party candidate. If that 3rd party candidate gets in the race, Hillary will win. She will put in 3-4 Liberal Supreme Court Justices who will do away with our 2nd Amendment and get rid of all the guns in America. Wouldn’t YOU be proud then??? I hope the people in America stop getting their “Weekly Standard” and put your company out of business. Maybe then you would understand that YOU shouldn’t think that it’s okay to thwart the will of the people in America! SHAME ON YOU!!!


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