Forget The Suspension: The FBI Needs To Put Glenn Beck and Brad Thor In Jail


There comes a time when “fun banter” between holier-than-thou make believe conservatives turns into something highly toxic and criminal. Such is the case with last week’s Glenn Beck-Brad Thor discourse. Beck, was once a morning shock jock, so this territory is not new for him. He tends to keep shouting crazy crap until someone finally hears him. Thor writes fiction and has surely come up with book plots that include an assassination or two.

Both of these men have been outed by Donald Trump. Their hatred for Trump is so out of proportion. Trump has done nothing to them to deserve the kind of treatment he is getting. As a side note, Mark Levin has also flipped his lid and has called for “kicking the ass of the opposition..politically speaking of course”.  At least Rush Limbaugh has seen the light and has begun to praise Trump.

It was revealed today that Sirius XM satellite radio has suspended Beck from their channel for one week, and possibly longer. Their explanation was lengthy, but centered around the Brad Thor “patriot” who would ride in with a shotgun and dispose of the newly elected president Trump. A suspension from the airwaves is a good start, but it’s time for these two men to be arrested. They are clearly encouraging violence and are a danger to Trump and America in general.

It’s time for the FBI to get involved. They’ve already visited Beck’s Disney-like compound after the talk show host said that if he were on stage with Trump during a debate that “the stabbing wouldn’t stop”. Beck and his Kool Aid brigade continue to deny and deflect all of these “allegations” even though there are transcripts and audio. Beck has made it his new pastime to blame Matt Drudge for all of his woes. Drudge just links to stories, he doesn’t write them. Gateway Pundit and other high profile sites have also linked to these stories.

It’s time for Beck to be taken off the air and tried for inciting violence. Same with Brad Thor. They are both deplorable human beings and at the very least ought to be shamed out of the spotlight and into eternal bankruptcy and poverty.


5 thoughts on “Forget The Suspension: The FBI Needs To Put Glenn Beck and Brad Thor In Jail

  1. And yet Trump told his supporters to “knock the crap” out of any protesters at his rally and said that the people who got roughed up deserved it. Is this the man we want as our next president?


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